• Casie Colson Baker is the daughter of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon
• She has been a celebrity kid since childhood, when her father posted her video on his Instagram account
• Her parents are no longer together, and she now lives with her father
• She is an 11-year-old girl from Los Angeles, California, USA, and attends an elementary school
• She is seen in many videos and photos with her father, and accompanies him to many events except those that prevent her as an underaged


Casie Colson Baker, is a star kid of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon. Born on 23rd July 2009, Casie is an 11-year-old girl from Los Angeles California, USA. She has been a celebrity kid since childhood, when her father put her video on his Instagram account.  She immediately gained fame and was labeled an INSTAGRAM STAR. Ever since then her followers have increased and she is seen on many videos and photos with her father, she has even appeared at many of her father’s concerts.

Parents’ Profile

Casie Colson Baker is the biological daughter of Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon.  Richard Colson Kelley aka Machine Gun Kelly is a 29 years old American rapper, singer, song writer and actor with a huge fan following.  His first album “Lace Up” was released in 2009, with each song of the album achieving great success. Additionally, his Instagram account is acclaimed to have over 7.4 million followers.

Casie Colson Baker’s mother Emma Cannon, born in 1988 Houston, Texas, and appears to be a more private person. She is not active on social media, and no picture of her has ever emerged with Casie or on MGK’s account. Some resources claim her as an entrepreneur.

Sometime earlier a picture of prominent journalist Jennifer Borget with her daughter stormed the internet, wrongly acclaimed to be a picture of Emma Cannon and her daughter Casie Colson Baker. The confusion was later on corrected.

Machine Gun Kelley and Emma Cannon are not together anymore.

Apparently, they dated for two years, but shortly after the birth of their daughter, the couple is reported to have parted their way, although are seemingly on good terms as MGK‘s one song is written about Emma. Since their separation, Casie lives with her father.

Early life

The Instagram star has gained immense popularity at a very young age. Her growth can be literally followed by Instagram followers through social media, as MGK’s account is bombarded with Casie’s photos and videos.

Several YouTube videos portray cute conversation between this father-daughter duo. She can be seen having dinners with her father in a toddler’s chair and sometimes jumping on her father’s knee.

A special bond is seen between Kelly and Casie.

Siblings and Friends:

Casie Colson Baker is the only child of Machine Gun Kelly; even though he’s dated girls such as Megan Fox, and as soon as the relationship between them went public, the news made one of the top headlines of 2020, but he doesn’t have any other children nor does Emma Cannon so Casie doesn’t have any real or half-siblings.

None of her photos or video on social media accounts publish any details about friends. Surely girls of her age have many friends, but there is no such information on line.

Casie Colson Baker and Machine Gun Kelly

Educational background:

Casie Colson Baker is an eleven years old girl who attends an elementary school, remaining unidentified apparently for security reasons.

Hobbies and Activities:

A young girl like Cassie usually many hobbies, but such are unknown. However, her recent video with her father on the stage performing with him, compel us to think that she might pursue her dad’s career. We believe this might be a wonderful addition to the music industry.

Net Worth and Assets:

At her age she doesn’t have individual assets, but as the sole heir of Machine Gun Kelly who has a net worth of $10 million, she is potentially a millionaire herself.

Recent activities:

Her presence at her father’s concerts is always heart-warming. People are enthusiastic to see baby Casie growing up to be a star like her dad.

She also attends many awards shows with MGK, and the father-daughter duo is always encouraged by the media as well as the industry around them. Their pictures from any show hit the most likes.

There was a wave of excitement in her fans when she attended”The Kids Choice Award 2009″, with her father, arranged in Los Angeles by “Nickelodeon”. It was held at the University of California’s Galen Center, and covered by famous magazines and channels.

Father-Daughter Duo:

The sole reason behind the fame Cassie has achieved initially are the cute videos MGK posted about him and Cassie, having fun together, sometimes practicing rap from when she was only four or five years old. He has been seen apologizing to her for not being around much, chatting on his way home or at a concert.

Fans immediately noticed and appreciated the concern shown by MGK towards his daughter. She accompanies her father to most events except those that prevent her as underaged. She is glimpsed with her father swimming, playing, singing, having guitar lessons, etc. In one video on YouTube where Kelly was answering Google’s most asked questions; when asked ‘who MGK’s daughter is?’, he said, ‘She is the Queen of the planet Earth. Her name is Cassie……’ Cassie hasn’t been spotted much with her mother.

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