• Louis (last name unknown) born in 1995 and is a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality
• Estimated net worth of over $1 million from Twitch donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising
• Primarily focused on “NBA 2K” and basketball and has attracted controversy
• Also streams “Fortnite Battle Royale” and his YouTube channel has become more of a video blog
• Promised viewers things but due to rage quit streams early and has been accused of fake giveaways and donation runs


Who is LosPollosTV?

Louis – surname unknown – was born on 8 February 1995, in the United States of America, and is a Twitch streamer as well as a YouTube personality, best known from rising to fame through playing various games within the “NBA 2K” franchise.

The Riches of LosPollosTV

As of mid-2020, LosPollosTV’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career online. He’s earned a lot from Twitch donations, partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising revenue.

While he’s been one of the more popular streamers and YouTubers focused on “NBA 2K” and basketball, he’s also attracted controversy which may have affected his potential earnings.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

LosPollosTV is of Italian descent though he hasn’t talked a lot about his family, save for the fact that he grew up very close with his father. Growing up, he developed a love for gaming, and a deep love for professional basketball, following the National Basketball Association (NBA) from his youth up. When he discovered that there were video games, he began playing a lot, particularly that of the “NBA 2K” franchise.

“NBA 2K” is a sports simulation game of professional basketball based on the NBA, published by 2K sports, though it was originally a creation of Sega Sports. The game simulates realistic situations or scenarios typical in a professional basketball game, with a player controlling an entire team, or a single player. Over the years, the game has improved dramatically in terms of graphics and gameplay, also updating with a new release annually to cover the latest season of the NBA. While the “NBA 2K” franchise has generally been unrivaled since the 2000s, it has also been criticized recently on numerous fronts, mainly stemming from bugs, the lack of support, and monetization system that has had recurring problems for many years.

Despite that, “NBA 2K” remains the primary choice for any game focused on the NBA, due to its realism and close ties with the league.

Streaming and YouTube

While playing a lot of “NBA 2K”, LosPollosTV discovered that he could potentially earn a fortune, particularly if he became famous streaming the game. Streaming at the time was relatively new, and the platform Twitch was at its infancy. Twitch has become one of the top platforms for video game streaming, helping bring in fame and fortune to many. He began streaming regularly, and eventually his followership grew. People enjoyed his gameplay and he gained a lot of attention for spending huge amounts of money on booster pack openings, a feature of “NBA 2K” that allowed players to gain cards of popular basketball players to be used in online games.

His viewers even fueled his love for opening packs, donating to him but making him spend all the money on packs. Eventually, he began looking for other streams of income, and created a YouTube channel on which he posted some of his gameplay and stream highlights.

Other Endeavors

LosPollosTV continued to stream and play “NBA 2K” games with each release, though later on his YouTube channel became more of a video blog (vlog) channel. He posted videos of himself playing basketball, spending time with the family, while also doing challenge, and question and answer (Q&A) videos. Thanks to his fame on Twitch, he has also been invited several times to the event.


The event is held every two years and celebrates the video game streaming culture popularized by Twitch. The convention allows people to meet streamers and various online communities.

He also began streaming the video game “Fortnite Battle Royale” following its launch and rapid rise to international popularity. The online game is created by Epic Games, and is a spin-off from “Fortnite: Save the World” in response to the sudden surge of popularity of battle royale genre games. In “Fortnite Battle Royale”, 100 players battle it out on an island where they must scavenge for resources, surviving and ultimately standing on top.

Within its first year of launch, it drew in over 125 million players, earning the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Eventually as the hype for the game faded, he returned to streaming his regular “NBA 2K” content.


LosPollosTV has attracted a lot of controversy as well, mainly for actions that have caused trouble for many, particularly his paying supporters. One of his earliest issues came in 2017, when he received a temporary ban from Twitch after organizing a raid on the stream of Avajaijai. He took over 2,000 people to her stream, which led to his viewers spamming her chat.

He is also known to have little control over his temper – in some streams, he promised viewers to stream for a set amount of time or to use their donations for specific things, but due to rage,he quit his streams early, not fulfilling any of his promises.

This led many to believe that he was purposefully doing it to get away with money. He has also hosted fake giveaways and donation runs, which have led to more money in his pocket, albeit in a dishonest way. While he was gaining the ire of many of his former supporters, he suddenly went on an emotional stream, saying that he had problems with his family and that he would be homeless.

He refused to disclose any details about the matter, but many were skeptical, believing that he was just being dramatic to cover his past problems, and gather more money from those who pitied him. He’s mostly been more stable in recent months so most of the issues have died down.

Personal Life

LosPollosTV is single, though he has shown a lot of interest in various female streamers during his career, expressing his admiration for many of them. He was once very attracted to the streamer Alyssa, and at one point tried confessing his feelings to her while streaming, but he was quickly shot down. The video in which he was friend-zoned went viral, and Alyssa later apologized, saying that she didn’t mean to put him in that kind of position.

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