Cash Warren has gained extensive fame due to his marriage with American actress, Jessica Alba. Alba has dozens of film and TV credits to her name, as well as being a co-founder of “The Honest Company”. She and Warren met in 2004 during the filming of “Fantastic Four”, and were married in 2008. Cash Warren himself is known for his work on films, including the set of the film on which the two met.

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Early Life and Family

Cash Garner Warren was born to Michael Warren and first wife, Sue Narramore, on 10 January 1979, in Los Angeles, California USA – a sign of Cash’s future, his father was well known for his acting in “Hill Street Blues”.

Cash has a sister from this marriage, Koa Warren, as well as a second sister and brother, Makayla and Grayson Warren, from his father’s second marriage to Jenny Palacious.

Warren was interested in acting and production from a young age, growing up as a classmate of future star American actress Kate Hudson. Future professional basketballer Baron Davis was another of his close friends, and the two would spend hours playing basketball together. His enjoyment of basketball was somewhat of a legacy from his father too, who was rewarded various accolades from his college basketball career.  To this day, he frequents the games of his childhood friend.

Although he spent the majority of his youth in the US, he also spent some time in France.


Warren attended Crossroad School, Santa Monica, matriculating with much aplomb as he went on to attend the prestigious Yale University. He graduated in 2001 with a degree in political science – a far cry from the industry he ended up pursuing.


Assistant Production

Cash Warren made his first forays into production working alongside Tim Story, for the film “Taxi” in 2004, and again on the set of “Fantastic Four” in 2006. Despite being the assistant producer, his work was much acclaimed, and he grew in prominence in the production community.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Co-Founding and Producing

Before moving into his own companies – concurrently with them – Warren acted as the executive producer on multiple projects, including “Being Terry Kennedy” (2010) and “Rising Son.”

In 2008, Warren co-founded Verso Entertainment, a production company that focuses on creating documentaries which bring prominent social issues to the attention of the public. To date, the company has produced two documentaries; “Crips and Bloods: Made in America” in 2008, and “In the Blood” in 2014, and he played a large production role for both projects.

He was also a key participant in the creation of the Apoko Digital Media group, a platform that provides celebrities from various industries with a chance to interact with fans and one another.

Apoko, possibly inspiring his next project, Ibeatyou, was founded in 2008; to establish this forum, he worked alongside childhood friend Baron Davis. Ibeatyou created a competitive environment for the general populace and celebrities. It was all about moving celebrities out of their comfort zones and encouraging interaction with their fans. “Ibeatyou” allows you to compete in anything you set your mind to – lip-syncing, smiling and karaoke to name a few.

More recently, Cash founded Pair of Thieves alongside co-founders Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg, predominantly an underwear and lingerie company that claims to equip people to be ‘ready for anything.’

Personal Life

Although Cash met his now-wife, Jessica Alba in 2004, in a moment that Alba described as ‘a love at first sight thing’, the two did not start dating until 2005, as Alba was in a relationship at the time. Jessica describes how her attraction to him initially began as emotional and innate respect for him. The two married on 19 May 2008, and as Alba was nine months pregnant, in the Beverley Hills Courthouse with no family or friends to witness the occasion.

There are rumors about the tumult in the early days of their marriage, including a supposed affair with Lindsey Lohan, but the two are still married and supportive of each other.

A month after their marriage, their first daughter Honor Marie Warren was born on 19 May 2008. Their second daughter was born on 13 August 2011, who they named Haven Garner Warren, and finallyin 2014, they had a son, Hayes Alba Warren, on 31 December. Cash loves his children and cherishes his relationship with them He even allowed his daughters to paint his nails on the weekends as a trade-off for watching sport.

He often posts photos of his family having a good time, such as preparing for Halloween and Christmas. The family currently resides in a $10 million-valued home in Beverly Hills.


Warren is of mixed ethnic descent. His mother, Sue Narramore, is Caucasian while his father, Michael Warren, is of African-American descent, and there are traces of both these origins in his features. Warren is very confident in his ethnicity, taking pride in his mixed origins. He explains that ‘I’ve always been very comfortable with who I am.”

Cash stands 6ft (1.83m) tall, and weighs approximately 187lbs (85kg). He has a fair complexion and dark hair that is now sprinkled with grey, and has dark brown eyes; he takes a size 12 shoe (US).

Net Worth and Salary.

Cash Warren has an estimated net worth of $25 million, a measly amount when compared to his wife’s $400 million, however, this does not appear to have negatively impacted their marriage in any way. Warren makes $3.3 million a year from his many ventures, and continues to grow in fame and net worth.

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