• Married to Nicolas Cage for 12 years (2004-2016)
• Grew up in Seattle, Washington and worked as a waitress prior to meeting Cage
• Appeared in several of Cage's films, including “Next” (2007) and “Grindhouse” (2007)
• Divorced due to cheating allegations against Alice
• Has an estimated net worth of $1 million



When Nicolas Cage divorced his much younger wife in 2016 after 12 years of marriage, the world was in shock. However, this situation helped Alice Kim to reach stardom – whether she wanted it or not. So, who is Nick Cage’s third wife and did she prosper from this divorce?

Early life, Education and Starting Career

Alice Yung Kim was born on 27 December 1983, in Los Angeles, California USA, but grew up in Seattle, Washington State. She holds American citizenship, and is of Korean ancestry, however she’s never disclosed much about her life prior to her marriage to Nicolas Cage, including information regarding her family, childhood, and her educational background.

What is known is that prior to her fame, she tried to become a model, but didn’t achieve any success, so she worked as a waitress while at the same time desiring to pursue a nursing career. She’s also stated that her aunt motivated her to try to for a career in the entertainment industry.

Meeting Nicolas Cage

Back in the early 2000s, Kim was a waiter at a nightspot called “Le Prive”, a fairly big Korean-themed restaurant, and in 2004 when she was 21, one of the biggest names on the acting scene, Nicolas Cage, came to the restaurant, and apparently fell in love with her instantly when she was the one who came to serve him.

They got engaged within two months of meeting each other, despite the protests of Alice’s mother, who had concerns because of the 20-year gap between the lovers – but in the end she gave her consent. In short, the story of how their marriage started sounds like a fairytale.

The couple tied the knot on 30th July 2004, on Cage’s private ranch in Northern California. The wedding was supposed to be a couple of months later, however the couple brought it forward so that they could travel together to South Africa where Cage was filming “Lord of War”.

Alice Kim and Nicolas Cage

The couple welcomed their only child a year late, on the 3rd of October 2005, a boy they named Kal-El Coppola Cage, after a fictional character from Cage’s favorite superhero comic book saga, “Superman”. The couple lived in a secluded community near Summerly in Nevada, close to Las Vegas.

Marriage and Start of Acting Career

Alice stayed close to Cage most of the time during the early years of their marriage. He helped her acting career, so she even appeared next to him in few of the titles that he starred in – such as “Next” from 2007 and “Grindhouse” from the same year, where she played Lead Gong Girl.

The age and the ethnic differences, however, caused people to express doubt in the legitimacy of their relationship, but Cage insisted that he ‘made a clear decision’ to marry into a different culture, and that he was prepared for all the difficulties it might bring. He also claims that he married out of pure love, and that he rushed the wedding date so Kim could spend more time with him.

A few years into their life as a union, Alice stopped working professionally, and became a full-time supportive wife and mother.

Controversies and Divorce

Despite this being Nicolas Cage’s longest marriage, the relationship wasn’t free of scandals. On the contrary, they had several very public spats that made this couple the “main talk of the town”.

The most famous happened in April 2011, during the filming of the movie “Medallion”, making the headlines when Nicolas was arrested after a public drunken assault on Alice. The allegations state that the actor was heavily intoxicated during a fight with his wife on busy streets of New Orleans, after which he grabbed Kim by the hand and pushed her in front of several witnesses.

He resisted arrest and argued with the police officer that came to the scene, before he was taken into custody. He was charged with domestic abuse and public drunkenness, and released the following morning after the $11,000 bail was paid. Alice, however, refused to press charges or to make any comments on the incident, so the charges were eventually dropped.

In June 2016, it was publicly announced that the couple had been living separately since January, and later that year the couple divorced. It was later revealed that the marriage ended due to cheating allegations against Alice.

According to the unofficial statements that were published by RadarOnline.com, Kim was caught cheating several times, especially during the period of time that Cage was at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. She was seen multiple times with an unnamed man in Nevada and the couple was even spotted kissing. When the allegations came to the enraged actor, Cage was quick to end the relationship, after Kim allegedly confirmed the gossip.

Despite the controversies, this remains Nicolas Cage’s longest marriage to date. Cage himself stated multiple times that he never expected a divorce to happen, and that after everything, he and Kim still remain in contact.

On the other hand, Alice refused to ever comment on the matter, and has remained silent. Neither of them have publicly stated what the real reason behind their divorce was.

Personal Life

Alice usually keeps her private life hidden. She doesn’t have any social media accounts, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. She is, however, often seen hanging around her ex-husband, with the latest sighting happening just days after Cage divorced his fourth wife, Erika Koike. She remains a single mother for her and Cage’s son, and isn’t publicly involved in any romantic relationship since the divorce. It doesn’t seem like she will continue pursuing her short-lived acting career any time soon.

Net worth

Alice Kim net worth is estimated at over $1 million, largely acquired from receiving payments after the divorce settlement, child and spousal support. Her ex-husband has a net worth of around $25 million, as of early 2020.

Physical characteristics

Alice has a small frame, standing at 163cm or 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has a naturally dark hair that she often dyes in various colors, and has dark eyes, typical of her Asian heritage. She is very beautiful, an opinion that is shared by many, and her charming aura is probably what got Cage to fall in love with her in the first place.

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