• Rick Yemm is a Canadian trucker and reality TV personality
• Gained fame through his appearance in TV series “Ice Road Truckers” and its spin-off “IRT: Deadliest Roads”
• Suffered injuries that left him out of the truck’s cabin and a job
• Became popular with fans due to his personality and attitude
• Became wealthy through his TV career, has over 15,000 followers on Facebook


Who is Rick Yemm?

Rick Yemm is a Canadian trucker and a reality TV personality, who gained fame through his appearance in the TV series “Ice road Truckers” (2007-2012), and its spin-off “IRT: Deadliest Roads” (2010-2011), among other accomplishments during his career.

Rick Yemm Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Rick Yemm was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, his birthday is on the 5th February – for now he hasn’t revealed the year of his birth, though according to sources, he is now in his 40s.

There is little information about his life before appearing in the show “Ice Road Truckers”, and he hasn’t talked about his childhood and education.

What Happened to Rick Yemm?

Rick’s last on-screen appearance as an Ice Road Truckers cast member was back in 2012 at the end of the sixth season of the show. He had become very popular with the fans thanks to his personality and attitude, however, he suffered a couple of injuries that left him out of the truck’s cabin and a job. He is very active on Facebook, posting almost daily updates about his recovery status.

His most recent injury was caused by a loader, and totally put him out of work. Nevertheless, he is recovering and is hoping to return to full time work soon.

Career Beginnings

Hugh ‘Polar Bear’ Rowland, who was already on the show, knew Rick and invited him to join the show and his crew. Rick, only a year as a professional trucker, accepted the offer, and immediately became the cast member of the “Ice Road Truckers”. The first episode premiered on the 17th June 2007, and he competed with Rowland through the entire first season.

Rick Yemm

They often got into fights and verbal altercations, which eventually led to Rick’s firing from the squad and leaving the show in the second season. Nevertheless, he returned for the fifth and sixth seasons, when he drove mainly in Manitoba, but his later injuries put him out of a career as a truck driver.

Rise to Prominence

With his career on the rise, Rick’s popularity became higher too, and in addition to “Ice Road Truckers”, he was also featured in the spin-off show “IRT: Deadliest Roads”, appearing in two seasons of the popular show.

He joined Lisa Kelly and Alex Debogorski, with whom he traveled to India where they drove down the narrow mountain roads from Delhi to Simla, and also through the Himalayas. The second season took him to South America, driving through Bolivia on the Yungas Road, and later moved to Peru, where they drove through the Andes mountain range. Audiences noticed him for his blue mohawk hairstyle, coupled with his fierce attitude and occasional fights brought him popularity!

Rick Yemm Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Rick Yemm is a popular TV personality and his wealth has increased considerably during his time on “Ice Road Truckers” and its spin-off. According to sources, it has been estimated that Rick Yemm’s net worth is as high as $600,000 as of mid- 2020.

Rick’s vital statistics are unknown in the media, but he poses average height and weight. He is recognized for his hairstyle, and he has blue eyes.

Rick Yemm Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

Rick isn’t very fond of revealing his personal life to the public. and has done all to hide what is happening when away from the camera. He was married and has a daughter from his relationship named Alyssa Yemm, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis. For now she is feeling OK and with the right medication she is living a full life.

Rick Yemm News, Facts

Because fans loved his looks and his way of treating people, Rick accepted the offer to go back for the fifth and sixth season of “Ice Road Truckers”.

This proved to be a smart decision and although he isn’t in the show now, he’s still popular around the world, and so often features in the media, talking about his life and career, including the problems he had with Lisa Kelly and other cast members. Rick didn’t even own the truck when he joined the show, but the owner of the carpet cleaning business, so trucking was a bonus.

He used all the payment he received as a truck driver to invest into the carpet cleaning business. He had to follow a number of rules in order to maintain his presence in the “Ice Road Truckers” series, such as driving 16 hours per day and never turning off the truck, among other rules.

Rick has become very popular on social media, and runs his own Facebook page through which he updates fans of his newest endeavors. He has over 15,000 followers, and you can even chat with him if you schedule a meeting.


  1. Could not stand Yemm. I thought he was an incompetent idiot. I wrongly assumed he had been driving at least a decade but one year? He was a rookie with a big head and even bigger mouth. He was like too many rookie company drivers. They believe themselves the consummate pro based upon zero knowledge and experience. . Company drivers are also insulated because they do not own anything. If they total the vehicle and it’s load they can walk away. The company is on the hook. Yemm would never make it as an owner operator. First there would be no one else to blame for all the equipment damage and he would go broke paying for it. I hope he never gets back in a commercial vehicle. Whichever country he is in will be significantly safer. If you compare him to Lisa Kelly there is no comparison! She was eager to learn and improve both her knowledge and skill set. Yemm did nothing but whine and blame everyone else. Have I mentioned I can’t stand the guy. A horrible example of a professional driver.- he does the industry nothing but harm.

    As for his stupid hair cuts I must quote an old friend: : “You should never get out of your era because you will look like a fool”. A 17 year old with a blue Mohawk just looks young and dumb. He’ll grow out of it. A 40 year old with a blue Mohawk looks like a fool! When does that idiot plan to grow up?

    • RUNINL8AGAN Reply

      You took the words out of my mouth! Does Rick ever stop bitching?!

  2. Karen Reed Reply

    You Rick are dangerous and stupid. And that is from my retired 46 year veteran truck driver. He drove in everything imaginable. You are the true meaning of a “Cowboy Trucker”! My husband’s brothers all 4 of them are second generation truckers. And everyone of them say you need to quit driving. Your gonna kill someone these days. Only people they’ll be sad about is who you kill.

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