• Pocari Roo is a YouTuber focused on a furry fandom community.
• She was born in Tasmania, Australia in 1994.
• She has a web series on YouTube titled "The Bottle".
• She is married to a woman named Kiba, who is also a fursuiter.
• She has thousands of fans on Instagram and has represented the community in the media.


Who is Pocari Roo?

There aren’t many YouTubers who are focused on a furry fandom community, but Pocari Roo is one of them. She has built her fame by making videos in a furry suit, dressed as a blue kangaroo, therefore the name Pocari Roo. She also has other fursonas, which includes a bunny she calls Dezu. Nevertheless, she has brought furry friends closer to people through YouTube.

Pocari Roo Wiki- Age, Real Name, Childhood

Pocari Roo hasn’t revealed her real name yet, but she was born on the 17th of August 1994, in Tasmania, Australia. She spent her early years in Tasmania, but then moved to New South Wales where she now lives. From an early age, she was drawn to the furry community, and always different from her peers began exploring it. She joined YouTube in 2014.

Career Beginnings

Her first video on YouTube was soon uploaded, and  featured her dressed in a blue kangaroo suit, dancing with a girl. This was the birth of Pocari, having obtained the furry suit from MoreFurLess, a duo that makes furry suits. She continued uploading new videos, even one in which she displayed how she dresses up in the suit. As she was developing her career, she started making videos about the entire furry fandom, talking about other representatives of the furry community.

Pocari Roo

Furthermore, she also made a video about how to make a new fur persona, or as she calls it, a fursona. She has made a few friends on YouTube, who are also into the furry community – some of them are The King, Norrell Murrson, and Beagle.in.red, among others.

Rise to Stardom

Pocari introduced her own web series on YouTube, which she named “The Bottle”. The first episode was uploaded in 2015, and was about tips and tricks for new fursuiters up there.

After receiving a few comments of support and encouragement, she uploaded another video, and this time talked about her own journey into furry life and community. These kinds of videos have made her extremely popular with the people interested in furry fandom, and she continued talking about it in later episodes. Since the start of the web series, she has made over 55 episodes, and some of her most popular videos are her web series.

One of her most popular is her review of 10 fursuits that are rather strange, and she was left befuddled.

She is now one of the most popular fursuiters and YouTube stars who post such content. As a result of her vast popularity, she has attended a number of conventions, including the West Aussie Fur Frenzy convention in 2018, where she was a guest of honor; some other conventions include Confurgence, FurDu, and Vidcon. For now, she is focused on conventions that are held in Australia, as she doesn’t have funds to support travel throughout the world. Nevertheless, her visits to conventions have also affected her popularity in a positive way, and she is now one of the most popular YouTubers from the furry community.

Pocari Roo Net Worth, Height, Weight, Appearance

Pocari is a rising YouTube star and the world is yet to hear about her achievements. Nevertheless, she has earned a decent amount of money with her successful career so far, and according to sources, it has been estimated that Pocari Roo’s net worth is close to $1 million as of mid-2020.

Pocari rarely appears on camera without her furry suit, which has created a mystery about her overall appearance. However, she has made a couple of videos in which she has shown her face  – she has light brown hair and brown eyes.

Pocari Roo Personal Life, Dating, Lesbian, Girlfriend

Pocari hasn’t talked much about her personal life, focusing rather on making videos as a furry animal. Nevertheless, along the way she has revealed some information – she is an open lesbian and is married to a woman named Kiba, who is also a fursuiter, and her fursona is a two-tailed German Shepherd/wolf, therefore the name KibaWolf. The two met by chance at the RivFur, an annual convention held in Brisbane, Australia.

Pocari Roo News, Facts

Although her fursona is a male, Pocari is a woman and a lesbian.

She has several other fursonas, including a bunny she named Dezu. Her Pocari Kangaroo is based on a drink, Pocari Sweat, and she calls it Sodaroo.
She has extended her popularity to other media, and has thousands of fans on Instagram, where you can find tons of pictures of herself dressed in her Pocari Roo suit. She has also introduced some of her friends to her fans. As one of the most popular YouTubers she has represented the community in the media, and back in 2018 she and several other fursonas, including Barton Fox and Stormi Folf, were the ones who spoke in the name of the entire community.

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