• Anthony Curran is a Scottish film, television, radio and stage actor.
• He graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
• He has acted in many popular TV series, films, and video games.
• He is an active philanthropist and has won many awards, including an Evening News National Award and the British Independent Film Awards.
• He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Anthony Curran is a Scottish film, television, radio and stage actor.  A Sagittarian born on 13 December 1969, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, the red-haired actor stands 6ft 1in tall (1.84 m). He left the Southside of Glasgow at 16 and worked as a postman.  Curran got his acting skills being a graduate of Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He is a fan of Glasgow Celtic Football Club and loves golf as a sport. Curran tied the knot with actress Mai Nguyen in 2012, and they had a daughter the following year. His brother is Paul Curran.

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Curran started his television career in 1986 as Archie Campbell in two episodes of “Dramarama”. His acting was recognized in the BBC television series “This Life” in 1997, since when he has been given roles in TV and movies as well.

In 2002, Curran was given an action role as Sgt. Pete Twamley in the ITV series “Ultimate Force”, a British television action drama series which was ultimately aired in over 100 countries.

Another notable part was in 2010 as Vincent Van Gogh, in the TV series “Doctor Who”, appearing in two episodes, “Vincent and the Doctor” and “The Pandorica Opens.”

He also featured in popular TV series “Hawaii Five-O” as John O’Toole, and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as Dr. Tyrell Neth both in 2011.

Being in demand as a TV actor, he was in a starring role in the Syfy series as Datak Tarr in “Defiance” in 2014.

In 2016 Curran was a cruel villain in the revival of ‘70s TV mini series “Roots” a hit novel by Alex Haley, playing the role of Connelly with his striking role with Kunta Kinte, the African slave.

Tony Curran

This mini-series made a great impact in American society during the first airing in 1977, and Curran even met the actor in the original series, Levar Burton who played Kunta Kinte during the premiere in 2016. The TV series hit almost 140 million viewers.

Also in 2016 he portrayed Callum in the episode four of Netflix original series “Crazyhead.” Curran is known for other roles, in the drama thriller “Calibre” (2018) as Logan McClay, and his character Angus Og McDonald Lord of Islay in the Netflix action biography film, “Outlaw King” (2018) made him famous, and continued in the Western film “Deadwood: The Movie” as James Smith.


Apart from his numerous roles in television, he made his film debut via the movie “Being Human” as Raider in 1994. Curran became more recognized as a movie actor when he performed as Rodney Skinner in “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” with the legendary Sean Connery in the lead role, in the 2003 movie shot in Prague. He was the power crazy vampire Markus Corvinus in the “Underworld: Evolution” (2006), and the 2006 Jury Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival for “Red Road” for playing Clyde, and as Robin Cook in the film “The Hunt of Tony Blair” (2011).

Curran’s versatility also landed him important roles in some of blockbuster films such as “Gladiator” (2000) as Assassin No. 1. He also starred in “Pearl Harbor” (2001) as Ian, the Royal Air Force combat pilot in Eagle Squadron. He was also in the film “X-Men First Class” (2011) as the Man in Black agent, and in Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” (2013) as Bor.

One of the best performances of Curran was in 2015 in the thriller-drama film “Awaiting” as Morris, with co-star Diana Vickers.

Video Games

He was also the voice behind the video games “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”(2011) as “Boseplate” SAS Major General James McMillan Director of United Kingdom Special Forces, and “Counter Strike” (2012) as SAS Soldier Voice


Curran has a big heart, being a philanthropist as he regularly joins the annual Dressed to Kilt event in New York City, which is organized by the friends of Scotland in celebration of Tartan Week. Even in his wedding registry, part of the sales went as a donation to UNICEF USA.

Just recently during the pandemic, he has been a supporter of Heros to Heroes for the front-liners while in New York.


He won the Evening News National Award in the theatre production of the “Soldier’s Tale” as the Devil in the Riverside Studio. He also won one of the most coveted awards as the Best Actor in 2006’s British Independent Film Awards for his role in Andrea Arnold’s “Red Road”, and also as Best Actor in the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for the role which was reminiscent of his life in the UK.

Social media

The re-run of “Dr. Who” became trendy in social media, for his dramatic role as Van Gogh for the timely awareness of depression and mental health issues with hashtag #TheUltimateGinger in Twitter. You can follow Tony Curran on Instagram @tonycurran, at Twitter.com/TonyCurran69 and on www.facebook.com/TonyCurran Official. Curran has more 37.4k followers on Twitter.

Net Worth

Now Los Angeles-based, Tony Curran’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of early 2020, apparently one of the richest actors in the UK.

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