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Fans of the HGTV series “Down Home Fab” were thrilled to discover that the popular home renovation show would be renewed for a second season, which is slated to air in early 2024. The news was confirmed by the network in February 2023, and was well-received by the show’s thousands of viewers, after a moderately successful first season which premiered in January 2023.

The show, which is hosted by Chelsea DeBoer of “Teen Mom 2” fame and her husband Cole, follows the couple on their home renovation journey. Filmed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Chelsea and Cole are put to the challenge every week, taking on complicated client renovation projects, while raising their four young children.

Although Chelsea and Cole’s design company is relatively new, business is booming for the TV personalities – and despite the unexpected career change, the couple is thriving in their new roles. Having worked in the construction industry for years, Cole built the DeBoer family farm, with Chelsea adding finishing touches such as the interior decoration.

“When we were finished with our house, we were bummed. We were like, ‘Wait, we want to build more houses. How can we continue to do this?’” Chelsea confessed in an interview with House Digest. “We found that it was fun and we enjoyed it, so this felt like it was right for us.” The former MTV star describes her design influences as “South Dakota glam”, effortlessly incorporating rustic elements with a modern flair.

If juggling filming schedules with family life and client projects wasn’t enough, Chelsea also has her own lifestyle brand, Aubree Says. From chic mixing bowls and aesthetic candles to fluffy throw rugs and kits for new mothers, Chelsea’s brand is aimed at families who want to add warm and cozy elements to their home.


Although Chelsea’s long-time fans are loving her new and improved image, some still reminisce on her “Teen Mom” days. Chelsea, who departed from the show in October 2020 after 10 seasons and was replaced by Ashley Jones, gave birth to her daughter in September 2009. At the time of the birth, she was just 18 years old and in a volatile relationship with Adam Lind, the father of her first child, Aubree Skye.

After years of hard work, Aubree obtained her GED and began attending beauty school. During season six, Chelsea and Adam became embroiled in a nasty custody battle over Aubree, as he wanted joint custody while she wished to maintain the arrangement that the couple had in place at the time. Luckily for Chelsea, the court ruled in her favor in March 2015.

Chelsea met Cole in late 2014, and introduced him in the show’s season 6 premiere. A while later, they moved in together, and Cole popped the question in November 2015. Despite the naysayers, the couple tied the knot in October 2016 and welcomed their first child, Watson Cole, three months later., and their second child, Layne Ettie, was born in August 2018 on Chelsea’s 27th birthday. Finally, Chelsea and Cole welcomed Walker June to the world in January 2021, and for now, the couple don’t seem to have any intentions of further expanding their family.

No stranger to the limelight, Chelsea is used to every detail of her life being scrutinized and criticized. Over the years, she’s faced accusations of cosmetic and plastic surgeries, and been lambasted for allegedly blackfishing and withholding money from her business partners. In April 2020, Chelsea and Cole were hit with a $3 million lawsuit by Envy, a consulting company that claimed to have entered a contract with The William Gerard Group to provide the couple with consulting services in exchange for a portion of revenue made from any deals.

According to the lawsuit, Envy worked with the DeBoers and The William Gerard Group as a “consultant to negotiate appearance, endorsement, licensing, royalty and television agreements and related contracts” until 2019 – but things turned sour when Chelsea and Cole allegedly failed to pay their contractually required fees.

Surprisingly, the case is ongoing as of April 2023, as the couple refuse to settle with their ex-management company. Shortly after the original lawsuit was filed, Chelsea and Cole countersued to deny the claims, and allege that Envy had withheld $155,000 in profits. In 2020, Envy also made an amendment to the lawsuit to name the couples’ other businesses, such as DeBoer Holding Company, Aubree Says, and Down Home DeBoer. As the parties have failed to reach an agreement, the case will be taken to court at a later date.

Despite Chelsea’s thriving TV career not being negatively impacted by the lawsuit, she’s also been criticized many times for selling shoddy products, such as sweatshirts with holes in them. Her home décor line has also been put on blast, with a $79 cattle skull being described as “the most ridiculous overpriced garbage EVER!” by online detractors.

As we all know, social media can be incredibly harsh, and viewers of “Down Home Fab” voiced their discontent regarding Chelsea’s eccentric interior design choices. During the show’s premiere episode, the DeBoers were provided with a $100,000 budget to transform their clients’ kitchen, dining room, living room, seating area and foyer – and when Chelsea unleashed her creativity, Twitter spun itself into a divided frenzy of opinions.

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“It was actually embarrassing how bad this went, they have 0 sense of style, the house looked awful when they were done with it,” one Twitter user said, while others cruelly described the project as “hideous” and “a huge waste of money”. Nevertheless, the clients in question were thrilled with the end result, which is all that matters.

To date, Chelsea has almost seven million Instagram followers, and also recently became the co-owner of Bella & Rae Co, a small business that provides clients with presets to take their social media photos to the next level. Presets are pre-defined edits made in Adobe Lightroom, and according to the company website, “can help a snapshot of your family look like it was taken and edited by a professional photographer, for a fraction of the cost”.

As one of the most positive stories to come out of the “Teen Mom” franchise, Chelsea remains an inspiration to her followers, who eagerly await the second season of “Down Home Fab”.

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