• Caleb Finn is a TikTok star and social media celebrity born in Frankston, Victoria, Australia
• He is known for his funny lip-syncing videos, hashtag 'Stay Hydrated', and collaborations with other famous TikTok users
• He holds a BA in Psychology from Deakin University and is also active on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch
• He is in a relationship with American TikTok celebrity Joanna Crauswell
• He has an estimated net worth of $300,000


Who actually is TikTok star – Caleb Finn? Wiki Bio

Caleb Finn was born in Frankston, Victoria, Australia, on 9 December 1994, so his zodiac sing is Sagittarius and he holds Australian nationality. He is a TikTok star and a social media celebrity, best known for uploading funny lip-syncing videos onto his TikTok account.

Early life and education

Caleb was raised alongside his younger sister in Australia by their father who is a businessman, and their mother who is working at a local hospital.

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Caleb grew up being interested in acting and was also sporting playing soccer and tennis while attending elementary school and after enrolling at a public high school, he was motivated by his peers to launch accounts on several social media networks without planning on making a career out of it. He was a member of the school’s drama club appearing in several plays and wanted to become a professional actor but after launching his career on TikTok, he realized he could become somewhat of an actor on the internet.

Upon matriculation, Caleb enrolled at Deakin University, and graduated with BA with a degree in psychology in 2015, but then decided to make a full-time career out of his fame on multiple social media networks.

Career as a social media celebrity

Caleb Finn is known for using his hashtag ‘Stay Hydrated’ – his TikTok account is currently followed by over 5.3 million people. He is mostly focused on uploading funny content, while he also lip syncs to some of his favorite and most popular songs in the world today, and has also collaborated with many famous TikTok users.

One of his most popular videos is featuring himself while lip syncing to the song “Buttercup”, originally performed by Jack Stauber.

Being a social media celebrity, Caleb is active on many other networks including Instagram, where he has over 670,000 followers and 43 pictures uploaded; Twitter with nearly 20,000 followers, and Twitch, on which he livestreams while playing horror games – his streams have so far been seen over 76,000 times.

Caleb has also began working on a career as a YouTuber, having launched his channel on 4 July 2019, and already gathered over 165,000 subscribers and 1.7 million views of all his videos combined.

His two most popular videos are “Caleb Finn – Ask Me Anything!” which has been viewed almost 600,000 times since it was uploaded on 29 July 2019, and “Reading my own Fan Fiction” which has been seen more than 230,000 times since 10 August 2019.

Love life and girlfriend

Caleb met Lizzy sometime in 2015 when the two started chatting on the internet, and it took them over three months to finally arrange to meet in person. They started dating in January 2016 and were together for over a year before splitting ways due to what appears to be their inability to handle a long distance relationship. Today, Caleb is very close to Joanna Crauswell, an American TikTok star, and the two have collaborated on many videos together.

Caleb Finn

It is widely believed that they have been in a romantic relationship for over half a year now, presumably at very long distance, but neither Caleb nor Joanna have addressed the rumors.

Joanna Crauswell was born in Alabama USA on 12 May 1999, so her zodiac sign is Taurus and she holds American nationality. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and is mostly known for her TikTok account which today counts close to three million followers. She is a self-taught musician, and often shares her songs with the public using her YouTube channel, which she launched on 5 August 2012 and which is currently subscribed to by nearly 12,000 people, and counts over 52,000 views combined of all her videos.

Joanna is also active on Instagram, on which she’s gathered over 180,000 followers, and posted 570 pictures, mostly of her everyday life.

Hobbies and other interests

Caleb enjoys dyeing his hair, and it has already been blonde, blue, green, and purple. He is keen on spending his free time outdoors, especially in nature, and enjoys camping, hiking, going through the woods barefoot and laying in the grass. He likes to play video games, with one of his favorites being “Minecraft”, and he has livestreamed on TikTok while playing it, on several occasions.

Some people believe he is suffering from depression and anxiety due to the content which he uploads backing up their story, with thinking that he finds comfort in his fame on the internet. He is a lover of animals and has had several pets, including dogs, cats and hamsters. Caleb is sporting, as he enjoys cycling and skateboarding in his spare time, while he learned how to ski and snowboard at the age of seven, but admits that he’s not that good at it.

Caleb likes to watch movies in his spare time, and some of his favorite actors and actresses are Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Duvall and Helena Bonham Carter while some of his favorite movies are “Titanic”, “Catch Me If You Can”, and the trilogy “The Godfather”.

He is also keen on watching animated films, including both Disney and Studio Ghibli – some of his favorites are the trilogy “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Despicable Me”, and “The Minions”.

Appearance and net worth

Caleb is 25 years old. He has medium long brown hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, and weighs around 143lbs (65kgs). Caleb is wearing braces, has a piercing on his lower lip, and he has several tattoos inked onto his both hands.

As of April 2020, his net worth is estimated at close to $300,000, reputedly earning a minimum of $60,000 per year from his online activities.

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