• Zelina Bexander is a model and social media star from Gothenburg, Sweden
• She attended the University of Gothenburg and launched her modelling career while still in high school
• She is rumored to be the wife of MMA fighter Alistair Overeem, with whom she has been in a relationship for close to a decade
• She is physically active, loves animals, and likes to travel and watch movies in her spare time
• Alistair is a UFC fighter who started training in MMA at the age of 15 to defend himself from bullies


Zelina Bexander Wiki Bio

Zelina was born in Gothenburg, Sweden and has kept her exact date of her birth hidden from the media’s attention, but apparently 1993 – her zodiac sign is said to be Cancer and she holds Swedish nationality. She is a model and a social media star, but who might be known best for being the rumored wife of Alistair Overeem, a Dutch mixed martial artist.

Childhood and education

Zelina was raised in Gothenburg an only child, by her father who was a lawyer and her mother who was a housewife.

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She grew up being interested in modelling, as like most of her peers she also dreamed about becoming a famous model or actress, however, Zelina was urged by her parents to focus on her education and leave daydreaming to her peers. She was physically quite active while attending high school, as she played soccer and was a cheerleader, then upon matriculation sometime around 2010, Zelina enrolled at the University of Gothenburg from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business management.

Zelina’s career

She launched her modelling career while still attending high school, and used the money earned to pay for her college tuition.

Today, she is working in the office support and administration sector of AkzoNobel, which is a Dutch multinational company.

Zelina was quite popular on her previous Instagram account, which numbered over 100,000 followers, but which was deleted for unknown reasons either by Zelina or Instagram – her current account is followed by close to 500 people and counts around 500 pictures uploaded onto it, but is private, making Zelina’s pictures impossible to see unless you are one of her friends.

Love life and relationship with Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem and Zelina have been together for close to a decade now, although there are rumors circulating the internet that the two might have split early in 2020, but this hasn’t been confirmed. Before meeting Zelina, Overeem was in a relationship with an unknown woman who gave birth to their daughter, Storm on 17 October 2006.

On 27 February 2016, Alistair welcomed his daughter Yazz-ley Rey and although he was dating Zelina at the time, it hasn’t been confirmed that she is the girl’s mother – in August 2017, Alistair welcomed his second daughter Sensi-Liss Royce.

He and Zelina became engaged in mid-2017 and there are rumors circulating the internet that the two have recently married in a private ceremony attended by their closest friends and family, but these haven’t been confirmed.

As of November 2020, Zelina seems to be engaged to Alistair, hasn’t married, but apparently has  a daughter.

Hobbies and other interests

Zelina is physically quite active as she has several training sessions at the gym each week, mostly focused on working on her buttocks – she is also practicing kickboxing and has tried martial arts as well.

Alistair Overeem and Zelina Bexander

She likes to travel and her career as a model has taken her to several European countries such as Italy, France and England, and she’s also been to several US states such as New York, California and North Carolina.

She is a lover of animals and has a pet dog and a pet cat.

In her spare time Zelina likes to watch movies, and her favorite actor and actress are Matt Damon and Amanda Seyfried, while a few of her favorite movies are “Good Will Hunting”, “Dear John” and “Letters to Juliette”.

Age and height

Zelina’s age is 27. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 115lbs (52kgs).

As of November 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $50,000, while Alistair’s net worth is reputedly around $15 million.

Who is Alistair Overeem?

Alistair Cees Overeem was born in Hounslow, London, England, on 17 May 1980 – his zodiac sign is Taurus and he holds both British and Dutch nationality. He is known for being one of two fighters who have simultaneously held world titles in both K-1 and MMA kickboxing.

Alistair was raised alongside his older brother Valentijn in Hounslow by their Dutch mother and their Jamaican father – their parents divorced when Alistair was six, and he and his brother went to live with their mother in the Netherlands.

Alistair became interested in sports such as judo at a very early age, while he also played basketball and ran track. He was 15 when Valentijn took him to an MMA gym to learn how to defend himself, because he was bullied at school.

Alistair was 19 when he won his first MMA fight against Ricardo Fyeet, and in 2003 he started fighting in the Pride Middleweight Grand Prix, but lost in the quarter-finals against Chuck Liddell, who went on to become Light Heavyweight Champion.

He then competed in Strikeforce, beating Vitor Belfort, and in early 2011 was among eight people chosen to fight in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. He entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on 6 September 2011 and after winning his first fight was supposed to fight Junior dos Santos, the UFC Heavyweight Champion, however, Alistair failed to pass his drug test.

He is still fighting to this day, and is among the most popular UFC fighters.

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