• Brennen Taylor is an American actor, comedian and YouTube star
• He has over 3.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel
• He achieved world fame after playing Luke in the coming-of-age film “Palo Alto”
• He is currently dating model Kyra Santoro
• He is a fan of Star Wars and a lover of animals and cars


Who is Brennen Taylor?

Brennen Taylor is an American actor, comedian and YouTube star, who achieved stardom with the part of Luke in the coming-of-age film “Palo Alto”, and since then has acquired international fame. He has over 3.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, on which he uploads funny and interesting challenge, DIY, and prank videos.

Brennen Taylor Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Brennen Taylor was born on the 3rd April 1995, in California USA, and spent his childhood in South California with his three siblings, Jake, Jess, and Lisa.

He hasn’t spoken about his parents, but we have found out that his mother’s name is Liza, while there is no information about his father. Brennen has also remained silent about his education, but he became interested in the performing arts at an early age, and began taking steps into acting at just four years of age.

Career Beginnings

He booked his first commercial when he was four, and bitten by the acting bug, although young he continued to pursue other opportunities. While in high school he joined the Film Program, which gave him more knowledge and the elementary information about acting.

Around this time, Brennen started making short videos that he would upload onto the Vine app, and quickly reached one million followers on the platform. With new videos, his popularity got to 1.7 million fans before the Vine platform ceased to operate, so he started his own channel on YouTube. His first video – “Introduction to My Channel” – was uploaded in 2014, and he continued with several personal videos, including the “10 Facts| Brennen Taylor”.

Rise to Prominence

His new videos often involved the paranormal and haunted locations, but with a dose of laughter.

His fan base was increasing, and in no time he had his first million on YouTube, which became steadily higher, and he now has more than 3.3 million fans, while his videos have been viewed over 460 million times. Some of his most popular videos include “Clown Sighting Chased by a Killer Clown! *actual footage* Not Clickbait”, with 12 million views, then “Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant In My City (Los Angeles)”, (6.4 million), “Taco Bell MUKBANG with a HOMELESS WOMAN!”, (five million), and “GIVING A HOMELESS WOMAN A TENT MAKEOVER”, also viewed five million times, among other videos that have only increased his popularity and wealth.

Since attaining world fame, Brennen has started another YouTube channel, Extra Brennen, however, he has only around 55,000 subscribers on this one, and his videos are a bit extreme – just skip to his channel and see what are we talking about.

Acting Career

Brennen has remained true to acting, art that he first fell in love with, and made his professional debut in 2009. He was chosen for a minor role in the TV series “Numb3rs”, and the same year also featured in the short film “Fort Brother”. His breakthrough happened in 2013 with the part of Luke in the film “Palo Alto”, starring Emma Roberts, James Franco and Jack Kilmer.

Brennen Taylor

He continued with parts in the drama film “Shovel Buddies” (2016), with Bella Thorne, Jenny Cooper and Alex Neustaedter, and the comedy film “Alexander IRL”, starring Ryan Whitney Newman, Mikaela Hoover and Simon Rex. In 2016 he was Jonah in the TV romantic comedy-drama film “The Commute” (2016-2017), and most recently had a double role in the TV mini-series “The Haunted House Contract”, starring Veronica and Vanessa Merrel and Franny Arrieta.

Brennen Taylor Net Worth Height, Weight, Appearance

Brennen is a young rising star, but has already achieved much in the entertainment world, and his net worth has grown accordingly.

As of early 2020, Taylor’s wealth is as high as $2 million, reputedly earning around $6,000 per month. Brennen has also benefited from his website shop, through which he sells shirts, hoodies and other clothing.

Brennen Taylor stands at 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, while he weighs approximately 156lbs ~ 71kgs; his vital statistics are unknown, but he has an athletic figure. He is recognized by his messy dark brown hair, which he sometimes dyes blonde, and he has green eyes.

Brennen Taylor Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Although some rumors of him being gay have surfaced, Brennen is nothing but a straight male.

He has been involved in several high profile relationships since entering show business; in 2017 he started dating singer and songwriter, Maggie Linderman, only to break up before the end of the year. He is currently dating model Kyra Santoro; the two started dating in early 2018, and since then have been seen together in public many times, and have a few videos together on YouTube, including in which they confirmed their romance.

Brennen Taylor News, Facts, Influence

Brennen is a star on social media platforms and has used his popularity to collaborate with a number of brands, including Walmart, Disney, Ford, and Nick, among others.

He is working on new projects every day and posts two or three videos per week onto his official YouTube channel. In addition, he is also known on Instagram, on which he shares his interest in food, creating and sharing various recipes – his favorite food is tacos.

Brennen is a big fan of Star Wars. He is an animal lover, and rescued three Shih-Tzu from a burning building and made them a home in his own house. To speak more of his interests, Brennen is a car lover, and has worked for some time in a mechanic’s shop.

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