• MAZELEE is a YouTube channel created by Alena Maze, an African American YouTube star, and her Korean husband Joseph Lee.
• They have 7 children and the channel has almost two million subscribers and over 350 videos.
• Alena and Joe express their cultural mix through their content, such as Korean culture and food, and tackling everyday challenges of having a busy household.
• They are estimated to have a net worth of $650,000 from 270 million views accumulated.
• Alena and Joe also use their social media platforms to promote the culture of living together and to discuss current political and racial divisions.


What is MAZELEE YouTube Channel about?

Mazalee is a family-oriented channel that explores the challenges of multi-racial marriage, which documents the everyday experience in the life of a large family of nine, with parents of different racial and cultural backgrounds. Content creators of the channel are Alena Maze, a 35-year-old African American YouTube star, and her husband Joseph Lee, a photojournalist, and director of photography, whose parents immigrated to the US from South Korea.

Who is Alena Maze?

Alena Maze was born on 3 September 1985, in the USA. Before her career on YouTube, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Georgetown University, and was awarded her Ph.D. in Survey Methodology and Statistics from the University of Maryland, College Park, soon afterwards.

#paid I’m a math girl at heart but underneath I love a good word game! Scrabble GO is my the new and updated version…

Posted by MAZELEE on Thursday, March 19, 2020

She worked as a mathematical statistician for the US Government from 2010.

Not much is known about her relationships, but in 2009 she had already become the mother of four children, when she launched her YouTube channel, with aspirations of creating content that would provide tips, entertainment, and insight into her life as a single mum. At the beginning of her career, she focused mainly on hairstyle, food, and making vlogs of herself and the children. However, her career as a YouTuber flourished when she started the channel MAZELEE together with her husband, Joe Lee. Today they have 7 children: Amyah, Akyli, Azaio, Arazo, Ajedi, Ajoui and Baby #7, who are often the focuses of their videos.

Her husband Joseph Lee

Alena and Joe met back in high school – Joseph was born in Maryland – but life took them in different directions. However, they maintained a friendly relationship during that period, which almost a decade later became crowned by marriage and three children! Having had experience as a skilled photo-journalist and director of photography, it’s a no-brainer that Joe is the artistic lead behind MAZELEE productions. Today, a devoted father, he makes content with Alena and enriches their life by adding  Korean influence, such as culture and food. He successfully bounces from being a full-time dad to being a YouTuber and editor. Through their posts and content, Joe often expresses his perspective as a male Korean in tackling the everyday challenges of having a busy household.

Joseph Lee

MAZELEE YouTube Channel

Combining their last names, Alena and Joe created the name MAZELEE  for a YouTube channel that now has almost two million subscribers and over 350 videos. They share with their audience almost all aspects of their life, such as simple and common every morning routine in the family of seven children, family gatherings, an unusual train journey through the US, or moving to a new house in California.

They are also known to film and document some highly personal and intimate moments, such as the video in which subscribers found out about Alena’s (seventh) pregnancy. All the details about their life are spiced with a slight tone of humor, presenting the family as enjoying every moment they spend together.

However, the popularity of the family also comes from their differences in culture and racial backgrounds.

Another element that contributes to the high ratings of this channel is the fact that the family does not try to show a perfectly harmonious life in which there are no setbacks and tensions that are normal, even in less demanding households. Every YouTuber knows that having your life on display and open to the public can sometimes be a two-way street. There are a lot of ‘trolls’ on the internet who do not hesitate to share their opinion and criticize Alena as a mother, and her didactic skills.  All comments are always positive, but some don’t give much chance for the survival of this relationship in the long run. Yet, at least for now, this couple manages to find balance and settle all their differences.

Their cultural mix is also expressed through Joe’s culinary skill , as they all like to eat Korean food, so it’s not a suprise that they post videos about Korean food on their Channel. Joe speaks Korean and teaches their youngest children to speak the language, and with them Alena has learned a few phrase as well! They both seem to be willing to learn from the other, to encourage each other on an intellectual, creative and every other level.

A very important and interesting dimension of their channel is its religious element. Alena is known to profess a spiritual outlook and journey – she often cites bible verses and shares her inner thoughts religion-wise, and how they affect her mental state and uprbringing.

Both her and Joe seem to enjoy their roles as parents, and having in mind their dynamics and cultural diversity,  their channel has ammased a huge number of followers and views.

An Unusual couple

Although  America is known as a ”melting pot“ in general, still the combination of a black woman and a Korean guy is an unusual sight. The fact remains that together they look unusual enough that rarely anyone connects or observes them as a couple! Yet they are, and by breaking stereotypes, they prove that when people create and share common values ​​and build their relationship on understanding and mutual respect, then there are no barriers.

Being a father to four children at the very beginning of their relationship must have been a big challenge for Joe, who had no children before his marriage to Alena.

Still, he seems to have done great in that demanding role.  Alena, on the other hand, also had to deal with certain prejudices that Joe’s family, especially his mother, had towards her! It was certainly a shock for that Korean family when their son decided to marry a black woman with four children from a previous marriage, just a week after she officially divorced her ex-husband!

However, everything fell into place when their first baby was born, and both families quickly learned and accepted that opening up to others and different people is something that enriches and represents an advantage, and not an obstacle. This couple proves that what seems to be a difference could be turned into an enjoyable diversity and advantage.

How much money does MAZELEE make? Net Worth?

With a prolific channel, their estimated net worth is $650,000 from 270 million views accumulated. The channel gets an average of 150,000 views per day, earning around $750 from the ads that appear on their channel.  As YouTube channels are a very popular and effective way to promote brands and businesses, it is not surprising that MAZELEE is often affiliated with various sponsors such as Hershey’s, Universal Studio Hollywood, WAYB, Google, etc.

Are they active on Instagram and other social media?

Although they seem to be completely preoccupied with their large and dynamic family, they are both active on social networks, where in addition to numerous photos, they also publish comments related to current trends in social life.

In these trying times when basic human rights are tested, Alena took to herself to share her opinions. On her Instagram profile, she posted the photo of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old black man, who was shot while jogging near Brunswick in Glynn County and whose killers have not been arrested.

She also wrote an affirmative message urging Americans to vote in the last election by linking the slogan „Black Life Matter“ with the slogan „Black vote matters!“ That is her way of reminding the Afro Americans that the right to vote is acquired through long and arduous ancestral struggle, and thus should not be taken for granted.

At the time when American society is facing various political challenges, and when racial divisions are back in focus, this couple does not just promote the culture of living together – they prove it is possible to reconcile differences and prejudices. Isn’t that the real spirit of the US?


  1. I so much adore Mazelee ND her family just so loving ND caring never wanna stop following this family, God Bless you guys!

  2. Natalie Gilbert Reply

    Thank you for writing such a comprehensive and insightful article about the Maze-Lee family. You’ve done a great job, but don’t forget to update the #of children and Amaud Aubrey case. Also, I’ve watched most of their videos, but not all. I’ve noticed and appreciate learning about Joe’s Korean culture, but I’d love to learn & understand the cultural balance of their family – African and otherwise.

  3. Noni Nontlonipho Reply

    Hi guys. Yes, thank you so much for sharing this info about these two. I love them so much.

  4. Moongodess86 Reply

    Hello Joe and Alena, I love the energy, collaboration,love and unity of your family. Your posts hooked me because you and Joe remind me so much of the relationship that my husband and I have (especially the intimacy of your daily interactions). I have not witnessed that on other blogs. I hope to see more of you guys and the family’s progression in 2023. Great work! Marry Christmas.

  5. Denise Myers Reply

    Greetings Alena & Joe,
    I’m so excited to see a young couple have so much fun with family. I’m so proud of you Alena finishing your education and blessings your children with so many positive possibilities in their lives. You both are such asset to this world and your generation showing the world how to love one another, having a positive family lifestyle, creativity, and most of all not being ashamed of having God in your life which make all things possible for you, Joe, and the children😊 Keep moving forward with family, marriage and God👍🏾🙏🏾

    Love & Blessings,
    Dr. Min. Denise Myers

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