• She was inspired to pursue an acting career after watching “Elizabeth” starring Cate Blanchett.
• She attended a drama school in Los Angeles and appeared in her first role in 2014 in the TV series “LA Rangers.”
• She is currently dating Austin Nichols, who is known for appearing in “The Walking Dead”, “Ray Donovan”, and other films.
• She has a net worth of over $250,000 and will star in “Max Reload and the Nether Blasters” and “Back to Lyla” in 2020.
• She is an animal enthusiast and her favorite comedian is Dave Chappell.


Hassie Harrison is an American actress, who is mostly known for her role of Lucy in the “Tacoma FD” TV series. She also came to attention for dating Austin Nichols, the star of “The Walking Dead” and “Ray Donovan”.

Early life and family

Hassie Harrison was born on 20 March 1990, in Dallas, Texas USA, so she holds American nationality and her zodiac sign is Pisces. Her mother’s name is Laurie Harrison, but her father’s name hasn’t been revealed. Hassie has three siblings, all sisters: ‘I have three sisters who are all my best friends. It felt like I was in a sorority house growing up’ Hassie shared her memories in one of her interviews.

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In 1998 Hassie, watched “Elizabeth” starring Cate Blanchett, and was so inspired by her acting, that she decided to pursue an acting career – she thought that it would be such a waste to live only one life when you can live thousands of them, so she chose her future profession at once. Hassie’s mother was working in the Dallas Children’s theatre when Hassie was a little girl, so she grew up always attending plays and watching acting classes. She shared that she somehow knew it was going to be a part of her life anyway.

Educational background

Hassie matriculated her local high school in Dallas when she was only 15 years old, in 2005. The same year she enrolled at one of Copenhagen colleges to study European cinema.

Later she attended a drama school in Los Angeles, where she moved to pursue her career. Lesly Kahn was her coach in Upright Citizens Brigade, which Hassie participated in, and Ivana Chubbuck was also teaching Hassie when she attended her creative acting courses.


Start of acting career

Despite her early start of studying at college, Hassie landed her first role only in 2014, appearing as Olivia in the episode “Brus Brothers” of the TV series “L.A. Rangers”. The same year she could be seen in several episodes of the show “Hart of Dixie” as Lucy, then in 2015 as Cracked Cookie in “The Astronaut Wives Club” episode “In the Blind”.

From that moment, Hassie was noticed by more directors, and successfully passed auditions for more roles, appearing in several movies a year. Thus in 2015, she was Jem in “Southbound”, starring Chad Villella and Kristina Pesic, then portrayed Shelby Lockhart in “Dementia”, and in 2016 appeared as Andie in the short movie “The First Time”, and then landed the role of Denise Morgan in the TV film “Chunk & Bean”. In 2017 Hassie portrayed Stephanie in “Fat Camp”, and could also be seen as Mazie Wales in “The Iron Orchard” (2018) and as a gas station girl named Kristie in “A-X-L” (2018).

Lucy McConky in “Tacoma FD”

Hassie landed the role of Lucy McConky in the TV comedy series in 2019, appearing in the recurring cast in almost every episode of the show.

According to the plot, Lucy is the daughter of Chief Terry McConky, who manages the station. At first, Terry wasn’t happy about Lucy’s desire to join the team of the station, as he thought that other guys would make joke of her and tease her, as she was new there, however, Lucy soon gained the reputation of a hard working firefighter. The series appeared to be interesting for the audience, so the second season of the show has been launched in 2020. Starring Kevin Heffernan, Eugene Cordero and Steve Lemme, the show attracts around 300,000 viewers per episode.

Latest works and upcoming projects

By the end of 2020, Hassie’s fans are going to see her as Liz in the adventure sci-fi comedy “Max Reload and the Nether Blasters”, starring Kevin Smith and Wil Wheaton.

The work on the project started in 2018, and Hassie shared her emotions on working with Kevin Smith in the movie on Twitter: ‘This legend plays my boss in the movie. I might’ve just peaked as a comedic actress’, she wrote on 16 February 2018, tagging the star of such movies as “Jay and Silent Bob”, “Clerks” and “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Another project Hassie landed a role in is “Back to Lyla”, which is planned to be released quite soon; Hassie has the title role in the movie, joining the cast along with Emma Kenney, E.R. Ruiz and Tracie Thoms. Hassie also appeared in a couple of episodes of the show “Yellowstone”, landing the role of Laramie.

Personal life. Is Hassie a lesbian?

The rumors about Hassie’s being a lesbian spread around the social media when she appeared in one of Hayley Kiyoko’s music videos, “Gravel to Tempo”.

As far as Hayley is a big part of LGBTQ community, Hassie was considered to be a lesbian, and even received a lot of lesbian fan arts from her and Hayley’s fans and followers. However, Hassie states that she has never been a lesbian, even though she supports the LGBTQ community; she also shared that she and Hayley are long-term friends.

As of 2020, Hassie dates Austin Nichols, the actor who is known for appearing in such movies as “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Glory Road”, “Wimbledon” and “Six Feet Under”. Austin is also famous for starring in the TV series “The Walking Dead”. The couple has been seen together many times, including at the Sea Change Summer Party in 2018 when they started their relationship. Austin is 10 years older than Hassie, however the age gap doesn’t impact their feelings. Before her romance with Austin, Hassie dated another actor, Wilson Bethel.

Hassie Harrison

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Hassie is fond of musicals and theatre in general; her favorite plays are “Network”, the production with Bryan Cranston, and “Kinky Boots”. Her favorite movies are “Airplane”, “Coming to America” and “Legally Blonde”, the latter cited as Hassie’s biggest inspiration source in life. Hassie’s favorite actresses are Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz and Cate Blanchett. She enjoys spending a calm evening in front of her TV, watching such series as “The Wire”, “Game of Thrones” and “The Office”. She also likes reading; she has recently shared that the list of her favorite books includes “Fight Club”, “A Visit from the Goon Squad” and “The Great Gatsby”.

Hassie is also involved in sports, especially in basketball; her favorite team is the Dallas Mavericks, and she was very into every game they played: ‘When I lived in Dallas, I used to go to all the games. My thing with sports is that I’m a very passionate person and I got a little too emotionally involved, for better or worse. Like if we lost, it would ruin my day’, she shared in one of her interviews. Hassie had to admit she had to remove herself from the sports as she cared too much and spent lots of her energy on that, which impacted her work; she is now mostly focused only on fitness. As to sports and scissors, Hassie is ambidextrous, but she is mainly left handed.

Hassie shared that her playlist includes such music bands as Arcade Fire and Young Fathers, even though it might surprise some of her fans.

Her favorite comedian is Dave Chappell, and she dreams of hanging out with him one day. She cites Elon Musk as her biggest inspiration.

Her favorite meal is breakfast; she is happy when she has coffee, yogurt and eggs in her fridge, as they make up a perfect breakfast for her. She even said once that she likes eating breakfast for dinner, calling it a ‘brinner’. Her favorite flower is a bluebonnet.

Hassie is an animal enthusiast

Hassie calls herself an animal enthusiast, as she likes all kinds of animals: raccoons, dogs, otters, while her favorite animal is a giraffe. In July 2018 her favorite dog, Cocomeaux, passed away, and Hassie shared the sad news with her Instagram followers.

She was surprised and deeply touched with all the supportive comments she received from her fans, stating she discovered the best side of social media by getting messages full of empathy, sympathy and condolences from all over the world.

Appearance, clothing style

Hassie has long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, weighs around 118lbs (48kgs), and her vital statistics are 34-23-35. As to her clothing style, she likes wearing country style outfits, calling herself as ‘true Dallas girl’. Her looks often consist of light cotton dresses with floral patterns, a denim jacket and fancy cowboy boots.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Hassie is reported to have a net worth of over $250,000.

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