• Nathan Andersen is a film director, producer, and editor, married to popular Canadian actress A. J. Cook.
• Nathan was raised by theatre actor father and piano teacher mother, studied at Utah Valley University and launched career in 200•
• Nathan and A. J. married in 2001 and have two sons, Mekhai Allan and Phoenix Sky.
• Nathan enjoys travelling, art, photography and social media, while A. J. has starred in films such as "The Virgin Suicides" and "Final Destination 2".
• Nathan and A. J. have a combined net worth of over $4.5million.


Who is A. J. Cook’s husband, Nathan Andersen? Wiki Bio

Nathan Andersen was born in the USA on 25 May 1978 – his zodiac sign is Gemini and he holds American nationality. He is a film director, producer, and an editor, but is perhaps best known for being the husband of the popular Canadian actress A. J. Cook.

Early life and education

Nathan was raised in the US an only child by his father who was a theatre actor and his mother who was a piano teacher. He became interested in acting while attending high school, as he was a member of the school’s drama club and appeared in several school plays, however, he soon became interested in directing and producing movies, and decided to focus on that instead of acting. After matriculation in 1996, he enrolled at Utah Valley University where he began learning about film producing, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2000.

Nathan’s career

Nathan launched his career in 2004 when he served as an editor of the short documentary film “God Save the Queen”, and then went on to direct, produce, edit, write and star in the drama film “My Lucy Charm” in 2007, which also starred Sarah Maenner and Daniel B. Culmer, but the movie passed by rather unnoticed.

The year 2010 saw him serve as the director, producer, writer and editor of the short drama mystery movie “Violet Kiss”, which starred Dennis Record and Josefina Hatton, and which is about a hitman who is hired by an attractive woman called Violet. It was another of Nathan’s movie’s which didn’t attract much attention, but he went on to work on his next short film “Lucidate” in 2011, which starred Mandy Roveda and Dima Korposh, and is about a girl who seems to be able to do whatever she imagines as if she were in a dream, but her main desire is to kill the man Huan Hui Lee living in Taiwan.

In 2013, Nathan edited, directed, and produced four short movies, some of which are “Pain”, “When You Loved Me”, and “In This House” before he worked on the short music video “Weeping Skies”, which starred Rose Luo and Irina Shcherbakovskaya.

The year 2014 saw him direct, produce and star in the short music video “A.N.G.E.L”, which turned out to be yet another of his unnoticed films, and in the following year, he directed and edited the short music film “Hush Baby” in which he also starred. Some of his latest works have been the three short music videos “I’m That Rebel” in 2016, “Kutkai” in 2017, and “One Life, One Card” in 2018.

Love life and marriage with A. J. Cook

Nathan met his future other half A. J. Cook while they were both studying at Utah Valley University, and they started dating in 1998.

Their friends pointed fingers at them at the very start of their relationship stating that they will marry very soon, and it was as they predicted as Nathan and A. J. married in a small ceremony attended by their close friends and family on 3 August 2001. They decided not to have children in the first couple of years, as they both wanted to focus on their career, but in September 2008, A. J. gave birth to their first boy Mekhai Allan, while their second boy Phoenix Sky followed in July 2015. In 2019, Nathan found out that he had cancer and underwent surgery to remove it in August, announcing on 10 September 2019 that he was cancer-free.

The family of four is currently living in Los Angeles, California while they often travel to Salt Lake City in Utah where Nathan’s family is living.

Hobbies and other interests

Nathan has been interested in art since he was a teenager, and has been to various museums and galleries while his favorite types of art are paintings and music. His main passion is travelling, and he’s been all around the world. As he’s also interested in photography and social media networks, he has been uploading pictures taken during his travels onto his Instagram account, and has thanks to these gathered nearly 35,000 followers. He likes to be in nature surrounded by trees, mountains and animals, and has visited some of the most popular touristic destinations in the US, including the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Yellowstone National Park while he has also been to several Asian countries including Vietnam.


Nathan is keen on watching movies late at night, and some of his favorite actors and actresses are Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez, while some of his favorite movies are “Into the Wild”, “Notting Hill”, and “One Day”.

Appearance and net worth

Nathan is 42 years old. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and weighs around 156lbs (71kgs). As of June 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $500,000, while A. J.’s net worth is reputedly over $4 million.

Who is A. J. Cook? Wiki Bio

Andrea Joy ‘A.J.’ Cook was born in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, on 22 July 1978 – her zodiac sign is both Leo and Cancer as she was born in the Cusp of Oscillation; she holds Canadian nationality.

Andrea is an actress perhaps best known for her portrayal of the lead character Supervisory Special Agent Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau in the crime drama mystery series “Criminal Minds”, which also starred Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness and which is about a group of profilers who are trying to figure out how the brain of a serial killer works before he commits more crimes. The series aired from 2005 to 2020. and won 23 awards while it was nominated for 35 others, including three Primetime Emmys.

J. was mostly raised in Whitby alongside her two brothers Nathan and Paul and her sister Angela, by their mother who was a dancer, and their father who was the owner of a small store. She studied at Anderson Collegiate Vocational Institute, and while attending second grade, she became legally blind due to astigmatism, and had to wear contact lenses as well as glasses which helped her fix her vision to a degree.

A. J. Cook

She would later undergo surgery at the age of 29 which permanently fixed her impairment. She grew up dancing jazz and ballet, and competed in several tournaments and championships before she decided to focus on acting when she was 16. A. J. joined her high school’s drama club, and began appearing in school plays, while also practicing her acting skills at a local theatre.

She made her debut film appearance in 1997, a cameo in the science fiction movie “Laserhawk” which is about two teenagers, a writer and a mental patient who are trying to save the world from aliens. Two years later, A. J. portrayed Mary Lisbon in the romantic drama movie “The Virgin Suicides”, which starred James Woods and Kathleen Turner and which followed five sisters who are raised by their religious parents in the ‘70s in Detroit.

Some of her following roles were in the slasher movie “Ripper”, the fantasy slasher film “Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell”, and stoner comedy movie “Out Cold” in 2001, before she gained recognition starring as Kimberly Corman in the supernatural horror movie “Final Destination 2” in 2003, which was nominated for four awards. Some of her latest roles in movies have been in the drama “Least Among Saints” in 2012, the horror “Wer” in 2013, and another drama “Back Fork” in 2019.

J. made her debut TV series appearance in 1997, when she portrayed Kim in the episode “Don’t Wake Mummy” of the horror anthology series “Goosebumps”, and later that year was invited to guest star in a single episode of the science fiction drama series “Psi Factor”.

The year 2000 saw her portray the lead character Shelby Merrick in the drama series “Higher Ground”, which also starred Joe Lando and Hayden Christensen, but which ended after airing a single season. She went on to appear in single episodes of the science fiction drama “First Wave” in 2000, and the comedy drama “Dead Like Me” in 2003, before being invited to play another lead character, Lindsay Walker in the supernatural drama series “Tru Calling” in 2003 and 2004. A. J.’s latest role in a TV series has been in the episode “Mask” of the crime drama series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in which she portrayed Debbie Shields in 2011.

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