• Rumi and Sir Carter are the twins of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, born in Los Angeles, California in 2017.
• They have an older sister, Blue Ivy Carter, born in 2012.
• Beyoncé and Jay-Z are both successful singers and performers, and are worth millions.
• Beyoncé has spoken about her children and how she will allow them to choose their own career paths.
• Jay-Z is a businessman and philanthropist, and has supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in their presidential campaigns.


Who are Beyoncé’s twins Rumi and Sir Carter? Wiki Bio

Rumi and Sir Carter – the slightly younger of the two – were born on 13 June 2017, in Los Angeles, California USA, so their zodiac sign is Gemini and they hold American nationality. The twins are only famous because they are the children of Beyoncé, the famous American singer, dancer and actress, and her husband Jay-Z, a famous American rapper, businessman and an entrepreneur.

Childhood and education

Rumi and Sir Carter are being raised in Los Angeles, and although their parents are very busy with their careers, they are trying their best to spend time with their children rather than to have a babysitter look after them most of the time.

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Beyoncé announced her pregnancy in February 2017, when she uploaded a picture onto her Instagram account, which attracted more than 10 million likes in around half a year. According to rumors, Rumi was named after the famous Persian poet while Sir Carter was named after one of Rumi’s poems. Twins also have an older sister – Blue Ivy Carter – who was born on 7 January 2012.

Beyoncé has spoken about her children, and has already decided which school and college they will attend, but has stated how she will allow them to choose their own careers; she would be happy if they would become singers as their parents.

Appearance and net worth

The twins are two years old. They both have long brown hair and brown eyes, are around 2ft 3ins (0.94m) tall, and weigh around 31lbs (14kg).

As of June 2020, their mother Beyoncé’s net worth is estimated at over $400 million, while Jay-Z’s net worth is estimated at over $1 billion – he was the first rapper to become a billionaire.

Who is Rumi and Sir Carter’s mother Beyoncé? Wiki Bio

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born in Houston, Texas USA, on 4 September 1981 – her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. She gained recognition after she became the lead singer of the girl band Destiny’s Child in the late ‘90s.

Beyoncé was raised in Houston alongside her younger sister Solange, who has also become a singer, by their mother Celestine ‘Tina’ Knowles who worked as a hairdresser at her own beauty salon, and their father Mathew Knowles who was a sales manager at Xerox Holdings Corporation.


Beyoncé studied at St. Mary’s Montessori School, where she became interested in dancing, while her singing talent was noticed later – her dancing instructor heard her sing when she thought nobody was listening. She went on to study at the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, before moving to Alief Elsik High School in Houston. Upon matriculation in 1999, she decided to focus on her singing career, and didn’t enroll at college.

Beyoncé launched her singing career in 1989 when with her friend Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Robertson they founded the band Girl’s Tyme with three more girls – in 1996, the girls renamed their band to Destiny’s Child. Their debut song “Killing Time” was featured in the science fiction action comedy film “Men in Black”, while their debut eponymous album came out in February 1998, and the girls became famous overnight in the US.

In 1999, they released their second album “The Writings on the Wall”, after which LeToya Luckett and LaTavia left the band, which led to Beyoncé becoming depressed and to add to it, her boyfriend left her and Beyoncé spent many days locked up in her room, refusing even to eat the food her family brought her. She eventually got over depression with the help of her mother, and in 2001starred in the movie “Carmen: A Hip Hopera”, launching her acting career.

Beyoncé released her debut solo album “Dangerously in Love” on 24 June 2003, while her second album “B’Day” came out on 4 September 2006, and was a huge hit in the US, selling over half a million copies in its first week, and in the same year she starred in the comedy mystery movie “The Pink Panther” alongside Steve Martin, which was a giant success, grossing over $158 million worldwide.

She worked with Jay-Z on many of their songs and on 4 April 2008 they married in a small ceremony. Her third album, “I Am… Sasha Fierce” came out on 18 November 2008, and the album’s lead single “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” became a huge hit in the US. Beyoncé has been performing to this day, and is one of the most popular female singers worldwide.

Beyoncé supported Barack Obama during the presidential election in 2008, and sang “America the Beautiful” at his 2009 president inauguration, and once again for his 2012 presidential campaign, at which $4 million was raised. She is a supporter of same-sex marriage and has spoken against the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act passed in North Carolina, which discriminates the LGBT population. She has also ventured into business, and in 2010 she and Jay-Z founded the company Parkwood Entertainment together, based in New York City.

She is a philanthropist, and after Hurricane Katrina hit the USA in 2005, Beyoncé donated $250,000 to the victims living in Houston, and launched the Survivor Foundation which also helped people hit in other cities.

Who is Rumi and Sir Carter’s father Jay-Z? Wiki Bio

Shawn Corey ‘Jay-Z’ Carter was born in Brooklyn, New York City USA, on 4 December 1969 – his zodiac sign is Sagittarius and he holds American nationality. He gained recognition in 1996 after the release of his debut album “Reasonable Doubt”.

Shawn was raised in Marcy Houses, Brooklyn alongside his three siblings, by his mother Gloria Carter, as his father Adnis Revees left the family when Shawn was two years old; however, he would talk again to Jay-Z in 2003, shortly before he died.

Shawn attended Eli Whitney High School before he moved to George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School, in which he sold crack cocaine, and didn’t matriculate. By the time he turned 18, Jay-Z had been shot three times on separate occasions.

Jay-Z became interested in music after his mother bought him his boombox, and in 1993 released his debut rap song “In My Lifetime”, while its music video followed two years later. As no major label wanted to work with Jay-Z, he founded his own label Roc-A-Fella Records in 1995, and his first album, “Reasonable Doubt” came out in 1996 becoming a hit as it reached #23 on the Billboard 200. His second album “In My Lifetime, Vol. 1” was certified platinum in the US, as well as his following albums “In My Lifetime, Vol. 2” and “In My Lifetime, Vol. 3”.

In 2004, Jay-Z announced that he was planning to retire, however, he continued to sing and has been performing and making music to this day.

Jay-Z is a businessman, and was the owner of the clothing brand Rocawear which sells clothes for both men and women, but which he sold to Iconix Brand Group in March 2007 for over $200 million. He is currently the co-brand director of Budweiser Selec,t and is in charge of the brand’s advertisements on radio, TV and at many events. Jay-Z is the owner of the sports bar chain 40/40 Club, which began with a single bar in New York City, and Jay-Z later opened more bars in Chicago and Atlantic City, while today they can be found in over 20 airports around the US.

Some of his other investments have been in the Brooklyn Nets basketball team competing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), purchasing his share for $4.5 million, but in around two years, the value dropped down to $350,000, but which has risen again. He bought the Block Starz Music record label in April 2011, and launched his sports agency Roc Nation Sports on 2 April 2013.

On 1 December 1999, Jay-Z stabbed Lance ‘Un’ Rivera with a five-inch knife, and although he first pleaded not guilty, he later pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to three years on probation. Since 2003 he has been interested in philanthropy, and after Hurricane Katrina hit the USA, he donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. He has paid bail for numerous persons who have been arrested while protesting against police brutality.

Jay-Z is also interested in politics, and supported Barack Obama during both of his presidential campaigns, and in 2016 he supported Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

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