• Elke the Stallion is a plus-sized model and video vixen from Germany
• She has an estimated net worth of $5.1 million
• She's featured in various magazines and music videos
• Her work has taken her to countries all over the world
• She has an Instagram account with over 1 million followers and a YouTube channel.


Who is Elke the Stallion?

Elke Madler was born on 27 March 1983, in Leipzig, Germany, and is a plus-sized model as well as a video vixen, best known as Elke the Stallion due to her 49-inch hip size. She’s been featured in various magazines as a glamour model, and has also appeared in music videos of several popular artists.

The Net Worth of Elke the Stallion

As of early-2020, Elke’s net worth is estimated to be as high as $5100,000, earned through a successful career as a model. Her work has led her to travel to various parts of the world, feature in magazines and digital publications.

Her regular work in the music industry has also helped in building wealth.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Elke grew up away from the spotlight in Germany, where her family stayed in Leipzig for around six years after she was born before moving to Frankfurt after the unification of the country, where she took up her education. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at Kriftel’s Konrad-Adenauer School, taking a degree in English, Business, and Economics. Her studies there implies that she may have been connected to a political family in the country, as the school is known for helping young or aspiring politicians with their studies.

After completing her degree in 2005, she decided to move to the US, in hopes of finding success as a model. This proved difficult for her initially, as there weren’t a lot of opportunities for larger women in modeling at the time. Nevertheless, she already had a bit of experience in Germany, and eventually several publications focused on plus-sized models started approaching her.

Traveling, Modeling, and Music

One of Elke’s first features was in “Flava Magazine”, and this led to more opportunities including features in “Urban Curves” and “Thick Magazine”. They were minor publications, but they provided her with enough exposure to help her land a photoshoot for Summer Bunnies and Eyecandy Modeling.

Elke the Stallion

Modeling led her to travel around the world, doing work in Costa Rica, Italy, France and several other countries in Europe. She then settled in Los Angeles where she continued finding regular work with magazine features in “Cheddar” and “Craze”, though some of the magazines she worked for are no longer in circulation.

She also expressed an interest in working in the music industry as a model, mainly fueled by her love for hip hop and R&B music. She accepted work as a video vixen, a model featured or glamorized in music videos, often associated with the hip hop industry. Her first appearance was in the Outkast music video for “I Like the Way You Move”. She also appeared in “Show” by D-12, which led her to work with Eminem in “Straight Stuntin”.

Her connection with Eminem also meant that he would work with close associate 50 Cent, appearing in the music video for “Smooth Girl”.

Television and Social Media

Elke’s work expanded to television programs, as she was already gaining work on websites such as BET and several YouTube channels. She was then featured in the reality television program “LA Ink” which aired on TLC, featuring the employees of the tattoo studio High Voltage Tattoo, though it later switched to American Electric, and ran for around four seasons before cancellation. She was featured on the show due to her love for tattoos, and her status as a celebrity would also help with the show’s ratings.

Her fame has also led her to be noticed by entertainment news companies, with TMZ taking an interest in her from time to time. The website and program is known for its tabloid content, often featuring controversies in the world of entertainment. Her career has been compared with other models and video vixens, and she’s been named among one of the more popular plus-sized models working in the music industry. This has led to a lot of fame online as well, as her account on Instagram would achieve over a million followers in a short period following its creation.

Recent Projects

In recent years, Elke has been busy expanding and promoting her online accounts.

She regularly posts on Instagram, often promoting her large body, wearing clothing to reveal more skin which her fans enjoy. She also set up a subscription plan through the website Only Fans, on which followers can pay a monthly subscription to gain exclusive content, including photos and videos which can be of a more adult or mature nature, as Only Fans has established itself a hub for various sex workers, and models unafraid of showing nudity.

She also created a YouTube account which serves as an outlet for her passion in fashion. She showcases some of her recent hauls, including clothes, accessories, also trying out these items in front of her followers.

She also reviews food, and posts video blog (vlog) content which reveals a little more about her life in Germany, the US, and her recent professional endeavors. She’s been busy promoting her daughter’s career too, who despite a young age, has already signed with a modeling agency and has a bright career ahead of her as a professional model. She is featured in several of her YouTube videos, and she uploads sporadically, with a video a month to be expected.

Personal Life

Elke is single and while she has a daughter she doesn’t talk about her daughter’s father who seems to be no longer present in their life.

In 2015, it was reported that she was dating college football player Justin Brent. Aside from his adult film work, Justin was known for previously dating adult film star, Lisa Ann. The two later broke up, and there have been no reports of any new relationships on her end.

While Elke has been a supporter of natural beauty and body acceptance, many of her critics accuse her of being hypocritical. As many of them posted, photos suggest that she underwent enhancements to increase her hip size as they were nowhere near what they looked like when she was first starting as a model. She has not acknowledged the criticisms, preferring to ignore them and go about her way.

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