• American YouTube star who uploads videos of her personal life, such as vlogs about being a mom and hair-styling tips
• Has nine children and raises them on her own
• Has been labeled a liar and a thief due to financial troubles
• Her YouTube channel has over 20 million views
• Net worth is approximately $1 million


Who is Strongmommy Chrissy?

Strongmommy Chrissy is an American YouTube star who came to prominence by uploading videos from her personal life, popularly vlogs about being a mom, while also giving tutorials on various wave hair-styling tips. She is a rather controversial personality, as she has nine children and raises them on her own, and has been labeled a liar and a thief, as she has also had problems paying the rent.

Strongmommy Chrissy Wiki- Real Name, Age, Childhood

Christina Gordon was born on the 7th August 1990 in the USA – she hasn’t revealed where she was born and hasn’t talked about her childhood, never mentioning her parents, but she is African-American. Furthermore, there is no information about her education and other details about her life on the whole.


Chrissy launched her YouTube channel in 2011 and called it Strongmommy Chrissy.

Her first video was about how she became a make-up artist, saying that she had an interest in make-up from her early years, and as she got older she started learning about make-up, always searching for new tutorials. She attended make-up courses and began looking for a day job, and eventually, she became a MAC Cosmetics Artist. She also began working on her own as a makeup artist, and it was her primary source of income for a time before she began uploading videos on her YouTube channel.

Her first videos that involved babies were uploaded in 2012, about her first baby who at the time was six months old. In the next video, she announced that she was pregnant, and expecting twins. For the next nine months, she would upload a weekly video about her pregnancy. From then, the number of her subscribers increased steadily, not only in the US but also from around the world.

Rise to Prominence

Following the birth of the twins, Chrissy experienced postpartum depression, and went offline for a while.

Once she returned, she updated her fans about what was happening in her life, but not long after she became pregnant again, and in November 2014 had her sixth child. This caused a string of hateful comments on her YouTube channel, but her true fans continued to support her. Her videos are frequently viewed, and now the count is over 20 million, which has significantly increased her wealth.

She now has nine children, and almost all of their names start with the letter K – Kaiyah, Kinsley, Kimora, Kingston, Kaydence, Kash, plus Junebug, Blaze and Onyx. She has also revealed that her children come from seven different fathers.

Strongmommy Chrissy

She has been married a couple of times, both ending in divorce, but all of her children have a normal relationship with their fathers, and they also support Chrissy. She lives off the social support for her children, income from her YouTube channel, and payments from then children’s fathers. Furthermore, she also models, and advertises fashion brands including Rosegal, CurrencyQueen, CoutureTreadz, and several others, all of which have added to her wealth.
Most recently, Chrissy raised a few eyebrows with her new video, in which she announced that she was pregnant with her tenth child, though her fans have questioned this as she has lied in the past about being pregnant.

Strongmommy Chrissy Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Strongmommy Chrissy is a rather controversial personality, but it is that controversy that attracts people to her channel, and her popularity has certainly increased her wealth. According to sources, Strongmommy Chrissy’s net worth is as high as $1 million, as of mid- 2020.

Strongmommy Chrissy’s vital statistics are unknown, though she is a bit overweight, but that isn’t much of a surprise as she’s been pregnant nine times. She has green eyes and black hair.

Strongmommy Chrissy Personal Life, Marriages, Husbands

She was in her early 20s when she gave birth to her first child, and was married to the guy with whom she had twins. Chrissy has talked about her relationships, stating that all of her boyfriends were toxic and that she had to do all house chores and as well as keeping an eye on the children.

That is why she decided not to tolerate anyone, as some of those boyfriends cheated on her, including her most recent husband, whose lover also became pregnant. This affected her very much, and she now spends most time yelling, crying and eating, which you can see in her videos. She was recently missing for a while on YouTube, but has now returned, and has said that she has a new boyfriend!

Strongmommy Chrissy News, Facts

In addition to her main YouTube channel, on which she has more than 125,000 subscribers, Chrissy has started a cooking channel, and already has over 55,000 subscribers.

She shares videos of herself preparing various cuisines for herself and her children, including spaghetti, shrimps, chicken salad, chili, and others.

She is actually becoming more popular every day, and has recently conducted an interview with another YouTube personality, further adding to her popularity. She has been evicted from several of the homes she has rented over the years because she couldn’t pay the rent, but recently has shared a video, in which she talked about her finance – not is not a problem anymore – and that she has found a home for herself and her children.

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