• Charmx is a well-known YouTuber with three YouTube channels, famous for his reaction videos.
• He holds Canadian nationality and was born on 30 September 1994 in Ontario, Canada.
• He started uploading videos on YouTube in 2014 and has now close to 900,000 subscribers.
• He has earned over $1.5 million in 2020 from his YouTube channels.
• He is known as the "Zucchini King" after making a meme from his own look, taking a big zucchini and pretending it was his weapon.


Charmx is a well-known YouTuber, who is famous for his reaction videos. He has three YouTube channels – one main and two backups – as earlier he had trouble with copyright, and could lose his YouTube profiles.

Early life and family

Charmx’ real name is Karl; he was born on 30 September 1994, in Ontario Canada, so his zodiac sign is Libra, and he holds Canadian nationality. He has a younger brother whose name is unavailable. Karl lived with his parents until 2018, when he finally understood that it was confusing him, as although he had his own room, but had to go to the basement to spend time on his computer.  He also had to film the videos for his channel only when he was home alone, as his family didn’t take his YouTube activities seriously, and disturbed him a lot while he was creating content for his social media profile. By 2018 he had made enough money to live separately.

He shared that he was playing video games since he was a little kid – one of his favorites was “Super Mario 3”. He had only one gaming console, while his friends had two or even three various consoles, but Karl was too shy and too introvert to visit his schoolmates and friends, even though he really wanted to play their games, so he stayed at home most of the time.

Educational background

Charmx matriculated from his local high school in 2012. He hasn’t shared any information about his specific school, or if he went on to further education.


First steps

For more than a year Charmx worked in a fast food restaurant, but didn’t enjoy his work very much, even though it gave him the money he needed to live the life he wanted to.

So in March 2013 Charmx created his own YouTube channel entitled “DoYoTing” (later renamed to “The Critical Bastard”) to make reviews on the games he was playing. The idea seemed good, but he couldn’t start as he was too critical to himself, and didn’t think that the videos he was making were good enough to be posted. However, in April 2014 he uploaded his first video, a review of one of his favorite games he played as a kid. He also chatted a lot on the forums of the gaming community, so his first followers were from there. By the end of 2015 Charmx got two ‘strikes’ on YouTube for inappropriate content, or copyright issues, so he created another channel which he called “Charmx”.

Charmx YouTube channel and its backup clones

While “The Critical Bastard” already had 300,000 subscribers, he removed all the videos from it and started another channel from scratch.

He uploaded his reacting and “Let’s Play” videos, trying hard not to violate the rules of the platform and have his videos monetized, however, YouTube took off some of his videos. In 2017, being afraid of losing another channel or putting it at risk of being banned, Charmx created another channel, calling it “Charmx 2”. He uploaded videos for both channels, almost all of them unique, so he didn’t just copy the videos. By the end of 2017, the number of his subscribers on his main channel was close to 400,000, while his alternative channel had attracted over 100,000 followers.

In 2018 Charms created his third channel on YouTube. He didn’t think too long on a name for it, and simply called it “Charmx 3”.

As of February 2020, his channel “Charmx” has almost 900,000 subscribers and is mostly focused on the videos “Try Not To Laugh”; “Charmx 2” has 215,000 subscribers, and the videos are of various memes and funny pictures Charmx reacts; “Charmx 3” has over 200,000 subscribers and contains a lot of reacting videos on YouTube Poops (“YTP”). He uploads some of his old videos he earlier removed from YouTube, yet he censors and edits them in such a way so that they don’t violate the rules of copyright.

Viral videos and “Zucchini King” meme

Many videos Charmx posts become viral. His vivid reactions on funny things he finds on the internet and that his fans send him conquer the hearts even of very sceptical viewers. Thus, the series of his videos “Try Not To Laugh” has more than 30 episodes – among the most popular are “DON’T LAUGH! – Reacting to Try Not To Laugh Dank Meme And Offensive Edition 9 Mid Season Finale” (almost 950,000 views) and “HARDEST TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE! – You Laugh You Lose For Charmx #3” (around 500,000 views).


Apparently some YouTubers even make reaction videos on his reactions. In 2018 Charmx became recognized as the “Zucchini King”, after he made a meme from his own look, taking a big zucchini and pretending that it was his weapon. Another popular YouTuber, Grandayy, asked Charmx to create another video using a zucchini as a weapon when he gets one million subscribers. Charmx didn’t wait for the date, and made the video in advance, holding zucchinis in both hands, pretending to shoot with them. His fans started calling him “Zucchini King”; he still makes a lot of jokes on his meme nickname.

Restoring old videos from Charmx

Charmx’ followers were somewhat upset that they couldn’t access his previous videos, as he removed all of them from his first YouTube channel. Using the platform called “Lost Media”, his fans united to restore Charmx’ videos they earlier downloaded for themselves.

They also asked Charmx directly to at least send them the videos via emails, not to upload them anywhere, but there is no information if Charmx ever agreed to do so. However, his fans don’t lose hope of seeing his old videos once again, as they are considered to be the funniest he’s ever made, since the quality of his jokes decreased due to strict censor rules of YouTube.

Personal life. Does Charmx date someone?

Charmx has shared in some of his videos he doesn’t like to meet a lot of people face to face. He mostly stays at home in front of his monitor, skipping opportunities to leave his home. He doesn’t date any girl, and he never mentioned any details on his previous relationship, so some of his followers are pretty sure he didn’t have any girlfriend ever. Even though Charmx feels comfortable home alone, he has had depression, and sometimes has suicide thoughts.

He says that he even had a suicide date, but that his passion for making videos for YouTube and communicating with his fans made him change his mind.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Charmx’ favorite meme of all times is “My Name’s Jeff”. Earlier he was a fan of “The Walking Dead” TV series, but lost interest. He has a fan nicknamed BenjiXAddictX4Ever he sometimes mentions as his ‘most devoted’ one, since he comments on every video Charmx uploads, and the comments are always supportive and positive. In one of his videos he shared he’s never met any of his fans, as he hardly ever leaves his house because he had paranoia.

He was in a car accident driving home from work (when he was working at the fast food restaurant), quite late at night, and another car crashed into his car while Karl was turning. The damage to the cars was rather serious, but Karl was only slightly hurt.

Appearance, clothing style

Charmx has black hair and hazel eyes. He always wears a beanie while filming, so his fans often joke that he’s is in fact bald, and so hides under his black hat. His height, weight and vital statistics are unavailable at the moment.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Charmx’ net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million – his overall income from three the YouTube channels he manages is around $23,000 per month. His channel “Charmx” is estimated to worth around $1.5 million, channel “Charmx 2” around $129,000, and channel “Charmx 3” is reported to have an overall net worth of over $300,000. As with many YouTubers, Charmx tried to earn money selling merchandise, but failed because after five months from the date of line launch, he’d sold only six shirts never getting a single cent from those sales.

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