• Boston Russell is the son of Kurt Russell and Season Hubley, and step brother of Wyatt Russell.
• His family is well known in the entertainment industry, with his grandfather Bing Russell and uncle Whip Hubley being actors.
• His father Kurt is an actor, nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe for his role in the series “Elvis” and his stepmother Goldie Hawn is an actress and singer, winning an Oscar and Golden Globe for “Cactus Flower”.
• Step brother Wyatt is an actor, known for his roles in “22 Jump Street” and “Folk Hero & Funny Guy”.
• Boston’s net worth is likely quite high, with his father’s net worth valued at $70 million and Goldie’s at $60 million.


Boston Russell is the first son of the American actor Kurt Russell and the only one of the American actress Season Hubley. He comes from a famous family well known in the entertainment industry.

Early life, family

Boston Oliver Grant Russell was born on 16 February 1980 in Los Angeles, California US. His father is the famous actor Kurt Russell and his mother is the actress and singer, Season Hubley. They met in 1979 during the filming of the series “Elvis”, got married and had the son Boston. The couple played together again in 1981 in “Escape from New York”, a science action fiction movie directed by John Carpenter.

After the divorce in 1983 Kurt Russell started a relationship with the Academy award winning actress Goldie Hawn. Three years later they got a son Wyatt Russell, Boston’s step brother. Goldie has two children from her second marriage with the musician and actor, Bill Hudson, Oliver and Kate Hudson. They were married for 5 years before the actress filed for divorce. Boston has a friendly relationship with his extended family, especially because Goldie’s children consider Kurt their dad.

Boston’s family has been involved in the entertainment world for generations. His grandfather Bing Russell was an actor, mostly known for his acting in “Bonanza”, TV series from 1959 and “The Magnificent Seven”, a movie from 1960.

Bing played professional baseball also, even owned a club. His grandmother Louise Julia Russell was a dancer. Boston’s cousin is Matt Franco, a former professional baseball player. He is son of one of the three Kurt Russell’s sisters and Larry Franco, a producer and assistant director. From his mother’s side, Boston has the uncle Whip Hubley, who is an actor too. Boston’s half brother, Wyatt is an actor known for his appearance in “Everybody wants some” in 2016 and “Overlord” in 2018. Boston’s mother had another marriage, but only lasted two years. She retired from acting in 1998. Goldie Hawn’s children are also actors, very well known and famous in the film industry.

Boston Russell with family

However, Boston himself is not an actor. In 1996 he worked as a production assistant in the movie “Executive Director”, where his father played the leading role. He appeared in 2005 in the CBS series “60Minutes”, the one dedicated to Goldie Hawn. All of his half siblings are married, but Boston’s relationship status is not known as he keeps his life out of the spotlight.

Father Kurt Russell

Kurt Vogel Russell was born on 17 March 1951 in Springfield, Massachusetts US. He finished Thousand Oakland High School in 1969. He has three sisters. Kurt played baseball during his school years and the first years of his acting career. In 1973, due to an injury he retired from baseball. He served six years at the California National Air Guard.

Kurt’s movie debut was in 1963 in the musical movie “It happened at the World’s Fair”. The same year he appeared in the western series “The Travels of Jamie McPheeters”. Kurt signed ten year contract with The Walt Disney Company. In 1968, he met Goldie Hawn while filming “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band”, a musical movie. They started their relationship 15 years later. Kurt was nominated in 1980 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series at Emmy Awards for his role in the series “Elvis”. He was also nominated for the “Silkwoods” movie in 1983 at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Supporting Actor.

Kurt collaborated with the director Carpenter in few movies like “Escape from New York”, “Escape from L.A.” and “The Thing”. “Backdraft” was released in 1991.

Two years later he filmed “Tombstone” and in 1994 “Stargate”, a military science fiction came out. In 2014 the movie “Miracle” got positive critics. He played the US hockey Olympic coach Herb Brooks. He worked with Quentin Tarantino in 2007 horror movie “Death Proof”. In 2014 Kurt appeared in the documentary about his father that was premiered on Sundance Film Festival. The next year he filmed “Furious 7”.

His last movie projects are “Christmas Chronicles” in 2018 and in 2019 “Crypto”, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “QT8:The First Eight”. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for more than 35 years, but never married. In 2017 they got stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a double star ceremony.

The actors also played together in few movies. They have homes in Snowmass Village, Colorado; Vancouver, British Columbia; Brentwood and Palm Desert, California and in Manhattan, New York.

Half Brother Wyatt Russell

Wyatt Hawn Russell was born on 10 July 1986 in Los Angeles, California US. He played hockey in amateur and pro hockey teams. He didn’t continue his hockey career due to injuries. However he started an acting career like his parents. In 2014 he appeared in “22 Jump Street”. In 2016 Wyatt played in “Playtest”, an episode of Black Mirror series, as well as in the movie “Folk Hero&Funny Guy”, that was premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.

This year he will appear in the Disney series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and in “The Woman in the Window”, a thriller movie which is in post production. Wyatt was married with stylist Sanne Hamers, but they divorced five year later. Last year he married the actress Meredith Hagner in Aspen Colorado.

Stepmother Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn was born on 21 November 1945 in Washington D.C. US. She has an older sister. She left the American University to pursue a career in dancing. Meanwhile started acting. In 1969 Goldie won an Oscar for her performance in “Cactus Flower”, as well as Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has a remarkable list of movies in her career.

She was nominated for the second time at the Academy Awards for “Private Benjamin” in 1980 but this time for Best Actress. The same year she had four nominations at Golden Globe Awards for the “Goldie and Liza Together”, where she starred together with Liza Minnelli.

In 1985 Goldie appeared on the cover of “Playboy”. She has successful movies in the career along with Mel Gibson “Bird on a Fire”, Steve Martin “Housesitter”, Bruce Willis “CrissCross” and Meryl Strip in the “Death Becomes Her”. She also starred with Diane Keaton and Betty Miler in “The First Wives Club” in 1996. Goldie is a singer too. She recorded few singles at the beginning of her movie career.

In 2003 she founded a nonprofit organization which helps youth with educational programs. Her last movie projects are in 2017 the comedy with Amy Schumer “Snatched” and in 2018 she was Mrs. Claus in “The Christmas Chronicles” together with Kurt Russell. Goldie has two marriages behind her, three children and six grandchildren. She is in a good relationship with her step son, Boston.

Net Worth

Boston Russell keeps his life private and low profile, so his education and career is not known. However his parents and family has been part of the entertainment industry, so it is known that his father’s net worth is valued $70 million and his step mother’s $60 million.

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