• Francesco Caprio is a judge best known for his work on the show “Caught in Providence”.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.
• He attended Providence College and Suffolk University School of Law and served with the Rhode Island Army National Guard.
• He is the founder of the Antonio Caprio Scholarship Fund, and is active with several non-profit organizations.
• He has five children, and two of them have pursued careers in politics.


Who is Frank Caprio?

Francesco Caprio was born on 23 November 1936, in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, and is a judge, best known for his work in the show “Caught in Providence”. His courtroom videos have millions of views on YouTube, as he became a viral sensation in recent years. He serves as the chief municipal judge of his hometown of Providence.

The Riches of Frank Caprio

As of early-2020, Frank Caprio’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in the judicial system, serving with the government since his youth. He’s been working with the local government since the 1960s in various capacities.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Frank is of Italian descent, with his father from Teano, Italy while his mother is Italian-American born in the US. He grew up in the Federal Hill neighborhood, where his father worked as a milkman while also selling fruits. Since attending Central High School, Frank worked odd jobs to earn extra money, including as a shoe-shiner and dishwasher.

He was very athletic during his youth, and even won a state title in wrestling during the 1950s. After matriculating, he enrolled at Providence College, a private university with over 3,000 students enrolled annually.

With the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he began working as a high school teacher, handling government classes while also taking up a degree in law at night, at the Suffolk University School of Law in Boston. He left his teaching job after completing a law degree and passing the bar exam. He also briefly served with the military, joining the Rhode Island Army National Guard (RIARNG).

Becoming a Judge

After practicing as a lawyer from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, Caprio’s career ascended as he was elected to the Council of the City. He served for six years, and then became the Delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention.

Frank Caprio

During his time in the position, he participated in five Democratic National Conventions, events held to help nominate presidential candidates for the Democratic Party. He also continued his interest and work with the academe, the chairman of the Board of Governors for Higher Education in Rhode Island, held responsible for big decisions with many of the major higher institutions for education in the state.

By the mid-1980s, he had extensive experience in the government and legal system of the state, leading him to be appointed as the Providence Municipal Court Judge which he has held since. Part of his job is dealing with numerous low-level crime, citations, and proceedings.

While he was mostly out of the spotlight, things changed when a courtroom show – “Caught in Providence” – began airing, focusing on his courtroom. These types of shows have become popular internationally due to people’s unusual interest in the drama and realistic interactions that occur within these scenarios.

Viral Sensation

While the show was mostly held locally, things changed in 2018 when the show earned national syndication, leading it to be broadcast across the US. The show also had episodes posted online through the platform YouTube, a video platform and one of the most popular websites in the world.

Before national syndication, the channel Pulptastic featured one of the cases he handled which went viral, proving that his personality, as well as his judgment, could be a hit.

He continues to work on the show and has also been invited onto other programs, being a featured guest in the show “Parking Wars”, in which he mostly deals with traffic violations. For his achievements, he has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Law by Providence College and Suffolk University Law School. He was also rewarded by the University of Rhode Island, giving him an honorary Doctorate in Public Service. He has become noted for his compassionate personality, and his skill in navigating various situations in the courtroom.

Charity Work

Apart from his services in the state, Caprio has also had a hand in numerous endeavors that have helped his local community. He is the founder of the Antonio Caprio Scholarship Fund, which is named after his father, which aims to help high school students in his area gain the proper funding and educational opportunities they need. He’s established scholarships with Providence College and the Suffolk University School of Law, and created programs to give the people of Rhode Island more accessibility in terms of legal services, especially in big neighborhoods.

He is also very active with several non-profit organizations; some of the groups he’s worked with include the Rhode Island Food Bank, the Boys Town of Italy, and the Nickerson House Juvenile Court. He was a part of the Rhode Island Statue of Liberty Foundation, which aims to fund restoration efforts for the popular statue, as well as the island it resides on. He has also served on the board of primary and secondary education in Rhode Island. Currently, he is a part of the President’s Council of Providence College.

Personal Life

Frank married Joyce during his 30s and the two have been together since – they reside in Providence and have five children, and now seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Two of his children have pursued careers in politics, with his eldest Frank T. Carpio served as the General Treasurer of Rhode Island. He is also the first US political candidate who used on-demand television as a part of his platform. His second son David Caprio has served as the Representative of Rhode Island’s District 34, and has followed in his father’s footsteps as an attorney.


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