• Veronica Wang is a YouTube personality known for her self-titled channel featuring various food-related content
• As of mid-2020, Veronica’s net worth is estimated to be over $600,000, earned largely through YouTube
• Veronica’s fame online has led to numerous opportunities including sponsorships and the like
• She is known for her mukbang videos, and her integration of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to these types of videos
• Veronica has attracted some controversy and been involved with feuds among other YouTubers, but has defended her good character


Who is Veronica Wang?

Veronica Wang was born on 18 June 1992, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and is a YouTube personality, best known for her self-titled channel which focuses on various food-related content. She has done videos on different facets of food, including tutorials, taste testing, challenges, and food vlogging. She is best known for her mukbang videos, and her integration of ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to these types of videos.

The Wealth of Veronica Wang

As of mid-2020, Veronica Wang’s net worth is estimated to be over $600,000, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube.

Her fame online has led to numerous opportunities including sponsorships and the like, but most of her wealth comes from YouTube earnings. She does a variety of videos, though most of them are related to food.

Online Beginnings

Veronica became interested in making video content sometime in the late-2000s, though she didn’t initially have a specific niche in mind. In 2010, she created a channel on YouTube and tried uploading a song video. YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites in the world, containing one of the largest video libraries. Its popularity has led to the fame of many individuals, and has even attracted big corporations to invest in their respective channels.

During this time, she was very busy working as a promoter. Following the song upload, she posted a few video blogs (vlogs), showcasing a bit of her life then. After a few videos, she took a step away from YouTube as it wasn’t her main focus. For some years she was silent, until in 2017 her interest in making videos resurfaced, and she dusted off her old channel and started to post videos related to food.

Mukbang Channel

At the time, mukbang channels were becoming a hit on YouTube, the trend being popularized among South Korean streamers on AfreecaTV and Twitch. Mukbang often involved a streamer or content creator preparing a large serving or set of food; he or she then consumes the food in front of an audience, while interacting with them.

This trend became very popular internationally, and also made its way to other platforms such as YouTube. Viewers enjoy mukbang videos for many reasons, as some are fascinated with watching people consume large portions of food, others are there for the content creators’ personality or his/her stories. Since YouTube isn’t as interactive as other streaming websites, YouTubers often have to make an extra effort to make it seem that they are constantly communicating with their audience.

Veronica was among one of the first to gain significant popularity as a food-related streamer, and due to her attractive looks and her love for food, she quickly gained over a million subscribers.

Aside from her mukbang content, she also posted some of her recipes, while also undergoing various food-related challenges, so mukbang videos remain some of her most popular. Her channel also grew significantly during the peak of the spicy noodle challenge, which was a trend online from 2017 to 2018.


Veronica then ventured into integrating autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) on her content. This is because YouTube has become one of the main platforms on which ASMR content creators and those looking for ASMR triggers can go to satisfy each other’s needs. ASMR is often typified by a light tingling sensation that can often be felt on the scalp before it moves down to the upper spine.

Veronica Wang

People have different triggers from one another,r and many who enjoy ASMR experience a light sense of euphoria from the feeling.

ASMR and food videos have been integrated by many, as some people get triggers through hearing chewing sounds that are often associated with food. Many of her ASMR videos are popular, though she doesn’t do them as often as a large number of her fan base still enjoy her communicating directly, and telling them stories. She’s also done a few collaborative videos over the years, often working with other mukbang-focused YouTubers. She also films videos of herself eating at a lot at popular fast food joints, but while also eating food at home, or on one occasion while visiting her grandparents.


While Veronica has mainly enjoyed a lot of success on her channel, she has attracted some controversy as well. She is known for promoting many up-and-coming YouTube personalities who have become popular in their own right. When her popularity surged, a lot of her critics started to look into her older videos as a promoter when she was known as Vee Vixin. Many people misinterpreted this as her being an underage sex worker during her teenage to young adult years. She later denied all the allegations, updating all her older videos to explain their context.

Veronica’s’s also been involved with feuds among other YouTubers, with some food-related YouTubers insisting that Wang doesn’t have a good personality when dealing with others. While she hasn’t answered these allegations directly, she has cut ties with a lot of YouTubers whom she started to feel uncomfortable around. Some of her friends have also defended her, stating that she is a good person and doesn’t want any unnecessary drama in her life. On rare occasions, she ventures away from her usual videos, doing question and answer content. She also talks about what to eat when traveling to various countries.

Personal Life

Veronica is single, and admitted in one of her videos that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. She was in a relationship with Aria Hass for many years, and his fame also grew alongside hers. Since their breakup, she has removed all online photos of them together. While she is a food lover, she admits that she isn’t a very good cook, calling herself an amateur. She does love cooking, but prefers to order out or let others cook when given the opportunity. She loves to do modeling work. She still resides around Toronto, living with her pet cat.

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