• Deborah Foreman is a retired actress from the 1980s best known for her work in the film “Valley Girl” and horror films.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $400,000 as of early-2020.
• She transitioned from modeling to acting and gained fame through “Valley Girl” with Nicolas Cage.
• She was called a "Scream Queen" due to her work in horror films.
• She retired from acting in 2007 and her personal life is largely unknown.


Who is Deborah Foreman?

Deborah Lynn Foreman was born on 12 October 1962, in Montebello, California, USA, and is a retired actress, best known for her work during the 1980s. She starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the film “Valley Girl”, and also appeared in various horror films of the decade, achieving the title of ‘scream queen’.

The Net Worth of Deborah Foreman

As of early-2020, Deborah Foreman’s net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, earned through a successful career in the entertainment industry which spanned three decades, though she hasn’t appeared in any new projects since 2007.

Before the end of her run in showbiz, she appeared in various low budget independent film projects.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

While Deborah grew up in California, her family moved around during her youth as her father was a pilot in the US Marine Corps. She lived the longest in Arizona and Texas. She was very shy during her youth, and this prompted her parents to enroll her into a modeling school. This helped her as she gained more confidence heading into high school, where she became a cheerleader and had good grades.

Nearing the end of her high school education, she was discovered by a photographer, and began working for a local newspaper, which eventually led her to meet with a few representatives of the agency Wilhelmina Models, who signed her to become a model for their Los Angeles office. She moved back to California, and started by modeling for the cosmetics company, Maybelline. She also appeared in a commercial for McDonald’s, which in turn opened the door for acting as she was given a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card, proof that she was now a part of the much larger US entertainment industry.

Acting Transition

Wanting to breakthrough into acting, Foreman began taking lessons from various tutors, and got her first job in the pilot for “The Grady Nutt Show”, but which was not picked up by NBC. Despite that, she gained more opportunities and had small roles on television and in films. In 1983, she made her first major appearance in the sitcom “Family Ties”, which depicted the change of liberalism in the 1980s, as US culture adopted a more conservative stance.

In 1983, she gained significant attention when she starred in the film “Valley Girl” – which takes inspiration from the Shakespeare play “Romeo and Juliet” –  alongside Nicolas Cage, who was relatively unknown at the time.

The film helped her gain fame in the country with many critics enjoying the project. She then gained other projects, including a role in “Real Genius” – in 1986, the film convention ShoWest, now known as the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), called her one of the rising stars in the industry. However, her career had some troubles, as she was cast in several poorly reviewed projects.

The Scream Queen

In 1986, Foreman was cast in the comedy film “My Chauffeur” in which she plays a character who becomes a driver for a limousine service.

The film aimed to claim the success that “Valley Girl” once had, but failed to achieve it as her performance received mixed reviews. She was then cast in one of her horror defining roles in “April Fool’s Day”; her performance was widely praised, though the film itself didn’t attract as much praise, as many didn’t like its twist.

She continued her work in horror films over the next few years, with projects such as “Waxwork” which starred her alongside Zach Galligan, and took inspiration from the silent movement of the same name. She was also cast in the film “Destroyer”, alongside Lyle Alzado and Clayton Rohner in the story of a serial killer who escapes prison and a death sentence.

While living in hiding, he encounters a film crew and begins to wreak havoc upon its unknowing members. One of her last significant roles of the decade was “Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat”.

Final Projects and Retirement

Foreman’s projects significantly lessened as the decade transitioned in the 1990s. During the latter part of her career, she mainly appeared in independent film projects and low budget horror movies. She had a few notable projects during this time, including “Lunatics: A Love Story”, a film that starred her alongside Ted Raimi which tells the story of a poet who learns to overcome his concerns to try and win the heart of the woman she is interested in.

Deborah Foreman

She also made a guest appearance in the TV series “MacGyver”.

Her last television appearance was in an episode of “The Marshal” in 1995. The show aired on ABC, and starred Jeff Fahey as the titular US Marshal who chases after criminals across the country. She then took a long break from acting, presumably pursuing other roles or starting a family, making her return in 2007 with her final film “Beautiful Loser”.

The film tells the story of friends from high school who meet decades later. While it isn’t an official acting project, she made a cameo appearance in a music video of She Wants Revenge in 2011, before heading back into obscurity. While she doesn’t take any new projects, she still accepts interviews from time to time.

Personal Life

There is no information available about any of Deborah’s relationships during her career and after. It is assumed that she married and started a family but the lack of any public appearances since her retirement has led mostly to speculation.

She doesn’t have any social media accounts. She was once linked to her “Valley Girl” co-star Nicolas Cage, but the rumor was quickly shot down as the pair worked on other projects.

While it can be said that her interest in acting declined over the years, it is more likely that her career progress was hampered by weak scripts and performances, leading to her stock in Hollywood declining. With no prospect for any high valued films in the latter part of her career, she decided to quietly retire from acting.

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