• Danny Duncan is a YouTube personality with an estimated net worth of $3.7 million.
• He gained fame through his YouTube channel, mainly featuring skateboarding, pranks and vlogs.
• He began creating videos inspired by actor and former professional skateboarder Jason Lee.
• His most successful video was a prank involving 30,000 pennies.
• He has recently ventured into music and a personal merchandise website, and has also faced some controversies.


Who is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan was born on 27 July 1992, in Englewood, Florida, USA, and is a personality best known for his YouTube channel. He posts various types of videos including skateboarding, pranks, and video blogs (vlogs). His diligence on his site has gain him millions of subscribers.

The Riches of Danny Duncan

As of early-2020, Danny Duncan’s net worth is estimated to be over $3.7 million, earned through success in his various endeavors which have all contributed to his wealth. He lives a luxurious lifestyle, traveling consistently and buying new items such as cars or gadgets.

His primary source of income is his advertising revenue on YouTube coupled with an online business.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Danny grew up alongside a sister and a half-brother in Englewood, and spent most of his youth being raised by his mother, as his parents separated when he was young. Watching the struggles of his mother, he became motivated to find a way to earn significant income to help his family.

However, he didn’t initially have a direction, and mainly skateboarded during his free time.

He attended the nearby Lemon Bay High School (LBHS) which serves all nearby areas in Florida. In 2014, the online platform YouTube caught his attention as it was a way to gain fame and money as many have experienced in the past. Various personalities have found fame on the site including video gamers, beauty enthusiasts, fitness freaks, vloggers, and many others. The website allows users to upload videos to the public, and content creators have a chance to earn significantly through Google’s advertising program which provides them revenue through advertising.

Danny Duncan

YouTube and Acting

As Duncan focused on skateboarding and dealing with injuries such as the usual ankle injuries for skateboarders, a few people took notice of him. Eventually, he took an opportunity to be trained by actor and former professional skateboarder Jason Lee, who is known for his work in the series “My Name Is Earl”. He worked well with Lee who took notice of his ability, as well as his humor and ability to improvise comedy, and dedication towards making YouTube videos. Lee then encouraged him that he should try and pursue acting as it looked to be a field that he could flourish in.

Following the advice to heart, he then sought out the help of fellow YouTuber Christopher Chan, and the two began creating videos of comedy sketches and other short videos that displayed their acting. His followership continued to grow over the years, and he expressed a desire to one day pursue professional acting work.

Pranking and Wealth

In 2016 he took a different direction with his channel as he began posting prank videos, which is one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Danny’s first prank video showcased him going out in public, carrying a box filled with 30,000 pennies and then pretending to drop the pennies by accident in front of strangers.

The video was a hit and it became one of his highest viewed videos, earning around 15 million views in a short time. This motivated him to create more pranks, and as time passed, he began integrating his comedy and pranks naturally into his videos. He began doing more vlog-type videos showcasing some of the crazy things he does.

He often interacts with strangers without hesitation, and isn’t afraid to do unusual things for content and comedy. As his views grew consistently, his income started to grow to, and this revenue eventually afforded him a more luxurious lifestyle. He began using his new income to help out his family, buying his sister a car while integrating a prank, and also buying his mom a house.

He also bought expensive merchandise to show to his viewers, and began to do pranks that involved a lot more money, like hiring athletes, or flying to a different part of the US.

Other Endeavors and Controversies

In 2018, after his newly bought scooter was stolen, Duncan ventured into music by creating a song called “I’m Upset”, which detailed how he felt about this situation. This remains his only song release, as he doesn’t show any interest in becoming a recording artist. With his huge following, he also launched a personal website, intending to sell merchandise under the name Virginity Rocks. His fame grew to the point that he toured across the US in the “Virginity Rocks Tour”, meeting fans and promoting his merchandise.

When shooting videos, he often gets interrupted by fans as he’s become a well-known personality in the country. However, it’s not all sunshine for Danny, as his pranks and attitude have got him into trouble a few times. In one prank, he set up a small pool in the back of his pickup truck and drove on the highway – the police ticketed him for endangering the safety of those around him on the highway. He also started a feud with another prank YouTuber – FouseyTube – who he accuses as one who does pranks using actors, so most of his pranks are fake. This attracted some negative comments from Fousey.

Personal Life

Duncan is single, but has been in two long term relationships in the past. However, in recent years he’s been enjoying life as a single and has no plans on having a girlfriend any time soon. There have been a lot of question in regards to the sudden rise of his wealth and his adaption of a luxurious lifestyle on his channel. Others believed that his family may be richer than he was making it out to be. Fans defended him, however, as with computations, he could afford the lifestyle he now has as he’s been gaining a lot of income with his YouTube earnings along with the merchandise he sells. During his free time, he loves going to the gym, working out, and keeping fit.

General Info

Full NameDanny Duncan


AwardsGrammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album, Grammy Award for Best Traditional Gospel Album
Music GroupsWe The Kings
MoviesThe Windjammer

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