• Timothy Foley, better known as Trick2G, is an American gamer, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer, born in 1984 in Navarre, Florida.
• He is known for his League of Legends gameplays and his phrase "D Cane".
• He donates to various local charities in Virginia, and has collected over $30,000 for Toys 4 Tots.
• He is currently dating a girl named Liliana and they have a daughter together.
• Trick2G has an estimated net worth of $3.8 million, and owns a 2017 Nissan GT-R and a red Harley Davidson motorcycle.


Timothy Foley – better known by his username Trick2G – is an American gamer, YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 3 March 1984, in Navarre, Florida USA. He’s currently 36 years old, and is known for his League Of Legends (LoL) gameplays.

Early Life

There’s not much information about Trick2G’s early life, thus details about his educational background and childhood hobbies are unknown. Trick2G has a sister and a brother of names unknown – his brother is two years older than him. His mother Edna Foley is from the Philippines, but information about his father hasn’t been revealed.

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Foley grew up in an economically unprivileged family, as he said in an interview with Wric: ‘when I was a kid, I didn’t have anything, my mother couldn’t afford anything for me’, saying that he and his brother received toys from a non-profit organization which donates toys to kids from poor backgrounds in the US.



Trick2G started his YouTube channel in early 2009, however, he didn’t upload content on the platform until January 2010, when he shared a short video playing “Counter Strike”. His following videos showcased other games such as “League of Legends”.

Trick2G’s first videos were relatively short and were uploaded sporadically, as he was working full-time in his carpet cleaning business based in Florida. For this reason, gaming was just a hobby for him.

It wasn’t until December 2011 that Trick2G started sharing videos on YouTube more frequently, leaving aside other games to concentrate on “League of Legends” gameplays. Ultimately his hobby became a source of income, and although Trick2G is mostly recognized for his gameplays, he occasionally uploads lifestyle videos on his channel.

To date Trick2G has uploaded over 2,000 videos onto the platform, and his channel has more than a million subscribers. His work as a YouTuber has also given him recognition in the “League of Legends” internet community, in which his phrase “D Cane” has been widely popularized. This term was invented by him in reference to Nasus, one of the most popular characters of said videogame.


In early 2012 Trick2G became very active on the streaming platform Twitch, focusing his content on “League of Legends” gameplays, quickly gaining immense popularity. However, Trick2G occasionally plays other games such as “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”, “Teamfight Tactics”, “Valorant” and “Apex Legends”.

Trick2G usually creates short extracts of his live streams and posts them on his YouTube channel, giving his followers on Twitch more exclusive content compared to his other platforms. To date, Trick2G has almost 1.5 million followers on Twitch, and over 150,000 channel views.


Trick2G has continuously donated to various local charities in Virginia, where he currently lives.

Regarding his generous contributions to his community, he said in an interview: ‘I just want to help some people, that’s it. Plain and simple.’ He continued by affirming he wanted to bring help to children in situations similar to his when he was a kid: ‘Coming where I come from and me raised how I was raised, I mean it’s just crazy to think that I could do anything like this to help anybody.’

With the help of his online gaming community, Trick2G collects funds through live streams on Twitch and YouTube. In January 2016 he organized a two-day long streaming, during which he collected over $20,000 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Also in 2016 Trick2G’s gaming squad, D Legendz along with the members of the rock-pop band Imagine Dragons, organized a charitable event to raise funds for The Tyler Robinson Foundation, an organization which helps to treat children diagnosed with cancer, and offer financial support to their families.

In June 2016 Trick2G helped to collect funds for The Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, in association with the organization Extra Life. Then in 2017 he donated over $30,000 to Toys 4 Tots, an organization which gives free toys to kids from financially underprivileged families. In February 2018, Trick2G collected $19,325,72 destined for the animal shelter Richmond SPCA.

His most recent contribution to his community was in December 2019, when he collected funds for Toys 4 Tots for the second time, donating over $30,000 to the organization.

Personal Life

Romantic Life and Family

Although not much is known about Foley’s past romantic partners, he’s currently dating a girl named Liliana, and in late 2019, they announced they were expecting their first daughter together: ‘It still hasn’t hit me completely. February when she comes into this world it’s going to change everything,’ said Foley to Wric.

However, the baby – name still unknown – was actually born on 20 January 2020, as her parents announced on their social media. While Trick2G posted a pic of him holding the little girl in his arms with the caption ‘she’s already here’, the baby’s mother expressed her happiness at becoming a mother on her Twitter account: ‘I couldn’t be happier or more full of love than I have been this entire week.’ she posted a few days after the birth, ‘It’s gone by so fast and I’m just trying to hang on to every moment with this precious baby girl I can call my daughter’.

It’s unknown if Trick2G and his girlfriend are planning on marrying.

Net Worth

Trick2G has an estimated net worth of $3.8 million, resulting from his work as a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, including sponsorships from video game companies.

Physical Appearance

Trick2G is a man of mixed ethnicity who has black hair and dark brown eyes. His current weight and height are unknown.

Interesting Facts

His carpet cleaning business was allegedly declared bankrupt in 2012, thus he decided to concentrate on creating content on the internet full-time.

He loves dogs.

Besides Nasus, Trick2G’s favorite “League of Legends” characters (or skins) to play with are Udyr and Volibear.

Some Trick2G’s subscribers have pointed out that he has a similar physical appearance to Daron Malakian, guitarist of hard-rock band System of a Down and Scars of Broadway.

His followers use the nickname “Truco” to refer to Timothy.

His pet is a female Yorkshire Terrier named Mini2. He often shares pics of the small dog on his Instagram account.

He’s friends with other Twitchers famous in the gaming community, such as Soren Bjerg, Pokimane and Tyler Steinkamp.

Trick2G owns a  2017 Nissan GT-R and a red Harley Davidson motorcycle.

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