• Patty Mayo is an American internet personality and YouTube star known for his show “Southland Bounty Hunters”
• He was born in 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts and has not spoken publicly about his childhood
• His channel initially featured prank videos, but later he began producing scripted episodes of himself catching fake fugitives
• He has over eight million subscribers on his official YouTube channel and his net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million
• He is in a relationship with Kyla Pillar, and has a daughter from a previous relationship


Who is Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo is an American internet personality, a YouTube star, actor, director and writer, but who is possibly best known to the world for his own show “Southland Bounty Hunters”, in which he is shown chasing fake fugitives with his colleagues and friends, with whom he has created the series. He has over eight million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, and despite how real his videos appear, all of it is staged.

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Patty Mayo Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Patrick Thomas Tarmey on the 6th July 1987, in Boston, Massachusetts USA, he was raised in a Christian household, but otherwise hasn’t spoken about his childhood, and there is no information about this period of his life in the media. He matriculated from high school, but hasn’t stated which, nor if he went to college.

Career Beginnings

Mayo started his channel in 2013, but at first made some prank videos, before he became focused on creating bounty hunting content; after a dozen videos and an inability to make it profitable, he decided to change course, and began making a web show in which he portrayed himself as a Fugitive Recover Agent (Bail Enforcement Agent, or ‘Bounty Hunter”).

Patty Mayo

He named the show Southland Bounty Hunters, and started producing scripted episodes of himself catching fake fugitives, who are actually paid actors or his friends. Nevertheless, gradually Mayo became more popular, as interest in his content increased and the number of his subscribers hit a million by September 2017.

Rise to Stardom

With a few changes, Patty continued making videos, but now instead of being a bounty hunter, he started posing as a Sherriff’s Deputy, even designing a uniform resembling that of a Sherriff, which even further increased his popularity.

However, as his actions were becoming more frequent, he entered into trouble with the real police, who have advised him not to pose as a Sherriff’s Deputy, and ensure that his actions do not endanger anybody.

Patty has been working with full police equipment, including body armor, guns and wearing a badge on his vest that reads “Sherriff’s Deputy”. He also drives the blacked-out Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and black Dodge truck. Furthermore, he owns and drives a Ford Police Utility Interceptor fully equipped.

Because of his dedication and uniqueness, Patty has attained vast popularity, and his videos have millions of views. Nowadays, Patty’s videos have been viewed more than 650 million times, and some of the most popular videos include “He Helped Me Repo His Girlfriends Car!”, which has over 30 million views, then “Black Belt Puts Me In An Arm Bar While in Cuffs!” (28 million), and “My New Female Partner Is a Beast!”, 18 million views, among other videos with millions of views that have only increased his popularity and wealth.

Patty has also benefited from sponsorship deals, and has collaborated with such brands as Leo Green, then EvoGimbals, and Manscaped.com.

Patty Mayo Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Patty is a YouTube star and his unique content has gained him vast popularity, and with that, riches. Although involved in a few controversies, he has managed to overcome problems and he now counts his wealth in millions. According to sources, Patty Mayo’s net worth is as high as $2.5 million, as of early 2020.

Patty Mayo stands at 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, while he weighs approximately 172lbs (78kgs).

His vital statistics are 38-32-36 and he has an athletic build. He has short blonde hair and green eyes. He is a tattoo fan, and has tattoos on both of his arms.

Patty Mayo Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Children

Patty has said that he is in a relationship with Kyla Pillar, but he hasn’t said when the two started their romance. Nevertheless, she has been of great help and support, as she is the one making almost all the videos with her camera skills.

Before Kyla, Patty was in a relationship with an unnamed woman and with whom he has a daughter, but no other information is available.

Patty Mayo News, Facts

Patty has also come to fame due to his entrepreneurial skills, as he is the owner of Abington Airsoft, Paramotor Tours, and Abington Zombie Apocalypse.

He has another YouTube channel, which is more personal as he shares videos showcasing events from his real life. As his popularity increased he was able to strike deals with other YouTubers and has collaborated often with DeMar “Bounty Hunter D.

Following the revelation that his videos are staged, many of his fans were left disappointed, but they are still following him and waiting for his newest videos.

Patty is an animal lover, and has dogs as his pets.

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