• Mikey Tua is an actor, social media personality, dancer, and model with a net worth of $1.7 million.
• His fame is attributed to his good looks and ability to connect with an audience.
• He is sponsored by the energy drink company Bang Energy, earns money from views on his sponsored posts, and posts about his luxurious lifestyle.
• He has acted in several short indie projects and has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
• He has been criticized for his unapologetic attitude online and for faking marriages and pregnancies with his girlfriend Danielle Cohn.


Who is Mikey Tua?

Mikey Tua was born on 12 June 2002, in Silverdale, Washington State USA. He is an actor, social media personality, dancer and model, best known for having a large following on several social media websites including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. He’s also known for his relationship with social media personality, Danielle Cohn, as the two have attracted controversy several times due to their relationship.

The Net Worth of Mikey Tua

As of mid-2020, Mikey Tua’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.7 million, earned largely through a successful career in social media. His fame has led him to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and modeling. He’s also done some acting during his career that has contributed to his wealth.


Early Life and Online Beginnings

At a young age, Mikey aspired to a career in the entertainment industry, likely influenced by his older brother Jojo Tua who would pursue a career as an actor, wanting fame and fortune. He was sufficiently interested to begin taking dance lessons as young as eight years old. After trying several dance genres and styles, he settled on ballet, attending classes until his mid-teens.

He rose to fame thanks to his association with his brother, who helped promote his social media profile during its early years.

One of his earliest online endeavors was on the social media website Instagram, which is one of the most popular platforms of its kind. The photo and video sharing site is known to be the hub of various influencers, popular social media personalities often related to the entertainment industry, whether as a model, YouTube star, athlete, actor, or more. Over the years, he gained a lot of fame, mostly attributed to his good looks and his natural ability to connect with an audience.

Online Fame and Other Platforms

Over the years, Tua gained hundreds of thousands of followers to his site. He mainly posted photos of himself, but his constant uploads drew a lot of fans.

It wasn’t long until he was approached by the energy drink company, Bang Energy to offer him a sponsorship, and he earns money for the number of views his sponsored posts attract. Bang Energy is one of the many companies that have been using social media personalities to help promote their products. They often employ fitness models and glamour models as they are the ones with large followings on Instagram. As his fame and money grew, he began posting more about the luxurious lifestyle he has, often involving traveling, cars, and designer clothes.

It wasn’t long until he began creating accounts on other platforms such as Twitter.

The site has been a way for him to express his day to day thoughts, though he isn’t as active on it compared to his Instagram. He also created an account on YouTube, which also gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He mainly posts video blog (vlog) videos on the site, recording some of his day to day activities. He loves doing challenge videos, prank videos, and surprise videos which often involve surprising fans on a particular app. His brother Jojo often collaborates with him on videos, and he also gained a lot of fame after he became romantically involved with Danielle Cohn, whose fans also became interested in him.

Mikey TUa

Other Projects and Acting

Along with Cohn, the couple launched accounts on the popular app TikTok, which has become famous in recent years as one of the many apps that promote short-form content akin to that of Vine. It was at one point, one of the most downloaded apps in the Western world and has become known for being a hub of various online personalities. Videos on TikTok range through music, comedy, lip-syncing, and niche videos. Mikey often uploads videos of hip dancing, lip-syncing, and many more.

In 2019, Tua tried acting with the help of his brother, being cast in several short indie projects.

The first was “Try to Smile” which starred him alongside his brother and Chaunda Mason, which follows the story of an African-American woman who believes she is afflicted with a curse passed down by her mother, and that she needs a healer to help her. He also worked on the short film “Coma”, alongside Isaiah Dell and Jane Park Smith.


Mikey has been criticized by many for his unapologetic attitude when it comes to his online posts. He’s been known for branding himself as a musician and a singer, when he uses autotune apps while also copying the tone of mainstream songs, marking it off as his own.

He’s also been criticized for his display of a lavish lifestyle that is not his, but is a result of him being in a relationship with Cohn, who comes from a wealthy family.

In 2019, his parents shut down most of his social media apps, after discovering that Mikey was intending to emancipate from his parents so that he could be together with Danielle. His parents approved of their relationship initially, but grew more concerned after the two began faking marriages and pregnancies, actions that they have both been condemned for, as they were only for creating publicity.

His parents started to disapprove of their relationship, and as a final straw, they took control of his Instagram, explaining to fans that they had discovered the true age of his girlfriend, meaning that emancipation was out of the question. While it hasn’t been detailed, fans believe that Cohn was known for faking her age, as she kept talking about being 14 or 15 when she was likely younger.

Personal Life

Despite the beliefs of many that the two would break up, Mikey eventually reconciled with his parents, but renewed his desire to emancipate, with him getting back control of his social media. However, he still l spends a lot of time with Cohn. This bodes well for a lot of the couple’s fans, who want them to be together. The two often collaborate on online content, posting on sites such as TikTok and YouTube.

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