• Michaela Mendez is a social media personality and YouTuber who has a net worth of over $1 million.
• She grew up in Santa Clarita and gained attention after she started dating her YouTuber ex-boyfriend, Nathan Bocaud.
• She is sponsored by Fashion Nova, who is currently under investigation for underpaying staff and employees.
• She is of African-American, Cherokee and Norwegian descent and has five siblings.
• She is currently living with a man named Jay, and she listens to the music of The Weeknd and Michael Jackson.


Who is Michaela Mendez?

Michaela Mendez was born on 25 July 1994, in Santa Clarita, California, USA, and is a social media personality as well as a YouTuber, best known from rising to fame alongside her ex-boyfriend Nathan Boucaud during their relationship. She was heavily featured on the channel NatesLife, on which she even posted content for the channel before they broke up.

The Net Worth of Michaela Mendez

As of early-2020, Michaela Mendez’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned largely through a successful career on YouTube.

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Apart from the advertising revenue from her channel, she also gains additional income through sponsorships on Instagram, as she has a significant following with over 300,000 on the site.

Early Life and Path to YouTube

For most of her youth, Michaela stayed away from the spotlight, and grew up in Santa Clarita without much attention. In the meantime, her future boyfriend Nathan Bocaud started a channel on YouTube which was intended to be a video blog (vlog). At the time, the website was gaining a lot of attention, and helped give a lot of bloggers full-time work.

Wanting the fame and the money that came along with it, Nathan began posting videos of him interacting on websites such as Omegle and Chatroulette. These free online websites grew to fame as they allowed users to socialize without the need to register, meaning that they could interact with strangers at a whim, akin to the chat rooms of the 1990s. As the site grew in popularity, it started allowing users to use their webcams so that they could have video chats. Interacting on Omegle and Chatroulette has become a genre on YouTube, with channels dedicated to creating that type of content. However, things changed for Nate when he met Michaela.

Michaela Mendez

A Public Relationship on YouTube

After Mendez started dating Bocaud, she began making cameo appearances on his channel. These would later turn into more participation, as she helped him with challenge videos, Q&A videos, vlogs, and many more. As their relationship progressed, she became a celebrity herself as there were viewers who started sympathizing and appreciating her personality. Eventually, Nate noticed that he was getting a lot more attention and therefore a lot more money if he did pranks on his girlfriend.

During the latter part of their relationship, he started recording such pranks through hidden video cameras, which at times challenged YouTubes policy for monetization.

Due to how these conversations and events may sometimes be only a private affair, viewers got a lot more intimate details than they wanted. This, in turn, led to more people criticizing Nate for the way he treated his girlfriend. Mendez didn’t seem to mind, and sometime later, she was also the one who started to make prank videos, often receiving ing help to get even with her boyfriend.

The Last Straw – Moving Forward

Things seemed to get more intense in their last videos, as there were deeper issues that seemed to be intruding into what had seemed like a good relationship.

During one of Michaela’s last pranks, Nate seemed genuinely mad and pissed off at what she did, even though she only posted sticky notes in his car. Following that video, Nate went inactive, and his subscribers then found out that he had started to delete most of the content on his channel, leaving only the last year of their relationship, before seemingly quitting YouTube.

Michaela moved on, and two years before the end of their relationship, she had already started a self-titled channel. She posted collaborative videos at first, but with Nate’s inactivity, she announced on her channel that they had broken up.

She moved to Las Vegas to live with someone she called a Best Friend Forever (BFF), and in her recent videos, she’s seen doing a lot of activities with this new friend, and many believe that there is obvious attraction though she has been denying it; she treats him as if they’re together though they don’t acknowledge it – it seems they are still at the dating phase, and have not yet acknowledged each other as in a committed relationship.

Other Activities

Apart from her consistent YouTube uploads, Mendez has been catering to her other social media profiles, particularly on Instagram where she’s been getting a lot of attention. Many people find her attractive and she does spend a lot of time keeping fit at the gym.

With all of her followers, she was eventually approached by Fashion Nova – the retail clothing company is known for using Instagram models to promote their products, which are often marketed as clubwear, which they brand as inexpensive compared to others. While this has helped in elevating the brand, making it one of the most searched names in the last few years, controversy soon struck as Fashion Nova was accused of underpaying most of its staff and employees. The company is currently under investigation for these allegations, which if proven can hurt their reputation.

Personal Life

It is known that Mendez dated Nathan Boucaud for a few years, and they even considered having a child together.

However, she backed out of that as she wanted to be married before committing to having a family. She is now living with a man named Jay who she labels as her boy friend, implying that they aren’t together. Before their relationship, Jay rose to fame making videos of his pet monkey, and also vlogging his daily activities.

According to Mendez, she is of African-American, Cherokee and Norwegian descent. She has five siblings, three of whom are brothers. She also loves listening to the music of The Weeknd and Michael Jackson. She thought of discontinuing her online career following her break-up and even disabled her account for a few weeks before making a return.

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