• Sharina Hudson's affair with a married man made headlines in 2018
• Very little is known about her early life and education
• Kevin Hunter, her boyfriend, put her through massage school and bought her a house
• She is rumoured to be living a luxurious life with Hunter and their son
• Her physical characteristics include long black hair, brown eyes and vital statistics of 34-27-36



When Sharina Hudson’s intense relationship with a married man came out, it was a shock to everyone. The scandalous affair influenced not just her boyfriend’s marriage, but the careers and lives of the people around them, but what is so interesting is the infidelity of a seemingly normal man, who just happened to have a famous wife.

Early life and Education

Sharina’s claim to fame is not the most tasteful of stories, apart from her famous affair with the husband of talk show host Wendy Williams.

There is very little information on her childhood and education – all that is known is that she was born sometime around 1986 in New York, or North Carolina USA depending on the source. When her affair went public her estranged parents came forward to say that since she left home after school she has not contacted anyone in her family since, but they raised her better than that and she should have known what she was doing was wrong. She is a qualified massage therapist, and rumours at one stage were flying that is was Kevin Hunter that put her through massage school.

Hudson is clearly very good at keeping things private, with keeping secrets and personal life details away from the prying eyes of the public.


Whether Hudson is still practicing as a massage therapist or just living the life of luxury with her wealthy husband is still up for debate. Although very little is known about Hudson’s personal life and career outside Hunter, there are a few fun facts about her interests that have been published. Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Lawrence are her favourite movie stars, her favourite food is Mexican, and her favourite colours are black and blue.

Sharina Hudson

Meeting and interaction with Famous spouse

Before and during the Hudson and Hunter relationship, Hunter was the husband of talk show host Wendy Williams. Hunter is Canadian by birth, and was born on 17 September 1972 in Ontario. Before moving to the US Kevin owned a beauty salon, until he met future wife Wendy Williams, and went on to help launch and produce ‘The Wendy Williams Show’.

Kevin and Wendy got together after Wendy’s divorce from her first husband Robert Morris.

hey dated while working together for three years before marrying in 1995. In early 2000 Kevin Hunter Jr. was born, but things quickly went downhill. Wendy knew about Kevin’s infidelity that occurred shortly after the birth of their son, but she chose to say nothing – ‘I know this is cliché, but it’s true – it’s made our marriage stronger.’ This was just the beginning of a decade long affair. Despite rumours about Kevin’s after curricular activities, Wendy maintained that the couple were happy and were having no problems in their marriage. Little did she know that Kevin had bought Sharina a house just down the road from the one he shared with Wendy.

Hudson was rumoured to have tried to use ultimatums many times to get Hunter to leave his wife so that the two of them could lead a normal life together, however, at the time Hunters income was completely reliant on his wife and her talk show, which meant that without Williams he would have been unable to continue to provide Sharina with the lavish lifestyle she had become used to.

When Wendy was finally ready to admit what was going on in her life, it was because she found out her husband had fathered a child with his alleged mistress and he had been leading a double life. Willian’s and Hunter finalised their divorce in January of 2020, ending their marriage that lasted over two decades.

The divorce papers cited the cause of their break-up to be irreconcilable differences – the couple agreed that neither one of them would pay alimony.

Hunter and Hudson have been laying very low since Hunters divorce, and are rumoured to be living together in the mansion he bought her, while raising their son together. When the news that the couple’s son had been born, Wendy checked herself into rehab after many years of sobriety that stemmed from battling alcohol, drugs and depression. Hunters son that he shares with Williams reportedly assaulted his father for cheating on his mom, and has still not made any effort to mend their relationship.

Kevin Jr. is twenty years older than his half-brother, but has never revealed if he has or ever would like to meet his sibling.

Other Relationships and Net worth

The only relationship Hudson is known to have had is with Kevin Hunter; all other details of her life are kept completely private. She is nowhere to be found on social media, and the only pictures of her online were taken by the paparazzi. There are no documented photos of the couple’s son, which begs the question does he even exist?

There are no sources citing Sharina’s net worth, but it would seem that she has not made a large amount of money of her own, and instead lives off the money her boyfriend provided for her with a net worth of over $7.5 million.

One of those luxuries is a gold Ferrari Portofino that came with a $215,000 price tag which Hunter bought for her.

Physical Characteristics

Kevin said the he fell in love with Sharina’s go-getter attitude and hard-working personality, and the fact that she always seems relaxed and composed. He also said that he was attracted to her beauty, her long black hair, her natural glow and her gentle innocent brown eyes. Hudson is 5ft 8ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 132lbs(60kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-27-36. She has modest shoe and breast sizes of 8 feet and 33b cup repectively.

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