“Sister Wives” is an American reality television series that airs on TLC, and documents the lives of the Brown family who formerly practised a polygamous lifestyle. The family includes the patriarch, Kody Brown, his only remaining wife Robyn, his ex-wives, Meri, Janelle and Christene, and their eighteen children.

As of the latest season of “Sister Wives”, Meri, Janelle and Christine decided to separate from Kody, and chose to move on with their lives, both spiritually and romantically. Of course, this placed the future of the show in jeopardy, but thankfully, for those who find “Sister Wives” entertaining, the show seems to continue filming, despite the relationship being monogamous, now focused on how Kody and his wives get along as co-parents, when separated.

Naturally, when considering such a big and expansive family, one might wonder what the opinions of the children are regarding a polygamous lifestyle, and whether or not they too would want to have the lives their parents lived.

With so many viewers and fans expressing an interest in the Brown children, as many as there seem to be, we took it upon ourselves to investigate their views on polygamy.

What To Expect

As we dive into this controversial subject, we will introduce each of the Brown children, starting with the oldest, and share their views on plural marriages and polygamous lifestyles.


Gwendlyn is perhaps the most famous of all the Brown children, as she sought a life in front of the camera even beyond the reality of “Sister Wives”, as she hosts her own YouTube channel, and keeps up with most other forms of social media. On her channel. Gwendlyn often posts reaction videos of herself watching episodes of “Sister Wives”, sharing her personal and insightful opinion with her viewers.

Gwendlyn’s opinions tend to be brutally honest, and she often shares derogative commentary about the show, and in the process, sometimes gives away truths about the series which viewers wouldn’t otherwise know.

Some of her revelations include calling Meri out on her abusive behaviour, and stating that she dislikes Robyn as a person, among many other views that some might consider would negatively impact the “Sister Wives” series.

Gwendlyn is one of six children Kody conceived with Christene, who also shares her negative opinion about her dad, often asking what it is that compels him to feel the need to have this many wives. As can be clearly seen through her opinions, Gwendlyn has no interest in a plural marriage, or a polygamous lifestyle.

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Logan is the eldest child in the family, born in May 1994, but he no longer appears in the show. According to his last interview with People Magazine, Logan became engaged to his long-term girlfriend, Michelle Petty, in 2017, and the latest reports regarding the young couple say that they tied the knot in a private ceremony in front of friends and family in 2022, and by all accounts, they seem to have no interest in living a polygamous life.

In fact, Logan has always been adamant against plural marriages, and nowadays he’s no longer a member of the Mormon church or religion to which his father belongs. According to Logan, he’s perfectly happy with only one soul mate.


Aspyn is the eldest daughter conceived by Kody and Christene, born in March 1995. According to the most recent reports regarding her, she tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Mitch Thompson, in June 2018, and it doesn’t seem that the couple has any intention of welcoming a sister wife to their union.

As Aspyn previously stated on the show, she has never had an interest in plural marriages, but has expressed her opinion that the children’s life choices might be a disappointment to their father. Regardless, she felt sorry that she has no interest in polygamy, and stated that it might just not be what she wants from life.


Born in July 1995, Leon is the only child conceived between Meri and Kody – she was unable to conceive again – and earned quite some recognition among viewers in 2021, when ‘they’ became the first person in the series to come out as transgender. According to most reports regarding Leon’s life, they seem to be happily engaged to their long-term partner, Audrey Kriss, and it seems as though they have no interest in polygamy either.

As Leon told TLC during a tell-all interview, they’ve taken a step back and considered where their life is going, what they want from their life, and that the current choices they made seem to be right for them.


Maddison, born in November 1995 and mononymously known as Maddie, was the first of the Brown children to marry, to Caleb Brush in June 2016, and according to whom, he has no interest in plural marriages. Maddie was also posed this same question by a fan, and she too has no interest in a polygamous lifestyle, though will continue to support her parents’ life choices, as they support her choice to remain exclusive with her husband.


Mykelti, another one of Christene and Kody’s six children, born in June 1996, married Tony Padron in December 2016. According to both partners, they don’t have any interest in living a polygamous lifestyle, and according to Mykelti, she simply believes that she would never be able to fit into that kind of relationship.

The couple seems to be happy and exclusive, and is raising one of the Brown grandchildren; according to all reports regarding the pair, they won’t be engaging in plural marriage.


Paedon, one of Kody and Christene’s sons, born in August 1998, revealed during a Q&A session on his Instagram hosted in 2021, that he long ago chose not to have a polygamous marriage, and although he hasn’t married yet, he looks forward to only having one wife. When asked why he made that choice, he stated that it was not something in particular, but rather a lot of smaller things that motivated him to say ‘no’ to polygamy.

However, Paedon nonetheless stated that he’s grateful for polygamy, since his family once practised plural marriages, and because of it he has six brothers who are all his best friends. At least, Paedon can see the silver lining to the dark cloud that many might believe his family could be in.


Robert, born in April 1998, took a complete step back from his family, their lifestyle, the show, and their faith. According to the most recent reports regarding his choice of lifestyle, he’s since joined a church that completely opposes polygamy.

According to Robert, only one soul mate would be enough for him, and although he hasn’t married yet, he seems set in his belief that one wife will do.

The Remaining Children

While most of the remaining Brown children are all too young to decide whether or not they would engage in a polygamous lifestyle, Kody has expressed openly on the show that it seems likely that none of his children seem likely to follow his lifestyle choices.

In the case of the youngest, however, only time can tell, and perhaps one among them will continue the Brown tradition – so far, it seems very unlikely.


Polygamy is not a lifestyle that many might support, and in most religions and social settings, it might even be considered taboo, which as Kody would state, was his motivation for sharing his lifestyle and views with the public in the form of a reality television series, all in the hope that people might change their opinion about polygamous lifestyles and plural marriages.

However, if anything, the series has discouraged people from forming plural marriages, and it seems Kody’s choices even had a negative effect on his children. As is evident by their opinions, none of the Brown children seem to be interested in a polygamous lifestyle, but they continue to support their family in all the choices they make.

If “Sister Wives” is your kind of entertainment, then feel free to catch up on any of the latest episodes, and watch as the Brown family drama continues to unfold.

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