• Micarah Tewers is an American YouTuber and fashion designer
• She was home-schooled and began her YouTube career full-time in 2017 on her "myJheart" channel
• Her videos consist of her designing and creating outfits, some of them inspired by costumes from movies and award shows
• She is a Christian and is not very vocal when it comes to politics
• Her estimated net worth is over $300,000


Early life, family, educational background

Micarah Tewers is an American YouTuber and fashion designer, born on 19 May 1995 in Ohio, USA. Her YouTube videos consist of her showcasing her sewing skills, as well as vlogs with some comedy sprinkled in. She has two siblings, a brother named Micah and a sister, Shayln Ford, who was named Mrs Ohio America in 2014.

Micarah was home-schooled throughout her entire school career, and she didn’t go on to study further after matriculating high school.


Micarah initially worked at a local Hobby Lobby in their fabric section. When her YouTube channel started to become more profitable, she left this job to pursue her YouTube career full-time.

She joined the video-sharing platform in 2010, but only started uploading videos from 5 April 2017, on to her “myJheart” channel, which she later renamed “Micarah Tewers.”

The first video was entitled “Stereotypes I Believe About You,” and it wasn’t until 30 September that year that she published her first sewing video, “How to Make Tear-Away Pants.” She was verified in January 2019 when she reached 100,000 subscribers.

The majority of Micarah’s videos consist of her designing and creating outfits, some of them inspired by costumes from movies and award shows. She has created a wide range of outfits that include fairy tale outfits, historical costumes, prom dresses, and even a wedding gown from adult diapers.

She films herself creating the outfits, and then records a charismatic voiceover to narrate what she is doing. In a video remaking a dress from Barbie’s “The Princess and the Pauper,” she credited Barbie’s style of talking to the way in which she narrates her videos. The videos sometimes also have short clips of her day in a vlog-like fashion, and she usually showcases her chickens, pig, and other farm pets.

Her first video to reach a million views was the fourth video uploaded to her channel, entitled “Making a Prom Dress in One Day,” and was probably a boost to her gaining the majority of her over 1.4 million subscribers. Her most viewed videos are “I Made Kylie’s Christmas Dress for $20” with 4.8 million views, in which she recreates the custom-made emerald Ralph & Russo Christmas dress that Kylie Jenner wore in 2019; and, “I Made Ariana Grande’s Grammys Dress” with 8.4 million views, on which she spent just $40 to make the iconic dress that Ariana Grande wore to the 2020 Grammys.

Micarah Tewers

Other notable videos of hers include the 2018 video entitled “Making an Incredible Costume”, in which she recreated the “The Incredibles” costume from the film, and “Making Greatest Showman Costumes (& where to wear them)” in which she made P.T. Barnum’s, Anne Wheeler’s and The Bearded Lady’s costumes from “The Greatest Showman” film.

In addition to her YouTube videos, Micarah also showcases her creations on her Instagram account, as well as on her blogsite. Her blog – micarah.tewers.com – also has pictures of outfits that she hasn’t shown in any videos, including the portfolio of outfits that she made for a design challenge in 2015.

She also entered a competition in which she had to use recyclable items to make a dress – she created a 1950s-style dress from recycled chicken feed bags, a purse from plastic shopping bags, and a hat from an orange bag and cereal boxes, winning first place for her creations.

Personal life

From the references that she has made to Christianity, discussions about being a church camp counselor when she was younger, and shots of her own Bible, it can be assumed that she identifies as a Christian. She also attended church in one of her vlogs, and spoke about the church that she’s attended ‘for the last 24 years.’

Micarah is not very vocal when it comes to politics, but in reply to a tweet asking if she is a Trump supporter, she said, ‘No, I personally don’t think he’s qualified or really mature enough for the job. But I know a lot of genuinely great people who do support him, and I don’t judge them for it.’

She was able to achieve her goal of purchasing a recreational vehicle (RV) in late 2019. She now lives in the RV, and once she’s renovated it, plans to travel the US to warmer climates. She has mentioned that she dreams of living in a warm climate, such as Florida.

Also seen in her videos is the Markley family, who include JJ, Ruthie, Kathy, and Courtney. She refers to them as her second family.

She has been known to sew little outfits for roadkill in an attempt to make people passing by it smile rather than feel sad because it died.


She has brown eyes and blonde hair, but she does occasionally color her hair. Her vital statistics are unknown.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, her estimated net worth is over $300,000.

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