• Daithi De Nogla is an Irish YouTuber from Limerick with over seven million subscribers.
• His most popular videos feature games, commentating, other YouTubers and gibberish.
• He is making an estimated €900,000 each year from his YouTube channel.
• He has been linked to a few different women, and is currently dating Aliyah.
• He enjoys spending time with his brother and other friends, and is planning to make music videos and a TV series.


His YouTube channel

The Irish YouTuber Daithi De Nogla (David Nagle) from Limerick is quite popular thanks to his gaming and commentating videos, in which he occasionally features other famous YouTubers such as VanossGaming, Mini Ladd and H20Delirious, among many others. He has managed to gather over seven million subscribers onto his channel since 16 January 2012, making him the owner of the 1,194th most subscribed YouTube channel, as well as the owner of the 3rd most subscribed channel in Ireland. He aims to upload one video per day, and has so far created nearly 1,300, with his two most popular being “POO STORY! – Daithi & Friends Animated” which has been seen nearly 19 million times since 11 July 2015, and “LUI & NOGLA TRY IRISH SNACKS AND SWEETS!”, watched over 14.6 million times since 17 May 2015.

Thanks solely to his YouTube channel, Daithi is making as much as €75,000 each month, so up to €900,000 each year.

Daithi plays a variety of video games, and we’re sure any gamer would find at least one video funny and interesting uploaded onto his channel, and if you are a fan of “Minecraft”, “Grand Theft Auto V” or “Cards Against Humanity”, you are very likely to become one of his subscribers.

Rise to fame

Daithi has gained our attention (as of seven million other people) thanks to his unique approach to YouTube and to commentating video games. Unlike most other YouTubers who you can hear today commentating about things in a serious way, Daithi offers people both fun and knowledge as he puts a lot of humor into his videos.

What is contributing to his status is the fact that he is Irish, and people aren’t used to his accent which they find to be a good addition to his humor – Daithi can also be heard talking gibberish and raging in some of his videos, not something which everybody approves of. He is also a singer, and occasionally plays the guitar and sings songs for his fans. Thanks to his varied skills, he has been ranked amongst the best 100 gaming commentators in the world many times.

Who might he be dating?

Daithi is not the kind of man who would go around talking about his love life and put it in the focus of his videos – he just isn’t that way. He was once in a relationship with a girl named Berenice until early 2016, and people often made jokes about her name which is actually not that uncommon in Ireland.

Daithi De Nogla

He hasn’t commented about how long they dated, but we believe that the relationship didn’t last for more than three months, as Daithi soon stopped mentioning her in his videos. It has been reported that Daithi was in a relationship with Jaclyn who goes by the name ‘Jacsstyle’ on Instagram, and that they were together for over a year before going their separate ways in July 2018. The woman in question seems to be working as a hairdresser, as her Instagram account was created only for her to upload pictures of what she has done with her customers’ hair, while it is widely believed that it is she in the profile picture.

She appears to be a bit older than Daithi, which is why people have once again made jokes about this relationship.

Daithi has also been linked to a girl named Emily, and it appears as this relationship was his longest and most serious, however, they too broke up, for unknown reasons. He is currently dating Aliyah, who can often be seen featured in his videos, and although she is not the kind of girl one would call ‘sexy’ or ‘gorgeous’, it appears as her amazing personality, love for video games and her brown curly hair have attracted Daithi.

Daithi’s family and what he does in his spare time

Daithi enjoys spending time with his brother, and when we say ‘spending time’ we mean pulling pranks on one another, doing challenges or simply telling stupid, funny jokes in front of the camera. The brothers are actually triplets, as they have a sister who hasn’t been featured in Daithi’s videos, while his brother Aindreas appeared for the first time in the video “Daithi De Nogla House Tour”, in which he can be seeing playing his PlayStation 4 in his bedroom.

If you’re interested in seeing Daithi outside his home… you’re going to have to wait a long time.

Jokes aside, he has two pet dogs Tony and Joe, which he often takes walking outside the house (as he sometimes does it inside), and he is somewhat physically active as he occasionally plays basketball with a few of his closest friends, and he also goes running. When he is not taking his dogs for a walk and isn’t cycling or playing basketball, Daithi is playing video games and is creating videos to upload onto his YouTube channel – what started as love for playing games, creating videos and commentating, has turned into work, which has made him quite an amount of money, as his net worth has been estimated at over $1 million as of late June 2020.

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Health problems – balls surgery?

Although some people believed it to be a joke at first, it was soon revealed that Daithi has indeed undergone testicles surgery, in February 2020. The procedure was simple, it wasn’t dangerous and didn’t require much time, nor did Daithi need a lot of time to recover, however, it is widely believed that things would have become complicated and dangerous if he hadn’t reacted in time.

One can say that he is prone to injuries as he fell on his head when he was around two years old, and has since occasionally been bumping into things and hurting his pinkie finger.

What to expect of Daithi

Daithi is not thinking about abandoning his YouTube channel; he was once even a member of one of the most famous gaming YouTube channel Machinima, which besides gaming made videos related to many other things, such as creating animated series and podcasts. Daithi served as the host of their show “Nogla Annoys”, when he ‘stole the show’ from a man called Kevin, however, Machinima ceased to exist in February 2019, when they announced they were discontinuing all of their YouTube channels due to what appears to be multiple misunderstandings within the group of people who were running Machinima.

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