• Lyna Perez is an Instagram model with over 5 million followers
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $400,000
• She began her modeling career at the age of 18
• She has featured in Playboy magazine and has a personal website with exclusive subscription services
• She collaborates with Bang Energy and is a fan of Biggie Smalls' music


Who is Lyna Perez?

Lyna Perez was born on 4 November 1992, in Miami, Florida, USA, and is an Instagram model, best known for her account on Instagram on which she has over five million followers. She is noted for posting various photos of herself in bikinis and lingerie outfits.

The Net Worth of Lyna Perez

As of mid-2020, Lyna Perez’s net worth is estimated to be over $400,000, earned through a successful career online. Her fame on Instagram has opened numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and modeling projects.

She’s also gained consistent earnings from exclusive subscription services she offers through a personal website.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

Lyna grew up in Miami, and at a young age developed an interest in pursuing a modeling career, actually when she was 14 years old, but it wasn’t until four years later that she gave it a try. Her first photography shoot was for helping a friend with a project. She enjoyed the entire process, and so determined to find work in the profession.

However, she didn’t take the usual route with her modeling aspirations, as instead of applying to agencies or looking for an agent, she found interest in the online platform Instagram, a photo and video-sharing site owned by Facebook, best known for popularizing the focus of social media on photo content. The site helped create and build the fame of many aspiring models, otherwise known as Instagram models, as very few of them ever find big success within the modeling field. Despite that, a lot of women can afford a lavish lifestyle because of the opportunities provided by online fame.

Lyna Perez

Rise to Fame

Lyna gained a small following shortly after creating her Instagram account. A lot of her followers enjoyed her natural beauty, and this motivated her to further improve herself. She frequently went to the gym, developing her body while also watching her diet. It wasn’t long before she started posting photos of herself wearing various bikinis, as the beach lifestyle is a very common trend within Miami. She gained even more attention as she flaunted her figure, and often wore bikinis in a sultry or sensual nature. She often teased her audience, and it wasn’t long before her followership grew to the millions,.

This also attracted several publications and companies her way, as she gained a feature in the popular men’s magazine “Playboy”, one of the world’s most recognized brands, responsible for helping move the sexual revolution forward. The magazine is known for its feature of nude or semi-nude models, also known as “Playboy Bunnies”. For many women, being featured in “Playboy” means being at the peak of desirability as a woman. A lot of aspiring models also pursue to be featured on a prominent magazine such as “Playboy”, due to the attention and opportunities it can bring.

Private Site

Like numerous Instagram models, Lyna eventually started looking at alternative ways to earn money. She considered creating accounts on other social media platforms, or doing a lot more modeling work. She eventually settled with creating a personal website, to sell exclusive merchandise. It was initially thought of more as an e-commerce website, but with the popularity of exclusive offerings from subscription-based websites such as Patreon and Only Fans, she decided to create a website more akin to that. She decided not to go with creating an account using a third-party service, so that she could have more control over her earnings.

She also had a strong enough of a following not to rely on sites like Only Fans.

Her website was promoted to show a naughtier side to her, with subscribers paying around $20 a month to see photos and videos unavailable to everyone else. She mentions that these photos and videos are deemed too hot to be shown on any of her public accounts. Some believed that she was venturing into nudity or possibly pornography, but she hasn’t crossed that line. She loves teasing her followers and showing that she is open about her wilder side, but still keeps treading the line of what is deemed safe to view at the workplace.

Recent Endeavors

With most of the world under quarantine, a lot of people have been spending time online, which has proven to be of a benefit to Perez as she’s been getting more online interactions. She’s also been busy building her website even further, and aside from the usually paid subscription content, fans of hers can also buy various kinds of merchandise, or can donate to her website directly. A few of her recent merchandise offerings include a poster calendar for 2020. She also sells ‘phone cases that have prints of her photos and matte prints of hers for collectors.

She’s also been closely working with the company Bang Energy, partnering with them and modeling for their various products. Bang is one of the many companies that have grown to fame due to their use of popular Instagram models for their products.

They often use bikini and fitness models as it coincides with the brand’s identity of promoting a better figure, as well as a healthier lifestyle. Aside from her occasional photos, she also posts videos of her shoots promoting Bang.

Personal Life

Lyna is single and there have been no reports of any past or present romantic endeavors her way. She prefers not to talk about this aspect of her life as it is counterproductive. She wants to keep her image of being a tease, possibly available, and most of her fans are there for her sensual photos. She mentioned during a post that she is a big fan of the music of Biggie Smalls, with his single “Warning” being one of her favorites.

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