• Alex Meyers is an American YouTuber born in 1988 in Sioux City, Iowa
• Moved to Japan in 2006, working in the tech field
• Started his YouTube channel in 2015, focusing on movies, series, games, anime, music and politics
• Since 2018 his channel has been growing exponentially, thanks to his first animated video and reviews of series and movies
• Started his own podcast in 2020, giving relationship advice to his subscribers


Alex Meyers is an American YouTuber born on 17 May 1988, in Sioux City, Iowa. He’s known for his animated videos and reviews of series and movies.

Early Life

First Steps

Not much is known about Alex Meyers’ early life, including his family and educational background. It’s only known that he used to be a chubby kid, though he lost weight during his early teen years.

In 2006 he moved to Japan after saving money from his job in a call-center. He supposedly has been working in the tech field since then, though it’s unknown if he pursued a higher education in Japan.

His YouTube subscribers have been curious about his life in Japan, and what his experiences are living there. In one of his videos he affirmed there’s nothing out of the ordinary about his life in the foreign country: ‘It’s hard for me to really quantify what would be ‘weird’ or different for you, because I’m so used to it at this point, that whenever I go back to the US I’m like ‘this place is weird’.’

Although he has grown used to the Japanese lifestyle during the several years he has been living in the Asian country, Meyers admits there are various things about the place he sometimes finds strange. He affirms Japanese people treat him ‘like a walking free English lesson’ by talking in the foreign language when they see him in public places: ‘Whenever I see this happens, I’m always really confused as to how they imagine this scenario going’.


Tech Job

Since 2012 Alex Meyers has been working in a pharmaceutical business based in Tokyo. He is part of the information technology (IT) department of said enterprise, and although he admits his job nowadays involves working on internal tech support, his beginnings in the company weren’t peaceful, as his job consisted of answering ‘phone calls from troubled clients.

Beginnings on YouTube

In 2015 Alex Meyers started his self-named YouTube channel.

The first video he uploaded in July that year was entitled “The History of GFW Radio”, and was dedicated to the legendary “Games For Windows”, which was one of the first podcasts of the internet created to help PC gamers. Meyers’ second and third videos were a continuation of this topic, and the video-saga ultimately led him to gain his first 100 subscribers.

For the following two years Alex Meyers’s videos were on a variety of topics such as movies, series, games, anime, music and even politics. At the time he was still trying to find his niche content and the key format, which would set his videos apart from other YouTubers.

Concentrating in such a wide variety of themes and not deciding his trademark format soon enough wasn’t proving to be positive for his channel, though. His audience was growing, but not as fast as he would have liked: ‘Nothing worked you know, nobody really cared that much about what I did.’

Alex Meyers

As his channel was far from becoming big and famous, Meyers focused on learning animation as a way to improve his professional portfolio. His first animated-cartoon video was uploaded several months later, when he couldn’t find a way to criticize the second season of the series “Riverdale” with a serious format: ‘I can’t make a serious motion graphic video essay about something and just talk about how dumb it is,’ said Meyers in a video in commemoration of his third anniversary on YouTube, also adding that he assumed people would hate the video as the animation was ‘crappy’.

Meyers couldn’t have imagined things were going to turn out differently for him. After several hours of sharing the video, he woke up with hundreds of notifications from people who loved it: ‘Everyone was watching my video. I got tons of emails . Everyone was like ‘this is funny,’ ‘this is hilarious,’ ‘do another one’.’

The positive reception his video-critique to “Riverdale” generated was followed by a sudden growth in the number of his subscribers. This new audience also supported the content Meyers uploaded next, which greatly helped him to maintain his focus in only one niche.

Growth on YouTube

Alex’s YouTube channel has been growing exponentially since 2018, thanks to his first animated video. He passed from having approximately 2,000 subscribers in 2017, to gain almost 500,000 subscribers in less than a year.

Since then Alex has been focused on giving his audience deep but entertaining series’ and movies’ reviews. However, this doesn’t mean he wants to change the way these productions are made, quite the contrary, as he told Medium: ‘I think a lot of people think my videos/commentaries are trying to ‘fix’ these movies, but I think they should exist just exactly as they are.’

The work Alex does nowadays on YouTube is well appreciated by his fans and casual audience. However, his biggest reward when it comes to his own content is to be able to create with total freedom: ‘I have a style, format, and an audience to consider, but for the most part I can just make cartoons about whatever I want, or video essays, or live streams.’ He refers to his life as a YouTuber as his ‘dream job’.

To date, Alex Meyers’ channel has accumulated over 300 million views, and he now has over two million subscribers. Regardless of his fame, he has remained humble and receptive to criticism.


In August 2020 Alex Meyers started his own podcast – “Doin’ The Devil’s Tango” – which is centered on giving relationship advice to his subscribers, who send him emails telling their personal stories.

Although his podcast episodes – which have been uploaded on its own YouTube channel – haven’t been as widely watched as his other content, it has been well received by part of his loyal audience, interested in these types of topics.

Personal Life

Marriage & Divorce

Alex Meyers introduced his girlfriend – of name unknown – on his YouTube channel in early 2016. At the time he pointed out they had been dating for several months.

The girl – who was apparently Japanese and spoke English fluently – appeared in various videos on his channel. However, when Alex changed his content to focus on series and movies’ reviews, she didn’t appear anymore. The couple married in early 2018 though, as Alex announced on Twitter in June that year, after a fan asked him why he was wearing a ring on his fourth finger: ‘We got married back in January, but had the rings custom made so it took a while.’

Unfortunately, Alex and his now-former wife divorced in early 2020 for unknown reasons. Alex announced the separation during a video livestream on his channel.

Current Relationship

Several months after the divorce, Alex tweeted that he had a new girlfriend, and in November 2020, his fans finally met the girl when he posted a pic of them together.

Net Worth

Alex Meyers has an estimated net worth of $800,000, which is the result of his career as an IT tech worker, and from the income he has gained through his YouTube videos.

Physical Appearance

Alex Meyers is a man of white ethnicity who has dark-brown hair and blue eyes. His height and current weight are unknown.

Face Reveal

As Meyers’ most watched videos are animations, people new to his content assume he doesn’t reveal his face to his audience. This assumption is however false, as he has been open about showing his face in his videos since his early years on YouTube.

Interesting Facts

He and his ex-wife used to own a dog named Charlie. However, after the divorce she left with the dog.

He affirms he wasn’t considered physically attractive in his teens.

“Sharkboy & Lavagirl” is a movie he says he doesn’t want to watch again after making a review of it.

When asked what he would do if he was YouTube’s chief executive officer, he said he would change the way the platform deals with copyright issues, as he deems the current process as ‘unfair’.

He thinks having moved to Japan so young helped him to improve as a person: ‘I never had that ‘crazy early 20s’ time that most people had, but I feel like it made me a much better person in the long run.’

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