• Tyler Ventura is a YouTube personality best known for his channel Mr. Nightmare, which focuses on horror-related content
• As of mid-2020, Mr. Nightmare’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.1 million
• Grew up in New York with a fascination for horror that he shared with his friends
• Gained millions of subscribers from his horror stories and content, earning from Google's advertising revenue
• Communicates with fans mainly through Twitter to decide what videos to release next and vent about YouTube's policies


Who is Mr. Nightmare?

Tyler Ventura was born on 2 May 1992, in New York City, USA, and is a YouTube personality best known for his channel Mr. Nightmare, which focuses on horror-related content. He posts audio recordings including stories and other videos related to horror experiences. Most of his content is based on real-life stories, though he also ventures into the realm of creepypastas.

The Net Worth of Mr. Nightmare

As of mid-2020, Mr. Nightmare’s net worth is estimated to be over $1.1 million, earned through a successful career as a YouTuber. He’s gained millions of subscribers thanks to the many people that enjoy watching or hearing horror content.

This in turn has led to a lot of income, as he earns from the revenue Google provides through advertising.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Mr. Nightmare grew up in New York, and at a young age became very fascinated with horror. He loved hearing scary stories, and often shared these with his friends. His fascination with horror would lead him to learn a lot of things about local urban legends, widespread scary stories, abandoned locations, and possible real-life stories encountered by others.

This interest continued over the years, as he grew-up in a culture of horror films, books, television shows, and the like.

During the advent of the popularity of the internet, the digital space became a large hub where enthusiasts could gather, sharing stories, learning more about the experiences of others, or just creating compelling horror stories that drove the thrill of many. In the early-2010s, he became interested in YouTube and contemplated starting a channel to possibly earn income. At the start, he thought of focusing on comedy and gaming, which were already popular sub-genres on YouTube. However, the project didn’t take off, and he struggled to continuously take create content with his friend.

Mr. Nightmare

Rise to Prominence

While at first he wasn’t confident about appearing in front of the camera, he decided to go with creating another channel after discovering that there weren’t as many horror-focused YouTubers on the site. He launched the YouTube account Mr. Nightmare, and created a persona using only his voice for recordings. Utilising scary images, actual images, or videos related to his stories, along with atmospheric music, he could build a compelling story online.

His first upload focused on recording stories, and he quickly gained a small loyal following.

He then released the video “Never Invite Strangers”, which focused on a specific horror story, that led to a surge in followership on his channel, and he soon became one of the main go-to channels for horror stories and content. Over the years, his production quality grew as he got better gear, while his fans also continued to contribute to his content through submissions. At first, he connecting more with his fans, detaching himself from the horror to answer questions or give life updates. Eventually, he decided to keep it more of a mystery, deleting any information about himself and remaining behind the scenes. He is known for not answering or adhering to any rumors about himself online, leading to more speculation.

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YouTube Success

Thanks to his consistency and diligence to his channel, it wasn’t long before Mr. Nightmare gained millions of subscribers. His audience has since grown to around five million subscribers, and he endeavors to upload two videos a week. A few of his most popular stories are lockdown stories, in which by one case or another, people get locked into a location.

He also loves tackling popular horror themes people enjoy talking about. While he handles a lot of supernatural content, he also tackles other types of horror, such as thrillers, psychological horror, creepypastas, edited content, game glitches, and interactive horror stories.

Another one of his most popular videos is talking about true Halloween horror stories, and extinct animals now considered horrific by today’s standards. He often uses the trend of the month when dealing with the videos he uploads. During the popularity of clown horror pranks, he uploaded a video about real-life clown horror stories. In recent months due to the lockdown, he’s been focused on quarantine related content.

Other Endeavors

While Mr. Nightmare has produced question and answer videos in the past, he eventually declined to do more, and deleted all these types of videos to maintain the mystery and to protect his privacy. When he reached a million subscribers, he revealed that he had a second channel called likeMike, created as a back-up channel in case his first channel was deleted or banned.


He’s also collaborated with other content creators in the past, with most of his collaborations being with MrCreepyPasta, during a time when there was a lot of demand for creepypasta on his site. Creepypastas are stories that have been copied and pasted around the internet, often user-created stories that are intended to scare its readers. He also mentioned during a video that a big YouTuber once contacted him to collaborate, but he was busy at the time. This led to that YouTuber sending a second response with a lot of negative comments about him. He later admitted that he was busy, as most of his time is spent taking care of his sick mother.

He’s since deleted the video mentioning the incident, but the content has been posted on other sites online.

Personal Life

It is not known if Mr. Nightmare is in a relationship or if he’s married, as he doesn’t talk about his life outside of YouTube. He used to live in New York City, but later moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2015. He didn’t specify why he moved there, but he has been a resident of Boston since. He communicates with fans mainly through Twitter as it is his main way to check whether or not his viewers want specific videos. He uses the platform more as a way to decide what videos should be released next, and also as a way to vent about YouTube’s policies.

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