• Jay Paul Molinere is a descendant of alligator hunters and is well-built from a career in boxing and alligator hunting.
• He attended South Terrebonne High School and graduated from Fletcher Technical Community College in 2011 with a degree in anaesthesiology.
• He has won multiple awards and titles in the boxing ring and appeared in the History Channel docuseries, “Swamp People” from 2011• 201•
• Jay Paul is in a committed relationship with his long-time girlfriend Ashleigh Price and they have two children.
• His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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FactSon of R.J. Molinere and Stacey Molinere.

Jay Paul Molinere had a childhood that that very few persons – if any – would call conventional, perhaps only to be expected when you are descended from alligator hunters. As unusual as this is, it is also an extremely lucrative business, and an activity completely embraced on History Channel’s series, “Swamp People”. If you are going to spend a portion of your year wrestling alligators, it stands to reason that you would need to be buff and well built. For Molinere, this is essential, and a necessity that he channels in the boxing ring where he has won multiple titles. Molinere is not all rough edges and ferocity, he is also in a committed and loving relationship, and is the father of three children.

Early Life and Childhood

Jay Paul was born as Roland Molinere III on 20 August 1988, in Grand Bois, Louisiana, USA to R.J and Stacy Molinere. Although he has two sisters, now both nurses, he is the only one of the children to be in the spotlight. Jay Paul knew from the age of six that he wanted to be a boxer, but those dreams were almost dashed after a near-fatal accident when he was 10. While the family was celebrating the 4th of July, a jet ski malfunctioned and collided with Jay Paul. Molinere was rushed to the hospital with an eight-inch skull fracture, and spent three days in a coma, with doctors doubtful as to whether he would ever be able to talk again after the injury, but after intense rehabilitation and perseverance, he recovered completely.


Being an alligator hunter himself, R.J started teaching Jay Paul to hunt ‘gators, crabbing and trapping from the age of three. With such an early start, it is unsurprising that Jay Paul became proficient in these activities. Jay Paul was also tutored in boxing by his uncle Elsie, who wanted to help him fulfill his dream of becoming a boxer.

Molinere attended South Terrebonne High School where he played defensive back on the football team for four seasons. He matriculated in 2006 with good marks and much aplomb, and had become so accomplished in the boxing ring that Columbus Rotary rewarded him with a $2,000 scholarship, enabling him to enroll into Fletcher Technical Community College, and graduate in 2011 with a degree in anaesthesiology.

Jay Paul Molinere


Boxing Career

By the time he was 20 years old, Jay Paul was making a name for himself in the boxing ring. In addition to having 30 recorded fights on the MMA circuit, Molinere won multiple awards and scholarships for his performance. He won his first title in 2008, the Gulf Coast Boxing Championship, solidifying his ability in the ring. He went on to win the Golden Gloves Division Championship in 2009, followed by the Arnold Sports Festival Championship in 2010. It was this final title that earned him his $2,000 scholarship from the Columbus Rotary. Although he has since moved on to other projects, Jay Paul has admitted that he would not be averse to rekindling his MMA career.

“Swamp People”

“Swamp People” came at the perfect time for Jay Paul. Fresh out of college, he was able to join his father for the second season of the show. “Swamp People” is a History Channel docuseries that depicts the extremely short, but incredibly hair-raising, alligator hunting season, which lasts for only 30 days, during which hunters need to make their income for the entire year. The hunting industry is strictly regulated, and hunting parties are issued with a limited number of tags correlating to the number of alligators they may cull.

Jay Paul and his father work together on the show to bring down the beasts, who while happy to remain docile and warm in the sun, are fierce and brutally strong when challenged.

Jay Paul remained in the show from 2011 until 2014 when he opted out after the 10th season. The show is one of the most popular in the pantheon of History Channel Series, drawing 3.1 million viewers for the premiere of the first season, and rising to 5.5 million viewers by the time of the finale episode of season 2.


After a significant number of the “Swamp People” cast were fired under mysterious circumstances, Jay Paul and his father set out to find a way to make a living out of the spotlight of reality TV. Fortunately, their time on the show had vastly increased their fame, and the two were able to capitalize on this – offering tours of the swamps, and paid speeches and appearances.

Personal Life


Although they aren’t married, Jay Paul Molinere is in a committed relationship with his long-time girlfriend Ashleigh Price. The two portray the image of a perfect couple and have not been the subject of controversy during the tenure of their relationship. The two have two children that they have raised together. Their eldest child, their son Jayden, was born on 14 April 2009. On 29 July 2013, they were lucky enough to have a second child, this time a daughter who they named A’niyiah Nikole. Molinere is currently teaching his son how to use a gun and live off the land, passing on that sacred family tradition.

Encounter with the Police

Jay Paul and his father, R.J, were the subject of much discussion in 2013 when they were arrested on charges of aggravated battery, which arose after a 24-year-old placed a call to the police, claiming that he had been attacked by the two men and hit on the head with a beer bottle after a verbal altercation on the road. When the police issued arrest warrants when the two could not be located, both Jay Paul and his father turned themselves in at the station.

With the obvious bulk and strength of the pair it is obvious that they can be intimidating – that, however, does not mean that they are guilty of assault.

They were both released on a bond of $1,000, and the media didn’t follow up on the aftermath. However, as they would have faced up to ten years in prison, atop fines of $5,000, it appears reasonable to assume that they were acquitted. As is often the case with the media, the mugshots of the two were leaked and can be found pretty much anywhere on the internet.


To say that Jay Paul Molinere is well-built is somewhat of an understatement, but what else would one expect from a one-time MMA boxing champion and alligator hunter? The Molineres are descendants of the Houma Tribe, who originated in the swamp, a mark of much pride to them.

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Jay Paul keeps his hair short and has dark brown eyes. He is 6ft (1.83m) tall and weighs around 180lbs (82kgs).

Net Worth and Salary

With the price of alligator meat always on the rise, Jay Paul is not strained for business – although hunting season is so brief, the pay-off is excellent. While some people have objected to the show, claiming that it portrays killing as a sport, it is integral to remember that this is not a hobby or a game, but a means of livelihood. Jay Paull’s net worth is estimated by sources quoting it as being in around $1 million, as of mid-2020.

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Full NameJay Paul Molinere


TV ShowsSwamp People

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1Son of R.J. Molinere and Stacey Molinere.

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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