If you’re a fan of DIY shows and cabin living, then you won’t want to miss out on “Maine Cabin Masters.” This series is the ultimate DIY show for cabin lovers and it’s easy to see why. From charming hosts to the breathtaking scenery and outstanding cabins produced, “Maine Cabin Masters” has it all. Maine is known for its natural beauty, rustic charm, and picturesque cabins. For cabin lovers, there’s no better place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with nature. And when it comes to transforming old cabins into stunning, functional spaces, there’s no better show on television than “Maine Cabin Masters.”

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What makes “Maine Cabin Masters” great?

Since its premiere in 2017, “Maine Cabin Masters” has become a huge hit with the fans thanks to a variety of key factors – probably the most significant is the expertise of the cast. The team at “Maine Cabin Masters” is made up of skilled carpenters and designers who have a wealth of experience in the cabin renovation industry. Their expertise is evident in every episode, as they tackle complex design and construction challenges.

Besides expertise, “Maine Cabin Masters” is known for its creative, innovative design solutions. The team is always looking for new and interesting ways to update and modernize old cabins, while still preserving their historic character. For example, they add composting toilets and solar panels to the cabins, without disrupting the aesthetics. This combination of modern and rustic makes for incredible cabins that leave viewers yearning for more.

Finally, the show prides itself on its educational content. Viewers can learn a lot about cabin renovation and design simply from watching the team work on various projects. The show is full of tips and tricks that DIYers can apply to their own renovation projects, which has in turn inspired a new wave of people looking to create their own space that they can escape to.

What sets this show apart from any other DIY shows is its keen attention to detail. The builders in the show go above and beyond in order to preserve the history and character of each cabin they work on, and collaborate with their clients to better understand their needs and preferences, and then get to work creating a space that is both functional and beautiful.


The cast of “Maine Cabin Masters” is made up of a group of skilled builders who are led by Chase Morrill, and includes his sister Ashley Morrill-Eldridge, plus talented carpenters and designers.

Chase is the lead builder and the face of the show. He grew up in Augusta, Maine and spent much of his childhood spare time in his family’s cabin in the woods. After attending college in Rhode Island, he returned to Maine and started his own contracting business. His passion for cabin restoration led him to launch “Maine Cabin Masters” and he’s been the driving force behind the show’s success.

Ashley Morrill-Eldridge is Chase’s sister and the design guru of the team. She has a degree in graphic design, and so a keen eye for architecture. Her focus is on creating spaces that are both functional and beautiful, and she works closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. Ashley also serves as the project manager for the team, keeping everyone on track, on schedule, and on budget.

Ryan Eldridge, Ashley’s husband is the team’s lead carpenter, skilled with a background in boat building, and who brings a unique perspective to the team. Matt Dix is the team’s finish carpenter, responsible for all the fine details that make the cabins look truly special.

Jared Baker is the team’s resident artist and craftsman, responsible for creating custom pieces and unique design elements, and the newest member of the team is Dixie Spellman, the team’s project co-ordinator. She joined the team in Season 6 and quickly became a fan favorite, responsible for managing the logistics of each project and keeping everyone on track.

What also makes the cast of “Maine Cabin Masters” so special is their chemistry and camaraderie. They have a great rapport with each other and their clients, which makes for an enjoyable viewing experience. Their passion for cabin restoration and dedication to preserving the history and character of each cabin they work on is inspiring.

The show’s spirit

The spirit of “Maine Cabin Masters” is one of hard work, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and rustic charm of Maine’s cabins. The team, the cast, also has a great sense of humor. From the banter between the hosts to the quirky design choices, “Maine Cabin Masters” know how to have fun. It’s refreshing to see a DIY show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is willing to take risks and try new things.

Of course, the real stars of the show re the cabins themselves. Each episode features a different cabin, and viewers get to see the transformation from start to finish. From old hunting camps to lakeside retreats, the cabins are as unique as they are beautiful. At the heart of “Maine Cabin Masters” is a love of the outdoors and a connection to nature. The show celebrates the simplicity and tranquility of cabin life, encouraging viewers to take a step back from the chaos of modern life, and reconnect with the natural world. It’s a show that inspires and uplifts, reminding viewers of the value of hard work, creativity, and a connection to nature.

Five lessons from “Maine Cabin Masters”

Along the way, the show offers a wealth of insights and lessons that viewers can apply to their own cabin projects. Here are the top five lessons you can learn from “Maine Cabin Masters”:

Preserving history is essential

One of the key themes of “Maine Cabin Masters” is the importance of preserving the history and character of the cabins they work on. The team takes great care to maintain original features and materials whenever possible, and they often incorporate salvaged items into their designs. This approach not only honors the heritage of the cabin, but it also adds a unique charm and authenticity that cannot be replicated.

Creative problem-solving is key

No cabin renovation project goes smoothly from start to finish, and “Maine Cabin Masters” is no exception. The team frequently encounters unexpected challenges and setbacks, but they always find a way to overcome them with creative solutions. Whether it’s using unconventional materials or repurposing existing features, the show demonstrates that a little ingenuity can go a long way.

Attention to detail makes all the difference

The finished cabins on “Maine Cabin Masters” are truly breathtaking, and part of their beauty lies in the incredible attention to detail that goes into each project. From custom cabinetry to handcrafted furniture, every aspect of the cabins is carefully considered and executed with precision. This level of detail is what sets these cabins apart from the rest, and makes them truly special, s evidenced paeticularly in the reaction of the owners, the real clients.

Hard work pays off

The team on “Maine Cabin Masters” is well-regarded for their tireless work ethic and dedication to each project. They frequently find themselves working long hours in difficult conditions, but their efforts are always rewarded with stunning results. The show is a testament to the idea that hard work and persistence are key ingredients for success, both in cabin renovation and in life.

Collaboration is essential

Perhaps the most important lesson of “Maine Cabin Masters” is the value of collaboration. The team works closely together, sharing ideas and supporting each other through every step of the process. This sense of teamwork and camaraderie is what makes the show so enjoyable to watch, and it serves as a reminder that working together towards a common goal can lead to amazing things.

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If you love DIY shows and cabin living, then “Maine Cabin Masters” is the show for you. With its attention to detail, charming team and hosts, and beautiful scenery, it’s no surprise why this show has become a fan favorite. “Maine Cabin Masters” airs on Magnolia Network and has eight seasons so far. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own cabin project or just want to escape to the woods for an hour, “Maine Cabin Masters” is a must-watch.

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