• Michael Green (KidBehindACamera) is a YouTuber who earned fame by uploading funny videos featuring his father, known as Angry Grandpa.
• Michael was born in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA in 1987 to Charles Green Jr. and his second wife Tina.
• Michael and his father created the YouTube channel 'TheAngryGrandpaShow', which was later suspended by YouTube.
• Michael has his own YouTube channel, on which he uploads personal videos, and has a net worth of $6 million.
• Michael is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Bridgette West and the couple welcomed their first child Mia Nicole in 2019.


Who is KidBehindACamera?

KidBehindACamera is just one of many aliases and YouTube channels owned and run by Michael Green. A YouTuber who earned his fame by uploading funny videos that involve his father, known as Angry Grandpa to the YouTube community, he has accumulated millions of followers on his YouTube channels, and is one of the most popular YouTube stars.

KidBehindACamera Wiki- Age, Real Name, Face, Childhood

Born Michael Green on the 2nd June 1987, in North Charleston, South Carolina USA, he is the son of Charles Green Jr. and his second wife Tina.

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He is the youngest child in the family, and has three siblings, Charles, Jennifer and Kim. His parents separated in January 2012, and their divorce was finalized in May of the same year. His father and the Angry Grandpa star passed away in 2017 from cirrhosis of the liver – he was 67 years old.

Career Beginnings

TheAngryGrandpaShow started in 2007 when Micahel for the first time had set up the channel. He began playing pranks on his father, but he was soon served the same pranks by his own father. This attracted the public, but unfortunately the channel was suspended by YouTube itself for breaking Terms of Service.

However, realizing that his videos were popular, he moved to another media platform, Break.com. He continued where he left off, and in no time reclaimed his popularity from YouTube. Three years after the initial suspension, Michael and Charles returned to YouTube with a new channel, but the content remained the same. In the first video, Angry Grandpa was yelling on YouTube and its officials for banning them the first time from the platform. The video became very popular, and the comments from fans only displayed support for the practical jokers. The two continued with similar videos, pranking each other, with Grandpa yelling the nastiest curses at Michael, his siblings, and even things around the house.


Sadly, Angry Grandpa died in 2017, but Michael has continued his legacy, and is still uploading videos on the channel, with the latest in early July 2020, and featuring Angry Grandpa as he makes his own taco pizza. The number of subscribers on the channel increases as Michael uploads new unreleased stuff, filmed while his father was still alive.


As the popularity of AngryGrandpaShow increased, in 2011 Michael decided to set up his own channel, on which he would upload more personal stuff. His first video was his views and opinion on the Casey Marie Anthony case, and the jury’s verdict that she is not guilty of the death of her baby.

He began uploading more frequently, attracting people to his channel, and even started making behind the scenes videos for his pranks on Angry Grandpa. This brought him more fame, but he became focused more on personal videos, and shared the story of how he met his girlfriend and now wife, Bridgette. While creating videos for his channel, he earned the nickname Pickle Boy, which is now just one more of his aliases. The story behind the nickname is that he threw pickles at his father, who started yelling back at him – ‘Pickleboy, Pickleboy’.

KidBehindACamera Net Worth, House, Height, Weight, and Appearance

With millions of fans on his YouTube channels, Michael has become a star and his wealth has increased by a large margin. According to sources, KidBehindACamera’s net worth has been estimated to be as high as $6 million, as of mid-2020. According to reports, he earns around $2,200 per day through his YouTube channels. Until 2015, the family lived in a trailer house, but since then, Michael and Bridgette have moved to a new house and made a video about the move.

In recent years, Michael started having problems with his health, and in early July 2020 he shared a story about how his life is jeopardized and that he has to undergo surgery. He is known to be struggling with obesity, and currently weighs approximately 370lbs ~ 167kgs, while at one time he weighed over 410lbs or 185kg. He stands at 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall and has blue eyes while his hair has already gone gray.

KidBehindACamera Personal Life, Marriage, Wife, Children

Michael hasn’t done much to hide his personal life from the media, and has extensively shared information.

Although not yet married, he is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Bridgette West. The couple met back in 2008, and have been together since then. In November 2019 they welcomed their first child together, daughter Mia Nicole. His fiancé is also a YouTube star, and has over 20 million views on her official YouTube channel. The two often film together and appear in each other videos, which has brought them even closer. However, her channel hasn’t been active for some time now.

KidBehindACamera Facts

Michael has struggled with his weight his whole life, and after the death of his father he fell into depression and gained over 50lbs, which led to him being diagnosed with diabetes type 2 at just 30 years old. He has since managed to lose some weight, but the diabetes problem persists. He is known for not maintaining his hygiene, including brushing his teeth, which resulted in rotten teeth among other problems, but apparently he also avoids bathing.

Michael is a big fan of WWE (wrestling) and also enjoys music and performs under the alias Lyricold. He has released one album, entitled “Ashes”, in December 2018.

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