• Jayden James Federline is the youngest son of singer Britney Spears and rapper Kevin Federline
• His parents have a combined net worth of $65 million
• His parents have had a troubled relationship, with Britney eventually filing for divorce and gaining sole custody of their children
• His father, Kevin Federline, is a model, actor, television personality, rapper, and DJ
• His mother, Britney Spears, is one of the most successful female artists of all time with over 150 million albums sold


Who is Jayden James Federline?

Jayden James Federline was born on 12 September 2006, in California, USA, and is only known for being the youngest son of singer Britney Spears from her marriage to rapper Kevin Federline. His mother is considered one of the most successful singers of the 1990s and the early-2000s, responsible for reviving teen pop with hits such as “Baby one More Time” and “Oops!… I Did It Again”.

The Riches of Jayden James Federline

As of early-2020, Jayden James Federline’s net worth is based through support and the success of his parents.

Jayden James Federline.

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Kevin Federline has a net worth estimated to be over $6 million while her mother Britney has a net worth estimated to be over $59 million.

The Troubled Relationship of Parents

During the peak of Spears’ career she began dating rapper Kevin Federline, and they became engaged just three months after the start of their relationship. Both of Jayden’s parents were known for making questionable decisions when it comes to relationships – Britney had annulled her first marriage just a few months into it, while Kevin had just recently broken up with actress Shar Jackson, who was pregnant with their second child.

The relationship was widely covered by the media, and the couple took advantage of it by filming a reality program called “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” which chronicled the preparation leading up to their marriage, though in truth the ceremony was delayed by several weeks because of the prenuptial agreement being finalized. After Jayden’s older brother was born, Britney went under scrutiny from the media, as she was seen driving with the child on her lap, a bad practice and probably illegal, because of the possible consequences of an accident.

Divorce and Ensuing Drama

Just 10 months after Jayden’s birth, his mother filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences, which was settled within a year, with both parties agreeing to joint custody of the children. However, in 2007 following revelations that Britney was struggling with depression, drug addiction, and mental instability, sole physical custody was given to Kevin Federline. The case was prolonged due to Spears’ refusal of the custody agreement. However, the case was finalized after she was hospitalized, having been arrested while under the influence of an unidentified substance.

After a few months of treatment for drug addiction, Britney was granted visitation rights after an agreement was reached with Federline. She continued her career without many problems, however, in 2019 it was reported that Britney’s father Jamie Spears was put under a restraining order against Britney’s children. During one of the children’s visits to the Spears home, Jamie reportedly got into an argument with Britney’s eldest son, leading to the grandfather breaking down a door to get to the boy. Investigations of child abuse resulted in the children being returned to their father – the restraining order is set to run for three years.

Britney Spears and Jayden James Federline

Father – Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline – or K-Fed – is a model, actor, television personality, rapper, and DJ. He was relatively unknown before his relationship with Spears, serving as a back-up dancer for several high profile artists including Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Justin Timberlake, and Pink. His fame increased significantly after his engagement with the singer.

Following his rise to fame, he began releasing music as a solo artist, including the album “Playing with Fire” which received generally negative reviews.

To promote his music, he even worked in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), competing alongside John Cena, John Morrison, and Umaga. He was well respected within WWE, but later left the company after his program with them ended.

Later in his career, he became more of a staple in reality television programs, appearing in the shows “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Excess Baggage”, both of which were about celebrities losing weight. He later married former volleyball player Victoria Prince, starting a relationship after meeting in a bowling event. He has five children across all of his relationships and marriages.

Mother – Britney Spears

Before embarking on her singing career, Britney started work in television shows and stage productions, mostly in minor roles. After signing with Jive Records, her first two albums as a teenager would make her an international success, establishing her as the bestselling teenage artist in history. Wanting to break the mould established by her early releases, she started releasing more provocative music in the early-2000s, however, the decade was also marred by her struggle with depression, drug addiction, and unusual behavior in public.

However, while going on through these problems, she released the album “Blackout”, which many critics consider her best work.

In 2012, Britney was named by “Forbes” as the year’s highest-paid female musician. In 2013, she gained concert residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, which was recorded as one of the highest-grossing residencies in history. In 2019, she announced an indefinite hiatus from her career, and investigations are currently undergoing regarding possible malpractice by her management.

Despite all of her struggles, Britney is one of the most successful female artists of all time, with six number one hits on the Billboard 200, and one of the world’s best-selling artists, with over 150 million albums sold. She is also one of the most searched online celebrities for the past 12 years.

Personal Life

Jayden James is still young, focused on completing his education. It is not known if he will pursue a career in the entertainment industry similar to his parents. People are often sympathetic to his unusual situation with the drama that surrounds his parents. He has made a few public appearances, mostly in support of his parents at big events.

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