• Natasia Demetriou is a Greek-born comedian, screenwriter and actress based in London, England.
• Her brother James Demetriou is also in the entertainment business, known for his performance in “Fleabag” and is currently working on “Cruella”.
• Natasia studied at Leeds University and was recognized for her show “You’ll Never Have All of Me” in 201•
• Her most well-known performance is in “What We Do in the Shadows”, which premiered in theatres in 2014 and made $6.9 million at the box office.
• Demetriou has an estimated net worth of over $800,000.



Comedy queen Natasia Demetriou is working her way through every avenue in Hollywood, becoming more recognized and loved as the hilarious individual she is.

Early Life

Natasia Charlotte Demetriou was born on 15 January 1984, in London, England. Her parents are Greek immigrants, and the only time she has ever spoken about them was in her comedy show “Thinking Out Loud”, when she tells the audience about their lack of physical affection when she was growing up.

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James Demetriou

Natasia’s younger brother, James Demetriou has also pursued a career in comedy, as well as adding screenwriter and actor to his resume. James was sent to The Compton School located in North London, he went on to join the Chickenshed Theatre, and then Bristol University.

James is best known for acting in a British drama-comedy television series “Fleabag”, which was written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and based on her 2013 one women show.

The BAFTA awards (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) recognized James’ when he was nominated for the Best Male Performance in a Comedy Programme for his performance in “Stath Lets Flats” which he not only appeared in but also wrote.

James is currently working on “Cruella” one of the many film adaptations of the 1956 novel “A Hundred and One Dalmations” a story set in the 1970s following fashion Designer Cruella De Vil, who becomes obsessed with the skins of Dalmatian puppies and using them for her work – she is now one of Disney’s most iconic villains.

Although siblings working in the same field can often become competitive, the duo insist that they both think the other is the funniest person they know, and will only ever root for one another. When speaking about his sister, James has said ‘I would say I was more creatively locked into the idea of casting Tash than I am emotionally”


Demetriou studied at Leeds University.


Like her brother, Natasia is not just a comedian, but also a screenwriter and actress. Demetriou’s inauguration into comedy was with her show “You’ll Never Have All of Me”, which in 2014 won the Skinny Debutant award when featured at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Natasia is currently most well known for her performance of Nadja in “What We Do in the Shadows”, a 2014 Kiwi horror mockumentary (a comedy presenting fictional events in a documentary style film).

Natasia Demetriou

The film is about a documentary crew that follows Viago, Vladislav, Deacon, and Petyr four roommate vampires with supernatural powers such as turning into animals and being able to levitate. The film follows the group as they try to navigate everyday life while living in New York.

When “What We Do in the Shadows” debuted in January 2014 at the Sundance Film Festival it was meet with great reviews.

The film premiered in theatres in August 2014, where is was also met with positive reviews as well as doing very well financially. The film was made on a $1.6 million budget and went on to make $6.9 million at the box office.

Demetriou has done writing for “Anna and Katy” as well as “The Midnight Beast”. She has also been a member for a long time of Oyster Eyes a comedy sketch group.


Net Worth

Sources estimate the comedian has a net worth of over $800,000 as of early 2020.

Physical Characteristics

Natasia is 5ft 6ins (168cm) tall, and wears a size 4 dress. Natasia has classic Greek looks with her sharp features, dark hair and light eyes.

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