Sheryl Goddard:
• Born in the USA in 1957 and holds American nationality.
• Actress, dancer and ballet instructor.
• Married to Alice Cooper since 1976.
• Interested in dancing, cooking, travelling, and is a big animal lover.
• Her personal wealth is unknown while her husband Alice’s net worth is estimated at over $50 million.


Who is Sheryl Goddard?

Sheryl Cooper (nee Goddard) was born in the USA in 1957 and has kept her exact date of birth hidden from the media’s attention – her zodiac sign is believed to be Scorpio, and she holds American nationality. She is an actress, dancer and a ballet instructor, but who might be known best for being the wife of Alice Cooper, a famous American singer, songwriter and actor.

Childhood and education

Sheryl is quite secretive when it comes to her personal matters, and hasn’t shared any details concerning her parents and any siblings with the public, however, it’s widely believed that both her parents held college degrees and that the family was rather rich.

Happy Anniversary Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard! The iconic rocker and his wife are celebrating 41 years of marriage today!

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She became interested in dancing at a very early age, and was five when she started dancing ballet. She attended a local high school at which she practiced acting, and played the piano, and upon matriculation in 1975, Sheryl decided not to attend college but to focus on her career as a ballerina.

Sheryl’s career

Not long after matriculation, Sheryl started working as a ballet instructor as well as a choreographer, while she launched her acting career the same year, at the age of 18.

She played a dancer (uncredited) in the horror musical movie “Alice Cooper: The Nightmare” written by Tony Hudz and Alan Rudolph, directed by Jorn H. Winther and which starred her future husband Alice, Vincent Price and Linda Googh – if follows one of Alice Cooper’s music characters, Steven who finds himself in a surreal dream fantasy.

In the same year, Sheryl played Ethyl in “Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare (Concert Feature)”, and then in 1978 played a dancer in the adventure fantasy comedy movie “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, but which received mostly poor reviews. Three of her other roles were in the 1979 film “The Strange Case of Alice Cooper”, the 1980 comedy musical “Roadie”, and the 2019 short video “Kane Roberts Feat. Alice Cooper & Alissa White-Gluz: Beginning of the End”.

Sheryl has also appeared in many talk shows and documentary series, some of the latter include the 1999 “Behind the Music”, the 2007 “E! True Hollywood Story”, and the 2014 “Super Duper Alice Cooper”, while one of the most popular TV shows she has appeared in has been “Today” in 2019.

Sheryl Goddard and Alice Cooper

Love life and marriage with Alice Cooper

Sheryl met Alice in 1975, when she started dancing in his music videos, and they began dating not long afterwards. After around a year of being together, Alice and Sheryl married in a private ceremony attended by their closest friends and family on 20 March 1976, but after seven years of being together, Sheryl filed for divorce because of Alice’s alcoholism. However, they managed to reconcile in less than a year, and today they are parents to their two daughters Calico and Sonora, and their son Dashiell.

Sheryl hasn’t talked about any other men she might have been with, but it’s known that Alice was in a couple of relationships before he started dating Alice – he was 28 at that time while Alice was 19.

He dated Miss Christine, a member of the no longer active girl group The GTOs – she died on 5 November 1972 after overdosing. He then dated Cindy Lang, and after her American actress and singer Raquel Welch whom he left after he began going out with Sheryl.

As of December 2020, Sheryl is married to Alice Cooper and they have three children.

Hobbies and other interests

Sheryl is active on various social media networks, but is also somewhat secretive when it comes to her private life which is why she only allows people she knows to follow her on Instagram.

She is very passionate about tasting a variety of cuisines, and is also keen on making her own food – she is following a strict diet and eats no to little meat, as well as minimal sugar. She is also keen on travelling, and combines this with her love for food – her favorite cuisine is Italian as she loves to eat pizza.

Sheryl is a huge lover of animals, and has two pet dogs.

In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, and her favorite actresses are Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie (because of her philanthropy work), while her favorite movies are “Notting Hill”, “The Runaway Bride” and “Mr. and Mrs Smith”.

Age, height and net worth

Sheryl’s age is 63. She has long black hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 7ins (1.7m) and she weighs around 130lbs (61kgs). Her personal wealth is unknown, but as of December 2020, her husband Alice’s net worth has been estimated at over $50 million.

Who is Alice Cooper?

Vincent Damon Furnier, known better by his stage name Alice Cooper, was born in Detroit, Michigan USA, on 4 February 1948 – his zodiac sign is Aquarius and he holds American nationality. He is known as ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock’, while he became popular with his Alice Cooper band’s song “I’m Eighteen” released in 1971.

He grew up in Detroit where he was raised by his father Ether Moroni Furnier and mother Ella Mae, while the family moved to Phoenix in Arizona when he was 12 because he was ill. Alice studied at Cortez High School, at which he became interested in music and dreamed about selling a million albums. When he was 16, he competed in the school’s talent show with his band The Earwigs, which he founded with four other boys.

They won the show and decided to become a real band, renaming themselves to The Spiders, while they eventually changed the name to Alice Cooper. At that time, the main members were Alice, Glen Buxton on the lead guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass, Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar, and Neal Smith on drums.

The boys eventually signed a three-album contract with Frank Zappa’s Straight Records, and their debut album “Pretties for You” came out in 1969 while they mostly became popular for a new subgenre they created called ‘shock rock’ – the term was created by fans after Alice threw a live chicken into the audience which they then tore to pieces (the newspapers wrote about Alice biting off the chicken’s head on stage and drinking its blood).

Their second album, “Easy Action” came out in June 1970, while their third album “Love It to Death” followed in March 1971, with their fourth album “Killer” released later that year.

The band disbanded four years later, but Alice then took Alice Cooper as his real name, and launched his solo career with the release of his concept album “Welcome to My Nightmare”. He went on to release many albums, and in 1988 signed a contract with Epic Records – a year later, he became famous all around the world after his hit single “Poison” was released, and peaked at #2 in the United Kingdom and #7 in the US. By 1992, Alice had released 19 studio albums, and then stopped releasing them but rather focused on his other works – his 21st solo album is set to be released on 26 February 2021, entitled “Detroit Stories”.

He has been nominated for 38 awards for his music, winning 30 – he has also been nominated for five Grammy Awards.

In 1986, Alice noticed that the members of the band Megadeth were having problems with drug and alcohol abuse, and set out to help them overcome their addictions, after having previously overcome his own alcohol addiction.

He is also a writer, having released his autobiography “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster” in 2007.

He is a big fan of American hockey, and cheers for Arizona Coyotes competing in the National Hockey League (NHL) – Alice is also a fan of baseball and supports both the Detroit Tigers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is avid golf player too.

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