• Noah Brown is an American actor and TV personality born in 199•
• He is one of the main stars of the reality TV series “Alaskan Bush People”, which is reportedly scripted.
• Noah married his wife Rhain Alisha in 2018 and has a son Elijah born in 2019.
• He has experience working as a handyman and has an estimated net worth of $100,000.
• He is a devoted Christian and has various tattoos on his arms and chest.


Noah Brown is an American actor and TV personalit,y born on 18 July 1992, in Alaska USA. He’s known for being one of the main stars of the reality TV series “Alaskan Bush People”.

Early Life

Noah Darkcloud Brown was born the fifth son of Billy and Ami Brown. His family has allegedly lived as nomads for over three decades, which resulted on Noah not spending his childhood in a stable household, but instead he apparently lived in several places around Alaska, with his parents and six siblings.

There’s no information about Noah’s education.



In 2012 Noah debuted on television when he appeared as Detective O’Neil in the “No Shame TV”, comedy series starring Sean Burnham and Bryan McIntyre. The same year he was cast in a small role in “Krui-TV”.

Alaskan Bush People

“Alaskan Bush People” is a show centered on the Browns’ family journey as they apparently survive living in the wilderness. Premiered in 2014 on Discovery Channel, Noah has been one of its main stars from the beginning, and has appeared in all seasons.

Although the show is promoted as reality TV, it’s reportedly scripted. Allegedly, Browns’ adventures in the Alaskan bush are staged, and their experiences are dramatizations of Billy Brown’s books “The Lost Years” and “One Wave at a Time”.

In 2015 the family faced legal problems when they were found guilty of theft and falsification of legal documents, regarding funds received by the family from Alaska’s Government.

Through this incident, it was discovered that the Browns didn’t live permanently in Alaska prior 2014, and resided in a local hotel and other cities throughout US in the off-season of the show.

Personal Life


There are aspects of Noah’s parents’ relationship and life choices that make their family out of the mold. Billy is 11 years older than Ami Brown (former Branson), and married her when she was only a 15 years old teen. Brown also allegedly lied to his wife’s family about his age and financial situation, apparently faking riches to deceive them.

Originally from Texas, Noah’s parents married in 1979 and had two children before leaving their hometown, starting an adventure that lead them to live in various Alaskan towns.

Noah Brown

The Browns’ reason to leave their comfortable life in Texas was that Billy realized travelling as nomad through the US was his dream. When he expressed the idea to his wife Ami, she willingly accepted accompanying him.

After arriving in Alaska, the family first stayed in an abandoned cabin on Mosman Island where they remained estranged from society for over a year-and-half. Though they ultimately moved from the remote place, the prolonged stay made them realize life in modern society wasn’t suited to them. Billy described the situation to People: ‘The Good Lord just made us slow down. After we realized we weren’t going to die, we fell in love with everything.’

By the time the family returned to civilization, they opted for building a cabin in a desserted place in Haines, though it ultimately burned down for unknown reasons in 1992. After that they have lived in various cities of Alaska, finally settling in Hoonah.

Romantic Life

Noah Brown has been romantically involved with various women. In 2015 he dated a woman named Christie, though despite his efforts to make the relationship work, it ended after Christie met Noah’s mother Ami.

Months later, Noah dated another woman he met in California, named Karryna L. Kauffman. The relationship didn’t progress, however, as Noah was still heartbroken from his previous break-up from Christie.


Noah finally found true love with Rhain Alisha. The Oregonian woman –who was formerly known as Ruth Alisha Merrill until she legally changed her name – wasn’t well received by her boyfriend’s family, causing Noah to alienate from them.

Fortunately, Noah reconciled with his relatives and returned to live with them in 2018. In April that year he proposed to Alisha, and they married on 15 August that year, exactly two years after their first meeting: ‘We are so excited to start our new life together as husband and wife, and we look forward to building new memories as our own family’.

The ceremony was attended by Brown’s friends and family, who changed their usual simple clothes for fancier ones fitting the occasion.

Only three months into their marriage, the pair announced that they were expecting a child: ‘We’ve taken another step in the adventure that is our life together’ Noah declared to People: ‘We figured that we’d just kind of let God and nature take their course, and we ended up pregnant’. They also revealed they already knew the gender of the child, though were going to keep it secret for the time being.

Fans of “Alaskan Bush Family” didn’t have to wait long, as Elijah Connor Brown was born on 26 February 2019’s early morning. The couple announced the happy news on the show’s Official Facebook Page: ‘I am truly in awe of her, and we are both very grateful and excited to welcome him to our family’.

Rhain currently lives with Noah in his parent’s house, and although problems between the young woman and her in-laws continued, they are apparently improving their relationship.


Noah Brown seems to have experience working as a handyman, building his father’s house in the middle of a forest, as can be seen on “Alaskan Bush People”.

Net Worth

As of mid-2020, Noah Brown’s estimated net worth is close to $100,000, which is largely a result of his appearances in the TV series “Alaskan Bush People”.

Physical Appearance

Noah Brown is a man of white ethnicity. His height and weight are unknown, though his plump appearance makes him look strong. His hair is blondish red, and his eyes green. He has various tattoos on his arms and chest.

Interesting Facts

Noah Brown is a very devoted Christian.

Noah often wears long caps and coats, favoring black over other colors in his clothes. He usually wears silver crosses as well.

His relationship with Karryna L. Kauffman was apparently false, as it was found out by fans of “Alaskan Bush People” that the Californian girl was a paid actress.

Noah is known for his sensitive thoughts about relationships, and thinks ‘a formal relationship should always be started via letter. When you write a letter, somehow you put a little of your soul in that letter.’

Rhain and Noah’s son Elijah weighed 7lbs (5kgs) when he was born.

Happy birthday to our favorite Bush engineer and poet Noah Brown! You'll find your soulmate someday. http://dsc.tv/PIgZO

Posted by Alaskan Bush People on Saturday, 18 July 2015

As Noah and siblings have claimed to be raised in the wilderness, their knowledge of technology is expected to be little. However, various members of the family have social media accounts, and share updates of their life regularly, including videos on YouTube.

Noah’s father Billy Brown was apparently rich in his childhood, though he lost his fortune in 1969 when his family died in a plane crash.

In 2017, Ami Brown was diagnosed with lung cancer after suffering from intense back pain for months. She went through extensive chemotherapy and other therapies for six weeks, miraculously recovering in December that year.

Noah tattooed the name of his wife Rhain on his chest.

Noah’s son Elijah was born in February, which means Rhain was three months pregnant by the time of their wedding.

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