• Hard Rock Nick is a social media star who uses his wealth to gain popularity
• He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and grew up in Manhattan Beach, California
• Nick has gained a lot of attention on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
• He has been accused of racism and his alleged net worth is $800,000
• He is 5ft 10ins tall, has green eyes, a goatee and a muscular physique



Not all people keep their wealth a secret. Some of them even use their financial status as a way to gain popularity and, in return, more money in their pockets. This is the tactic that Hard Rock Nick uses to retain his online presence and personality, but how many people know who this social media star truly is?

Early life and education

Nicholas Rock Johannsen was born on 17 June 1977, in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Just a few months after his birth, his family moved to Manhattan Beach, California US, where he grew up.

Nothing is known about his education, or his parents and possible siblings.


Nick launched his Instagram profile back in 2015, and immediately gained a lot of attention due to his eccentric looks. His first picture is a mirror selfie from a gym, which he posted in October that year. His recognizable face and style, together with funny and uppity image captions, quickly brought him thousands of followers. He is portraying himself to be a rich, spoiled and arrogant man, who is enjoying his lavish lifestyle.

Nick is also quite popular on the video streaming platform YouTube, and his comedic videos get around 10,000 views on average, and his channel has more than a million views. Some of his videos include “Hard Rock Nick Commercial Shoot for the University of Miami Student”, “Hard Rock Nick Explains Cancel Culture” and “Hard Rock Nick Doing the Harlem Shake”.

His online popularity has landed him many business opportunities. For example, he was a guest on Sirius XM Channel 103’s “Jason Ellis Show” twice during the 2019, and has even collaborated with the famous American model Chrissy Teigen.

In late 2019, he was featured in the premiere of season 11 of Daniel Tosh’s TV series “Tosh.0”, on which he talked about himself, and how much money he has.

Personal Life

Nick keeps his personal life and family away from public eyes, and you can see only pictures of him on his Instagram, together with his food, clothes and accessories from prestigious brands.

He claims to be a hotel and casino owner and that he is a millionaire, but apart from his words, there is no proof to his claims.

He often posts pictures of himself in expensive shops, such as Louis Vuitton, Microsoft Store as well as Saks Fifth Avenue.

As of April 2020, he is married to Eliz Humptin.

Hard Rock Nick is oftentimes confused with Nick Oliveri, who is a former member of Queens of Stone Age and Kyuss. He is often thought to be related to Nicholas August Ludwig Jacob Johansen, as the two share similar first and last names; however there is no proof that the two are related in any way.

Hard Rock Nick

Due to his social media nickname, some people think that he is the owner or the founder of the famous chain of cafes and restaurants, the Hard Rock Cafe, but this isn’t true – Hard Rock Cafe was founded by Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett, and is currently owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, while the CEO is Jim Allen.


Since 2019, there has been a number of rumors circulating about Nick’s wealth, possible racism and even his real identity!

Several people have posted their alleged stories and experiences with Nick on sites such as Reddit – according to them, Nick’s true name is Aly Ashley Jash, and he was formerly married to Catherine Wreford, the ex-girlfriend of the famous Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum, who is known for his roles in movies such as “Jurassic Park”, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Independence Day”. After Nick’s alleged break-in to her property after their divorce, Wreford filed a restraining order, and sometime after he filed for bankruptcy.

On the same online platform, it is alleged that Nick sells second-hand items on sites such as OfferUp.

Nick has also been accused of being racist, as a lot of time he will caption his photos in such a way that it seems that he thinks the Caucasian race is more supreme than other races. Nick is yet to comment on these claims, however, some people on the internet claim that his father is from Iran and his mother is from Turkey, which would make him of mixed ethnicity.

Net worth

Hard Rock Nick earns most of his profits from his online media presence.

As of April 2020, he has more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, almost7,000 subscribers on YouTube, and at least 45,000 likes on TikTok. From his various brand deals and sponsorships, he has earned himself a net worth estimated at around $800,000! His yearly income is reputedly around $40,000.

Physical characteristics

Nick spends a lot of time in the gym, and his body is a bit bigger than the average. He is 5ft 10ins (1.78m) tall, with weight of around 172lbs (78kgs). He is a bald man with a black goatee, green eyes and big, pouty lips, who mostly wears expensive, branded clothes.


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