• Kim Yugyeom has not been in a long-term relationship
• He is interested in Krystal Jung, an American singer and actress living in South Korea
• Before fame, Kim was a dancer who competed in a variety of competitions and learned to play the piano at age 7
• Kim tried to launch a career in film industry but it didn't work out
• In his spare time, Kim enjoys playing the piano and dancing, going for walks, and watching movies


Who is Kim Yugyeom dating?

Kim hasn’t so far been in a long-term relationship with any girl, but according to Koreaboo, he already knows exactly what he wants out of his relationship, as well as what he’d like the girl to look like. His ideal girl should be skinny, have pale skin and long hair, and she should come with little quirks – his current crush is Krystal Jung who is an American singer and actress living in South Korea, and who gained recognition after she joined the South Korean girl band f(x). According to Kim, it might be hard for him to get to her at the beginning, but he is certain it wouldn’t take her long to become relaxed when she’s close to him, after they get to know one another a bit better.

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Kim is always the one to make the first move when he likes a girl.

Rise to stardom

The world didn’t know about Kim until he joined the Got7 South Korean boy band in January 2014, when their debut extended play (EP) entitled “Got It?” came out and became a hit in South Korea. Sony Music Entertainment Japan saw the boys’ potential and after signing a contract with them in late 2014, their debut Japanese single called “Around the World” was released.

They stayed in Japan for a month to promote the song, then returned to South Korea where they worked on their debut full-length album “Identify”. As their popularity grew in Japan as fast as in South Korea, they decided to work on their full-length Japanese album “Moriagatteyo”, which was released in 2016 and was followed by their new Korean EP, and their second Korean full-length album “Flight Log: Turbulence”. The band’s most recent EP entitled “Dye” has been their eleventh, and came out on 20 April 2020.

According to the “Singles Magazine”, every member of Got7 is very busy with numerous other commitments, as Jinyoung is an actor, Jackson is an MC and has appeared in a variety of TV shows, while Kim is mostly focused on his studies and passing his exams – his band colleagues have all agreed that Kim has the best and hottest body among the seven of them, but he denies it, stating that each one of them is attractive and has something better than the others. The others call Kim ‘Big Baby’ because he’s the tallest, and at the same time the youngest member of the band, while he also seems to be the most sensitive one. We also believe Kim to be the shiest of the members, as he avoids giving interviews and usually lets his friends do the talking, while he will only answer if the question is specifically directed at him.

Before fame

Kim was a dancer before joining Got7, and competed in a variety of competitions and won the show “Hit The Stage” in 2016. He started dancing at the age of six, and has since competed in numerous competitions organized in Asia as well as in Europe, however, he didn’t attract much attention before Got7 released their debut song “Girls Girls Girls”. Kim also began learning how to play the piano at the age of seven, and has performed in a variety of places including restaurants and theatres.

He was born in Namyangju in South Korea on 17 November 1997, thus his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Kim Yugyeom

He has an older brother whom he rarely talks about, but still it’s believed that the two are very close. Kim has been interested in acting and singing from a very early age; he studied at Donong Elementary School before enrolling at Migeum Middle School, and continuing his education at Hamlim Arts High School. It wasn’t easy for the youngest member of Got7 to study for his exams, as his band had to perform all around South Korea as well as to practice their new songs together. However, he has managed to pass all his exams and is considering pursuing a college degree but without having to attend the classes as he definitely wouldn’t be able to do so.

He tried to become an actor

Kim was motivated by his band colleagues J. B. and Jackson Wang to pursue a career in the film industry as well, and after Jackson was cast to play one of the lead characters in the drama series “Dream Knight”, he asked Kim whether he would like to test his acting skills in the series. He was only allowed to make an uncredited appearance in a single episode out of 12, but it didn’t make much of a difference as it was cancelled after airing 12 episodes, as it didn’t attract much attention. Kim has since attended several auditions for movie and TV series roles, but it doesn’t appear as he will be launching his acting career, as he seems to lack the necessary talent.

What he does in his spare time

In his spare time, Kim usually does what he does the best – plays the piano and dances around the house and in the streets. He occasionally takes a walk and buys street food, some of his favorites are bulgogi and kimbap, while he also fell in love with US fast food which he tried the first time he visited New York at the age of 19

.Although not as stylish as some of his colleagues from the band, he is still keen on going shopping for clothes, and his favorite color is pale blue. He doesn’t differ much from other South Koreans when it comes to his taste in movies, as his favorites are aniespecially those made by Studio Ghibli such as “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

Kim is also a huge lover of animals but isn’t planning on getting a pet because he wouldn’t have time to take proper care of it.

He isn’t used to the amount of attention he is getting on social media networks – his Instagram account is currently followed by nearly eight million people, but don’t you dare to think this will make Kim more active on the network and force him to upload more pictures – he isn’t that worried about his image on social media, and he can sometimes upload several pictures and videos in a day, but then weeks can pass before he uploads any new content.

General Info

Full NameKim Yugyeom
Height1.82 m
ProfessionSinger, Rapper, Dancer, Never Ever, Hard Carry, Just Right
EducationDaekyeung University
NationalitySouth Korean


Music GroupsGOT7
TV ShowsReal GOT7

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