• Ayla Woodruff is an Instagram sensation and influencer from Flagstaff, Arizona, USA.
• She attended Agoura High School, Moorpark Community College, University of California, San Diego, and Loyola Marymount University.
• She has worked as an event coordinator, HR generalist, and personal assistant.
• She is currently dating Kian Lawley, a YouTuber and former member of Our2ndLife.
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $220,000.


Ayla Woodruff became famous for working with the YouTube personality, Logan Paul, as his personal assistant, but left the job to pursue her own social media career. She is now an Instagram sensation and influencer herself.

Early life and family

Ayla Woodruff was born on 26 August 1992, in Flagstaff, Arizona USA, so her zodiac sign is Virgo, and she holds American nationality. Ayla is the oldest daughter of Brian and Diana Woodruff. She has a sister named Raina, who is one of her best friends, and two brothers, Trevor and Blake. The latter is a rising actor, who appeared in the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen”, sharing the screen with Steve Martin, and even shared the 2004 Young Artist Award for his role of Mike Baker in the category “Best Young Ensemble in a Feature Film”.

When Ayla was around six years old, her family moved to San Diego, California. As of 2020, she lives in Los Angeles, where she moved to live together with her then-boyfriend Mackinzie Dae; when they broke up, she stayed in Los Angeles, simply moving into her own house.

Educational background

Ayla attended Agoura High School, from which she matriculated in 2010; she shared that she was often bullied for being short. She also heard a lot of jokes on her name, as even teachers regularly mispronounced it. Her parents supported her a lot during those hard days, teaching her to laugh with the ones who bullied her, as it would make no sense for them to laugh at her if she laughed herself. Ayla said it helped a lot, and her self-irony started there.

However, Ayla couldn’t play basketball or volleyball at school due to her height, but enjoyed dancing. After matriculating, she enrolled at Moorpark Community College, located in California, graduating in May 2013. She then entered the University of California, San Diego, graduating from there with a BA in Psychology, majoring in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. During her studying at college, she was a member of the local Psychology club; she was also a dog foster parent at the base of San Diego Humane Society.

In 2015 Ayla graduated from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California, with a certificate in Human Resource Management.

Ayla Woodruff


First steps

Ayla started working when she was only 15 years old. Her first job was a server for Island Restaurants, located in San Diego. While studying at the University of California, she passed her internship as an event coordinator for InStyle Event Planning company, which lasted from October 2013 to February 2015. In August 2015 Ayla got the position of an HR generalist, joining Connelly, Inc., and is still working there in the position of a consultant. From 2015 she worked as a personal assistant for Logan Paul, the famous YouTuber, but left the job in August 2017 stating she was tired of the routine, and also accused Logan of throwing plates on her, shooting a water gun on her, and other unpleasant things she couldn’t stand.

Logan later hired another personal assistant named Lidiya, and Ayla was more than happy to hear she was replaced by her, as she saw Lidiya was just the right person for being Logan’s assistant.

Further success on YouTube and Instagram

Even though Ayla was quite an experienced personal assistant, she stated that she would never work as a YouTuber assistant ever again. Instead of working for someone, she decided to work for herself, creating her own YouTube channel, and developing her Instagram account. She soon attracted over 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, vlogging on a weekly basis and posting her pictures on Instagram almost twice a day.

As the number of her subscribers was increasing very quickly, she signed more and more commercial contracts with such companies and brands as Levi Jeans, Lurelly Luxury Clothing Brand and Lulus Clothing. As Ayla also shared a lot of her fitness routine and workout content, she was approached by such brands as Beyond Yoga Clothing and Rivis Bikinis. As of 2020, her YouTube channel is still growing, having almost 800,000 subscribers and counting. One of her most popular videos  is entitled “REACTION to Logan Pauls new ASSISTANT!!”, which has attracted more than six million views since August 2017. Ayla honestly shared her feeling about leaving Logan, stating she was grateful for that experience, but there was no way back for her in the profession.

Ayla has also uploaded a lot of cooking videos, make-up tutorials, vlogging and workout routines, but stopped posting new videos in May 2019 – her followers are still arguing on the reason she stopped. As to her Instagram account, she still posts her pictures there almost every day, having more than 1.6 million subscribers on her account.

Personal life, boyfriend Kian Lawley

Ayla had a very long relationship with another Instagram personality, Mackinzie Dae. They started dating in 2013, living together in their house in Los Angeles. Mackinzie is a personal fitness trainer and model, also a cinematographer, producer and the author of some projects of the Team 10 YouTube group.

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Ayla and Mackinzie shared a lot of vlogs, mutual photos, pranks and challenge, however, they broke-up in 2018, and Mackinzie is now dating Marissa June. In 2017 Ayla was rumored to have had an affair with her boss, Logan Paul, and the rumors really impacted her relationship with Mackinzie. However, the rumors were never confirmed neither by Logan nor by Ayla. In September 2019 Ayla started dating Kian Lawley, and the couple doesn’t hesitate to post their mutual photos on their social media accounts.

Who is Kian Lawley?

Kian Lawley is a popular YouTuber, born on 2 September 1995, in Sioux City, Iowa USA.

He started his YouTube channel “superkian13” in 2010, getting more than 3.35 million subscribers to 2020; his Instagram account is followed by more than four million subscribers. He is mostly famous for being the former member of Our2ndLife creative group, who filmed their videos for YouTube, along with Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon and Sam Pottorff. He is also known for starring in the web series “The Reality House”. Kain earlier dated model Meredith Mickelson back in 2016. He also apparently had an affair with another YouTuber, Andrea Russett, before starting his relationship with Ayla.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

  • Ayla’s favorite color is aquamarine.
  • Her favorite YouTuber is Liza Koshy, the Indian-American creator and vlogger.
  • Her favorite TV shows are “The Simpsons”, “Punk’d” and “SpongeBob SquarePants”.
  • Together with her sister Raina, Ayla can spend hours enjoying horse riding.
  • Ayla has a dog named Blue, who she also calls Mr. Moomer. She manages his Instagram account, posting his photos and videos with him playing there.
  • Her favorite drink in Starbucks is a caramel macchiato; she also likes eating bacon sandwiches there.
  • Another favorite drink of hers is Tinots, as known as “Red Wine of Summer”.
  • Ayla is passionate about interior design and likes decorating and designing her own house.
  • One of her favorite travelling destinations is the beaches of Tulum, Mexico.
  • She likes swimming.
  • Ayla is the former Vice President of the Psychology Club.
  • She also enjoys any social activities in such spheres as childcare.
  • She once worked as a summer camp coordinator.
  • One of her biggest dream is to become an actress and to land a role in a successful movie.

Appearance, clothing style

Ayla has long blond hair and dark brown eyes. She is 4ft 11ins (1.50m) tall and weighs around 92lbs (42kgs); her vital statistics are 32-23-34. Ayla likes wearing heels, but finds sandals more comfortable. She got her first tattoo which says ‘Mr. Moomer’ (the nickname of her dog, Blue) in 2007.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Ayla’s net worth is estimated to be around $220,000. Her Instagram account is successfully developing, so she earns up to $5,400 per sponsored post there.

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