• Sibley Scoles was born in La Jolla, California, USA on December 7th, 1987 with Filipino ethnicity and American nationality.
• She is a former hip-hop singer and a TV show host, most known for hosting 413 episodes of “Access Hollywood”.
• Sibley attended Northern California University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast Journalism in 2009.
• She is currently dating make-up artist Bryan A. Mendez and is a philanthropist who regularly volunteers for charity organizations.
• Sibley is 32 years old, has short brown hair, brown eyes, stands at 5ft 4ins, and has a net worth of over $1 million.


What is Sibley Scoles’ ethnicity?

Sibley Scoles was born in La Jolla, California USA, on 7 December 1987 – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, her ethnicity is Filipino, and she holds American nationality. She is a TV show host and a former hip-hop singer, who might be known best for having hosted 413 episodes of the news show “Access Hollywood” which was created by Ann Lewis, and follows Sibley and her co-hosts Billy Bush, Kit Hoover and Natalie Morales, as they share the news from Hollywood.

The series has been airing since 1996, and although receiving rather negative reviews, has nevertheless survived, and managed to win two awards and be nominated for 10 others.

Early life and education

Sibley was raised alongside her siblings in La Jolla by her mother who was a housewife, and her father who was a truck driver.

She became interested in music at a very early age, and mostly listened to Toni Braxton, Missy Elliott and Michael Jackson, all of whom have influenced her singing style.

Sibley attended a local high school at which she was a member of a school’s band, and also became interested in acting, as she appeared in many plays performed at the school. Upon matriculation in 2005, she enrolled at Northern California University, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast Journalism in 2009.

Career as a singer

Prior to launching her career as a TV show host, Sibley was a hip-hop artist who went by the stage name Sib Vicious.

She gained recognition after the release of her two singles “Rock That Party” and “Donuts”, and after the latter song was heard by Stella McCartney in 2012, it was played at the London Fashion Week because of how ‘catchy and lively it was’, as Stella has stated. Sibley has collaborated and toured with several singers and bands, including Taio Cruz while she has also been part of the music festival Warped Tour.

Career as a TV show host

After becoming a TV show host in 2013, Sibley chose to stop singing and dedicate herself to her new job – she began by hosting seven episodes of the music show “Revolt News” co-hosted by Sharon Carpenter and Amrit Singh, which was about all the students who want to participate in the Pokemon Triathlon.

In 2014, Sibley hosted 43 episodes of the music news show “Revolt Live”, and was then invited to host the talk-show “EW/Road to Ether”.

The year 2016 saw her host 13 episodes of the show “E! News Live”, before being invited to co-host the talk-show “Daily Pop” together with Justin Sylvester, Carissa Culiner and Catt Sadler – the show is about five people discussing pop cultures and all the latest news. Sibley went on to become the correspondent of the news show “Live from E!” while she gained widespread recognition after hosting 359 episodes of the show “E! News”, which keeps the audience up to date with the latest news in the fields of music and acting.

In 2018, Sibley hosted a single episode of the game show “Who Will Rock You” as it wasn’t picked up by any network, and in the same year she served as the host of nine episodes of the news show “E! Live from the Red Carpet”.

In 2019, she had an opportunity to appear in a single episode of the critically acclaimed talk-show “Steve”, and the same year saw her host 208 episodes of the family talk-show “All Access”, which covered many topics from the lives of celebrities to the crimes happening across the US.

Sibley Scoles

Sibley’s most recent hosting credit has been in 2020, hosting 66 episodes of the talk-show “Access Daily”, alongside Kit Hoover, Natalie Morales and Billy Bush.

Love life and relationships

Sibley is more or less open when it comes to talking about her love life – her first relationship which the public knows about was with American rapper Sean Combs, known better by his stage name Puff Daddy – Sean is amongst the richest people in the US, as his net worth has been estimated at over $740 million. Sibley and Sean dated for around a year before splitting ways for unknown reasons.

Since early 2018, Sibley has been in a relationship with Bryan A. Mendez, who is a make-up artist.

The two seem to be crazy about each other as they’ve uploaded numerous pictures onto their Instagram accounts featuring the pair together – there are also rumors circulating the internet that the two have become engaged just recently, but that haven’t been confirmed.

As of October 2020, Sibley is dating Bryan A. Mendez, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Sibley is a philanthropist who has been urging people to donate money to those in need, such as underprivileged children and war veterans, and has also volunteered with various charity organizations over the past five years.

She is a lover of animals and has a pet cat, while her favorite animals are elephants and giraffes – Sibley believes that animals do not belong in zoos, and is advising people not to go to zoos but to help return these animals to their natural habitats.

Sibley likes to watch movies in her spare time, mostly late at night  – her favorite actor and actress are Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock, while a few of her favorite movies are “Sleepless in Seattle”, “The Terminal” and “You’ve Got Mail”.

Age and height

Sibley’s age is 32. She has short brown hair which she usually dyes blonde, and her eyes are brown. Her height is 5ft 4ins (1.62m), and she weighs around 110lbs (50kgs).

As of October 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $1 million.

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