No one expected the show to take off when Kinetic Content, the company behind shows such as “Perfect Match,” “Love is Blind” and “The Ultimatum”, premiered “Little Women: LA” in 2014. It not only went on to air for eight seasons through August 2019, but led to the production of a few spin-offs, such as “Little Women: NY” aired in March 2015, with Lila as a familiar face.

Lila Call was among the most exciting cast members, because she displayed a high-energy personality and never shied away from speaking her mind, drinking, having fun, and even fighting verbally when necessary. Therefore, she remained in many viewers’ minds after the show went off the air in June 2016, and they, like us, want to know what happened to her.

She had built hype around her name

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Lila was at the franchise’s forefront because the advertising revolved around her ‘being the gang’s ringleader and looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life, while being a single girl in a big city.’ That was a significant shift on the surface, since most people knew her as the ex-girlfriend of Joe Gnoffo. As the producers liked to remind the viewers, they met and dated before Joe married Terra Jolé, a fellow “Little Women: L.A.” cast member.

Moreover, there was an air of mystery around what the chapter meant; the marketing made it seem that she was looking for a career change, but they never clarified her previous career or professional interests. A history of her last jobs, available online, added to the excitement, and she was memorable for over a year.

However, after leaving the show she left the media spotlight, and now enjoys a private life with a woman who she introduced to her fans in 2018. Lila was also there for her family over the years, particularly when her dad passed away, and she had two pets until January 2023, when she lost her dog.

Lila had a media background

Lila was different from the get-go, which piqued viewers’ interest. She wasn’t a paralegal like Dawn Lang, or a student like Jason Perez. Moreover, despite technically being a reality TV star because of her experience, she wasn’t officially an entertainer like Kristin Zettlemoyer, Jordanna James, or Jazmin Lang.

However, fans immediately discovered that Lila had given an interview to The Hartford Courant, a media company that she worked for, noting how excited she was to show her friends and acquaintances of Hartford, Connecticut, what moving to New York City could bring to her life. In another interview, a media company nearby, The Hartford Advocate, congratulated her and pointed out that she was their intern. A deeper investigation of her background showed that Lila studied French at college, graduated with a French degree, and worked at CVS as a film developer.

“I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.”

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She was involved with several causes

Around the time the show was on TV, Lila posted many uplifting messages, including writing, “If you have the power to make someone feel good, you should.” Shortly afterwards, The Hartford Courant mentioned that she was a committee member for AIDS Connecticut (ACT), and attended several fundraisers.

Moreover, Lila was a committed pet parent who advocated for pets’ and animals’ health and safety. In 2015, she had two pets, a cat named Hamlet and a chihuahua named Manny Boom Fanny, whose birthday she celebrated on 22 February. Unfortunately, Lila shared the devastating news on 23 January 2023 that Manny passed away shortly before his 24th birthday. She has shared images of her friends’ animals and gushed over them in the past, including bigger dogs than Manny. Thus, her followers think that she will be ready to get a new pet once she finishes mourning Manny’s death.

Lila is dating a woman

Although her dating history suggests that she is heterosexual, Lila mentioned being bisexual in the show. Regardless, on Valentine’s Day in 2018, she surprised her fans by announcing that she was dating a woman. Lila then celebrated their bond during National Coming Out Day in October 2020. However, despite frequent posts around holidays and each other’s birthdays, hers on 15 November and her partner’s on 11 December, she never revealed more than her name, Jaime. Her partner is not tagged in any photos and seemingly has no social media presence. However, in September 2021, she posted pictures from Jaime’s sister’s wedding in East Hartland, Connecticut, and mentioned their names, Brooke Marie and Tyler, allowing interested fans to gather more information about Jaime. Additionally, Lila changed her Instagram name to Lila Rochelle, and Jaime wore a wedding ring during the party. That implied that the two were engaged or married.

She had alcohol problems

Lila shared that she’d been fighting alcohol addiction in the past, but managed to be a year sober, roughly in 2013 or ‘14. She told VICE that her drinking began in her teens and lasted for decades, becoming more intense in her 20s. However, she pushed the concern down and attributed it to ‘networking, being fun, wealthy, and artsy, and feeling good when she had wine.’

She revealed that things got out of hand when she began to have one-night stands with random men, and once woke up with a dog collar. Lila reached her breaking point when she invited a professor for a drink. Throughout the evening, the professor drank a single glass while Lila used most of the liquor she bought for $250 during the night and the following day.

After several days of struggling to come to her senses, she checked into a hospital, thinking that she had depression. However, the doctor diagnosed her with alcohol withdrawal, and put her through a five-day life-saving treatment session. She went to therapy, and although her therapist urged her to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Lila couldn’t stick with it because she tended to slack on things.

Although things seemed to be going well, she relapsed several times in the show. Her friend, Christy McGinity of “Little Women: LA” fame, set her straight by staging an intervention during her time in the New York spin-off show, confronting her with going back to drinking and taking pills. In turn, Lila called out her friends for unnecessary drinking, for instance, when her roommate and cast member Jason Perez had a coming-out party and bought plenty of alcohol to celebrate.

Many viewers blamed the producers, as they suspected that they encouraged the cast to drink during their get-togethers, since more fights and arguments occurred when alcohol flowed. Despite her struggles with drinking, Lila admitted that she continued to drink in moderation as of 2017, but planned to eradicate the bad habit, mainly to safely undergo several operations necessary for quality-of-life improvements as a person with dwarfism.

She also began drinking Mountain Dew in 2021, and tea at some point to replace alcohol. Moreover, Lila stopped taking Effexor, a powerful anti-depressant, in October 2018 after nine years of use. Although she did it cold turkey and was determined to ride out the symptoms, they were too intense without medical supervision, and she had to go back on it.

She remained friends with Christy

Lila was on good terms with “Little Women: LA” cast member Christy McGinity, and the two became friends afterwards, sharing posts supporting each other in 2018. She was also apparently on her side when Christy lost her newborn baby, Violet Eva, on 20 March 2020. Moreover, she demonstrated that media prominence isn’t her only goal, and hasn’t changed her. After 20 years in August 2017, Lila reunited with a childhood friend, Eugene, who was also her prom date.

Lila still lives in New York State

Lila no longer lives in New York City, as she did during her time in the show, but has moved to the Greater New York State area, according to her Twitter biography. Moreover, she has registered a fan club in her hometown of Powhatan Point, Ohio, suggesting that she has family or business associates living nearby.

She follows American Football (NFL)

She is passionate about football, and has shared news about Damar Hamlin, a cornerback for the Buffalo Bills. He suffered a cardiac arrest during an NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals, and was sedated and in critical condition in a Cincinnati hospital, but recovered by April 2023. She also joined the incentive of the Little People of America organization, to have Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, punished in some way for using the derogatory term ‘midget’ in July 2022.

Moreover, she celebrated Tom Brady’s return from retirement in February 2020, but often cheered for the Pittsburgh Steelers, to the point of biting her nails. Lila even picked out her dog’s favorite team based on his personality, and concluded that it must be the San Francisco 49ers.

She watches many TV shows and movies

Lila was upfront with her love of TV series, has called the two seasons of “Love on the Spectrum” spectacular, and loved the romantic connection between Katie and Ronan. She is also a big fan of “Ted Lasso,” which premiered on Apple TV+ in 2020, and its main star, actor Jason Sudeikis. Moreover, digital or TV series such as “16 and Recovering,” NBC’s “Making It,” “Pen15”, and a crime documentary about Elisa Lam’s death, “Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel,” left a positive impression on her.

Finally, she is a fan of George Clooney and Donnie Wahlberg, the latter of whom was her favorite actor when she was 13. She met Donnie in June 2019, and despite feeling nervous about the conversation and her clothing and make-up, things went well.

She loves some singers and rappers

Lila follows Missy Elliott on social media, and has shared her posts on Twitter. Furthermore, she was open about her adoration for singers such as Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury, the latter of whom she thinks is/was the best singer in the world.

Lila remains close with her family

Judging by the lack of media prominence since 2019, when her TV appearances ceased, Lila has decided to stay away from cameras. She lives with her girlfriend and possibly fiancé or wife, and perhaps works an ordinary job, maybe writing for media companies as she did.

Although she lives far from her mom, Lila calls home regularly, which her fans suggested as the go-to ‘thing to do on a Friday night’ in one of her Twitter polls. On top of making a trip to visit her mom every year on her birthday, 25 August, Lila consistently shares memories or mentions her fatherTheodore “Ted” MacArthur Call, on social media, showing how close they were. Her father was a  US Navy Captain, and passed away on 22 August 2015.

Lastly, besides staying somewhat active on social media for the fans, she created a Cameo profile in July 2020, allowing people to request a custom video message.

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