• Andrew Hussie is an artist and author best known for his collection of web comics “MS Paint Adventures”
• He attended Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science
• He has released several web comics, parody videos, and helped launch several video games
• He has published several books, including “Whistles, Book One (The Starlight Calliope)” and “Homestuck”
• His net worth is estimated at over $1.5 million


What is Andrew Hussie doing now? Wiki Bio

Andrew Hussie was born in Massachusetts, USA on 25 August 1979, so his zodiac sign is Virgo and he holds American nationality. He is an artist and an author, best known for writing the collection of web comics “MS Paint Adventures” which is today considered to be the biggest collection of comics counting more than 10,000 pages, while Andrew continues to update it regularly, and is working on his new book. The collection is made-up of five original comic series, all of them mocking and parodying video games. While it is widely believed that the entire comics were made in Microsoft Paint due to their name, Andrew was actually working in Adobe Photoshop.

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Early life and education

Andrew was raised alongside his brother in Massachusetts by their father who was an electrician, and their mother who was teaching at a local high school. The family moved over 50 times while Andrew was growing up, and the longest amount of time he spent in one place was a year in Guam, while they eventually settled in western Massachusetts.

Andrew grew up being interested in computers, starting as an interest in playing games before he decided he wanted more, and began programming in languages such as C++ and Java, but what he was curious to learn the most about was to create short stories in Paint and then in Adobe Photoshop.

He attended a public high school where he was a bullied somewhat because he didn’t play any sports and was a loner most of the time. After matriculation, he enrolled at Temple University from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2001.

Career as an artist and comics’ creator

Andrew’s career started when he began creating comics, and uploaded them onto forums of several video games. He released “MS Paint Adventures” in 2007, which included comic series “Jailbreak”, while Andrew added “Bard Quest” (12 June to 6 July 2007), “Problem Sleuth” (10 March 2008 to 7 April 2009), “Homestuck” (13 April 2009 to 13 April 2016), “Homestuck Epilogues” (13 April to 20 April 2019), and “Homestuck 2” which he started creating and uploading on 25 September 2019 and is still working on it.

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Andrew has also released a standalone web comic – “Team Special Olympics”.

He also worked on many parody videos with Jan Van Dem Hemel between 2006 and 2010, about the science fiction TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, while he also worked with his brother to create the video series “Barty’s Brew-Ha-Ha” between 2006 and 2011, which is about an eccentric person researching the mythical creature Bigfoot.

Andrew has also helped launch several video games, such as the episodic adventure game “Hiveswap”, “Namco Swap” which came out in 2013, “Hiveswap Friendsim” (2018), and “Pesterquest” (2019).

Career as a writer

Andrew uploaded his first book “Whistles, Book One (The Starlight Calliope)” onto the internet in February 2005 – it was meant to be a two-page comic, but it ended up becoming a whole book on which he worked for half a year. He released Volume One of his second book “Problem Sleuth” in 2009, called “Compensation, Adequate, while Volume Two “This is Complete BS” followed in 2010. In the same year he finished Volume Three “Suitor to the Sodajerk’s Confidante”, and in 2017 completed Volume Four “Black Liquid Sorrow”. He released Volume Five “Sepulchritude” in 2019, without saying whether or not this is the final Volume.

Andrew Hussie

He has published his book “Homestuck” made-up of three volumes, which are closely connected to the eponymous comics, while the manga publisher Viz Media divided his book in six volumes. One of Andrew’s latest works as a writer has been “Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff”.

Love life and relationships

Andrew has kept the details of his love life hidden from the media’s attention, and this is only one of the reasons why there are rumors circulating the internet that the popular comics creator is gay. Many of his fans have stated to have seen Andrew with another man being rather too close together, while others have noted how he looks ‘gayish’ in the pictures he uploads onto his Instagram account.

Andrew hasn’t commented on the rumors, but has joked about his relationship status on several comic websites, as well as in the comics he has created.

Another rumor has it that Andrew was in a long-term relationship with a girl he met during his junior year at college – the two were allegedly together for over three years before splitting ways after graduation, as they didn’t want to go on with a long-distance relationship, but rather to work on their careers.

Hobbies and other interests. Is Andrew racist?

Andrew enjoys attending gaming conventions as well as Comic-Cons, and cosplay conventions such as Anime Expo in Los Angeles and Otakon in Baltimore.

He likes to travel, and has been to several US states, while he’s also visited many European countries such as England and Germany, and recently Asia to attend a certain Comic Con.

He is a huge lover of sweets with Toblerone being his favorite.

He likes cats, and has one as a pet, while he isn’t a big fan of dogs.

Andrew likes to watch movies in his spare time, and some of his favorite actors and actresses are Jim Carrey, Robin Williams and Meryl Strip, while some of his favorite movies are “Bruce Almighty”, “Patch Adams”, and “The Devil Wears Prada”.

He also likes to watch animated comedy series, with two of his favorites being “Rick & Morty” and “South Park”.

Andrew has joked about literally everything in his comics including race, and there have been several topics on forums such as Reddit.com about whether or not Andrew is a racist. It appears as most people believe Andrew is only joking, and is not really a racist person.

Appearance and net worth

Andrew is 40 years old. He has short brown hair and black eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.61m) tall, and weighs around 140lbs (64kgs). As of April 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $1.5 million.

General Info

Full NameAndrew Hussie
ProfessionAuthor, Comics artist, Cartoonist

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HiveswapVideo Game post-production
Squiddles1998TV Series


Squiddles1998TV Series


Squiddles1998TV SeriesVarious voices (1998-2004) (voice, uncredited)


Squiddles1998TV Series

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Z-Day2011Short composer: theme music


Squiddles1998TV Series series producer

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