• Zylbrad is an Australian YouTuber famous for his gaming videos
• He was born on April 30th, 1996 in Australia
• He rose to prominence playing games like “Overwatch” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”
• He is currently in a relationship with another YouTuber and gamer, Militia
• His net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million, and he has over two million subscribers on YouTube


Who is Zylbrad?

Zylbrad is an Australian YouTuber, who rose to prominence by playing such video games as “Overwatch” and “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, and posting gameplay videos on his official YouTube channel. His videos aren’t just informative but also funny and interesting, which has certainly attracted more people to his channel.

Zylbrad Wiki- Age, Male or Female, Real Face, Childhood

Zylbrad is a male and his real name is Bradley, but he has hidden his last name from the media.

He was born on the 30th April 1996, and for now, there is no information about his place of birth, but apparently in Australia. When it comes to his looks, at first he was hiding from his fans, but as he got more popular, he revealed his true identity by appearing in a vlog with his YouTube friend and frequent collaborator Muselk.

Career Beginnings

Zylbrad was created on the 16th January 2016 and he made his debut appearance on the network the same day.

The video was about one of his favorite games “Counter-Strike: Global Offense”, and featured one of many tutorials helpful for other gamers, from beginners to experts. He continued making tutorials for the aforementioned game, bringing more fans of the game to his channel. As his popularity improved, Zylbrad began playing other games such as “Overwatch” and Apex Legends”, and many others. With this, Zylbrad’s career took on a whole new look, as he started being praised by other YouTubers who are also in the gaming world.


He began making friends within the community, and a few business collaborations were born. He became extremely close to Muselk, and the two often played “Overwatch” together, becoming part of the team.

Rise to Prominence

Zylbrad invested himself completely into succeeding as a gamer and YouTuber, and more YouTube stars approached him, and some stars with whom he collaborated are Bazzagazza, SaltyPhish, Tyrodin, Blackblues, Toddyquest, and Pajamamax, among others, which only increased Zylbrad’s popularity and net worth as well.

Most recently, Zylbad became fully focused on playing “Overwatch”, thus becoming one of the most popular players online. In addition, he enjoys playing and sharing videos of another popular online game – “Sea of Thieves”. He has risen to stardom thanks to his funny character and his ability to create memes while in the game. One of his favorite moments is when he plays with the character named McCree, and he takes the hat off and says ‘M’lady’. He has several other shoutouts for which he is recognized, such as “play of the game”, “bradstion”, and “I am your champion”, in addition to others.

Zylbrad now has more than half a billion views on his YouTube channel, and his most popular video is from “Overwatch”, in which he depicted Hanzo’s betrayal.

Discord Between Friends

Unfortunately, as Zylbrad’s popularity grew, problems started brewing within his team. Nowadays, he rarely talks with and about his friends, especially with YouTube and Twitch star Shenpai. Zylbrad, Muselk, and Shenpai were good friends and played together almost daily, however, Shenpai started bad mouthing Zylbrad on social media, which resulted in discord between them.

After this, Muselk found out that Zylbrad was spreading lies, and they stopped talking too. Nevertheless, Muselk and Zylbrad have managed to find a common language and are rebuilding their friendship, while Shenpai has moved on her own.

Zylbrad Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Zylbrad is on the rise in recent years, and his wealth has increased by a large margin. According to sources, his net worth is as high as $1.2 million, as of mid-2020, that he attracts around 650,000 views per day on YouTube, which amounts to $3,250 per day.

Zylbrad’s appearance was a mystery for some time, but he has revealed his identity; he has long light brown hair, while his eyes are blue. For now, all his vital statistics are unknown, though he appears to be quite tall and has an athletic build.

Zylbrad’s Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single?

Zylbrad hasn’t talked much about his love life, however, a few details have become known in the community about him. Back in 2016, he dated a girl named Tayolta who was also into the gaming world; there is no information about why and when the two broke up. Following this split, he started a romance with another YouTuber, AeroViro, whose real name is Veronica.

The two dated through 2017, but also eventually broke up.

Currently, Zylbrad is in a relationship with a girl who goes by the name Militia; she is also a gamer and the two often play “Overwatch” together. They have been together for at least a year, as the first videos of them predate.

Zylbrad News, Facts

Zylbrad has also launched his Twitch channel, however, he doesn’t use it very often and is rather more focused on YouTube. Most recently, he got into the media after breaking an Apex Legends server as he set the new killing record. He is active on other media platforms too, including Twitter, and he has recently celebrated the two million subscribers mark on YouTube.

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