• Ryan Trahan is a YouTuber and social media star born in Texas in 1998.
• He is subscribed to by over 2.61 million people on his channel, and has two other channels as well.
• He is engaged to Haley Pham, another YouTuber and social media star.
• Ryan enjoys playing sports, skiing, and watching movies.
• He has an estimated net worth of over $700,000.


Who is Ryan Trahan? Wiki Bio

Ryan Trahan was born in Texas, USA on 7 October 1998 – his zodiac sign is Libra and he holds American nationality. Ryan is a social media star and YouTuber, probably best known for his channel which he launched on 27 October 2013, and which is currently subscribed to by over 2.61 million people, and counts over 255 million views of all Ryan’s videos combined. His first videos were mostly about his background as a runner, so the first video uploaded onto his channel “ARIEL | Short Film” counts only 42,000 views as of June 2020.

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Ryan is now mostly focused on uploading content related to comedy and lifestyle, and two of his most popular videos are “Tesla Autopilot For 24 Hours Straight!” which has been viewed over 10.5 million times since 24 January 2020, and “LOREN GRAY is LYING TO YOU *proof*” which has been watched over 9.3 million times since 6 June 2018.

Childhood and education

Ryan was raised in the US alongside his younger brother Matthew, by their father who is a lawyer, and their mother who is working as a secretary at a local insurance company.

Ryan grew up being physically active as he began playing football at elementary school and soon fell in love with running. He ran track for his high school’s team and was also playing soccer and tennis and after turning 17, he joined the local gym and started exercising several times each week. Upon matriculation in 2016, Ryan enrolled at Texas A&M University but after disagreeing with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on a variety of things, he decided to quit university and to focus on his career as a YouTuber.

Career as a YouTuber and social media star

Ryan is also running his second channel “Tryan Rahan” – formerly “Ryan Trahan IRL” – which he launched on 18 October 2013. It is currently subscribed to by nearly 200,000 people, and counts more than 6.5 million views of all his videos combined – he usually uploads a mixture of content, including his video game “Minecraft” gameplays. Ryan and his fiancé, Haley Pham, launched their joint channel “The Traphamily” on 4 August 2019, which counts more than 620,000 subscribers and over 24 million views of all their videos combined.

Their videos usually feature Ryan, Haley and their dog, while their most popular video “THE PROPOSAL – Ryan & HaleyTHE PROPOSAL – Ryan & Haley” has been viewed nearly three million times since 23 May 2020.

Ryan is also active on a variety of other social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, among others. He and Haley have co-founded two online merchandise stores – Neptune Bottle and the Hydra Collective.

Love life and relationships

Ryan met Haley in the second half of 2018 and they began dating after being friends for around two months.

Ryan Trahan

They started collaborating on their videos on the internet, and Haley uploaded numerous pictures of them together, however, not everybody was supportive of the relationship as many boys and girls have crushes on them both. In May 2020, Ryan asked Haley to marry him – the video of the proposal has been uploaded onto his and their joint YouTube channel, but has received mixed reviews as, once again, many of their fans were unhappy about the fact that the two are now closer to marrying.

Before Haley, Ryan was in a long-term relationship with his high school sweetheart, dating until matriculation when they decided not to bother maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Ryan and Haley are living together in Texas with their pet dog.

Hobbies and other interests

Ryan spends a lot of his time on his computer, editing his videos and uploading them onto his YouTube channel. When he’s not doing that, he is outdoors playing sports and running – he is an avid soccer and tennis player, who knows how to play a variety of other sports. Winter is his favorite season as he likes to ski. He still has four to five training sessions at the gym each week, thus his muscular body, while one of his favorite exercises is running in a park close to his house. He is a lover of animals, with his favorites being horses and turtles.

Late at night, Ryan enjoys watching movies with his fiancé, and his favorite actors and actresses are Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr. and Emma Watson, with some of his favorite movies being the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Avengers”, and the franchise “Harry Potter”.

Ryan’s net worth

Ryan’s net worth is estimated at over $700,000 and his fiancé’s at over $500,000. His hair and eye color is brown, while he is around 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall. Ryan is 21 years old.

Who is Haley Pham, Ryan’s fiancé? Wiki Bio

Haley Pam was born in Austin, Texas USA, on 5 December 2000 – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she holds American nationality.

She is a YouTuber and a social media star, perhaps best known for her YouTube channel “Haley Pam” which she launched on 30 June 2010 and which is currently subscribed to by over 2.36 million people, while it counts over 180 million views of all her videos combined. She is mostly focused on uploading content related to cars, fashion and baking – two of her most popular videos are “testing stripper life hacks for shaving my bikini line” which has been viewed over 10 million times since 31 January 2018, and “answering personal questions while baking with my boyfriend” which has been watched nearly four million times since 9 November 2018.

Haley was raised in Austin as an only child by her father, who is the owner of a small store, and her mother who is a housewife and who can often be seen featured in Haley’s pictures on Instagram – Haley refers to her as ‘Mommy Pham’. She became interested in dancing at a very early age, and after noticing this her mother enrolled her at a dance school when Haley was seven; she mostly practiced contemporary and ballet. At the age of nine she launched her first YouTube channel – “sodapop738” – which she no longer uses. Haley had other interests while attending high school, as she played soccer and volleyball, and was a member of the school’s drama club at which she practiced her acting skills.

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Upon matriculation in 2018, she decided not to enroll at a college but to focus on her career as a YouTuber. In January 2020, she and Lilly Ann, an American social media star, started hosting The Call Me Candid Podcast together.

Haley is also making money on her Instagram account, which is currently followed by over one million people, and onto which she’s uploaded over 750 pictures. She mostly uploads pictures taken during her everyday life.

Before meeting Ryan, Haley was in a relationship with Gabe Chau, which lasted for two years before they broke up for unknown reasons. Both she and Ryan are very religious, and will not be sleeping together until they marry.

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