-Lana Rose is an Emirati YouTuber, Instagrammer, singer and influencer.
-In 2014, she posted her first video on her YouTube channel, which was a make-up tutorial.
-In 2016, she posted a high speed video showing her creative skills as a painter.
-In 2018, she started expanding her skills as a singer by releasing the song "Feel So Real".
-Lana Rose's net worth is approximately $4 million.


Lana Rose is an Emirati YouTuber, Instagrammer, singer and influencer, born under the zodiac sign of Virgo on 21 September 1989 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She’s noted for being a renowned beauty and lifestyle Blogger, and internet celebrity.

Early Life

Lana Rose – whose birth name is Parisa Beiraghdari – is the oldest child of Esmail Beiraghdary and Nadered Samimi. Her younger brother Mohamed Beiraghdary – better known as Mo Vlogs – was born in 1995.

There are no details about Lana Rose’s early education, though it’s known that at 11 years old she moved to London, where she attended high school. However information about the year of her matriculation and higher education is unknown.

Lana Rose and her family returned to Dubai in 2006, though in 2010 she returned to the United Kingdom and lived there for a couple years before moving back to the United Arab Emirates in 2012.



On 12 January 2014, Lana Rose posted her first video on her YouTube channel entitled “Scary Message Found On An Ancient Lighthouse”. On it she can be seen visiting a seemingly deserted beach on Mauritius Island.

Clearly trying to find an audience for her content, the rest of the year she posted various videos on a variety of topics. However, it wasn’t until May 2015 when she posted her first make-up tutorial that she finally found her niche.

Besides her tutorials, Lana Rose expanded her content to other self-care topics such as work-out routines and skin care.

On her way to become a lifestyle content creator, Lana Rose posted her first vlog in September 2016. The video caught the attention of a very wide audience, attracting the interest of people to topics such as luxury items and fashion. To date, said vlog has more than 800,000 views.

Lana Rose is not afraid of showing her everyday life in videos, sharing with her subscribers details about her travels and cars. This way she slowly but surely captivated her audience and gained a loyal following, not only on YouTube  on which she currently has over two million subscribers, but also on other social media platforms.

Art and Music

In August 2016 Lana Rose posted a high speed video showing her creative skills while creating an artwork, ability which surprised her audience as they were unaware that Lana is a dedicated painter. Although details about Lana’s artistic career are undisclosed, it’s been speculated she has successfully made a living out of it by selling her paintings to international customers.

In 2018, Lana Rose started expanding her skills as a singer by releasing the song “Feel So Real” and its music video, which is still available on her YouTube channel. She has also released three other songs, entitled “Boss Up”, “Gucci Gucci” and her most recent track “Side Effects”.

On a post on her Instagram account of April 2020, she also revealed in the process of creating  “Side Effects” that she started exploring her abilities in various music oriented aspects: ‘So the last month I’ve been working on music production, thanks to my awesome brother @movlogs for motivating me to get back into this again. This new song was produced by me and my bro at home. It ain’t easy learning everything on your own. I been self tutoring myself on music production using online resources and I just wanna say anything is possible if you out your mind to it.’ she concluded.

Personal Life

Family Controversy

Lana Rose’s content is focused on her lifestyle, thus she often shows her family and house in her videos.

This has led her fans to wonder about her father’s whereabouts, as he has never made an appearance on her social media accounts and YouTube channel.

In 2016 controversy regarding Lana’s father arose, as he supposedly posted a Facebook update accusing his children and ex-wife of ignoring him and hiding – they were living in Dubai. Beiraghdary also pointed out he didn’t know where his family obtained the money to live a ‘lavish life’, affirming he was told by a third party source that his family afforded their lifestyle due to their connections with a millionaire in South Africa.

On the post he also admitted scratching his son’s car out of anger when he went to his children’s house in Dubai, as his family apparently denied him the access into their residence – obviously he knew where they lived!

At the time Lana Roses’ father’s identity was undisclosed, thus many of her fans disregarded these affirmations made by the man. However, she later wrote an Instagram post on which she expressed her feelings regarding her progenitor’s behavior: ‘A good parent does not shame their kids online especially when they see they’re happy, successful and did not take or never got anything from them for many years since a young age. A good parent does not inflict damage to their children’s property’ (…) ‘Does not make their children look bad in front of the world’.

She continued the post addressing the people who believed in her father’s declarations: ‘Think before you accuse anyone of something and ask yourself is this person really good at heart?’ She later deleted the post, but screenshots of it can still be found on the internet.

Lana Rose

Nowadays Lana Rose doesn’t touch the subject of her father on social media. However, her brother revealed in an interview in the podcast “Uncut with S1”, that he and his family had put distance between them and their father for long before they became famous YouTubers. He also pointed out that his parents had various marital problems during their time together, which subsequently led the couple to divorce.

Regarding his father’s declarations, Movlogs confessed that he was frustrated during the time his progenitor posted their family issues online, declaring he wanted to publicly defend himself and his family from the negative comments. He however also confessed that he later thought more about it, and decided to be mature regarding the subject, considering his impulsiveness could lead him to regret his words towards his father and online haters.


Rumors regarding Lana Rose’s romantic relationships have been popular on the internet since her debut as a YouTuber. The most popular gossip regarding her marital status started in 2015, when she revealed that she owned various luxurious cars, which led people to suspect that the cars were gifts from a millionaire boyfriend.

Speculations about a supposed South African millionaire boyfriend were popular in her fanbase as well, though none of these rumors were ever proved to be true. Currently Lana Rose is apparently single.


Lana Rose’s family background is mainly undisclosed, thus her ethnicity is yet to be known as in the United Arab Emirates there are groups – especially of foreign origin – of various ethnicities.

Net Worth

Lana Rose’s net worth is approximately $4 million, as of late-2020, which is a result of her successful career as a YouTuber, influencer and artist.

Physical Appearance

Lana Rose is often admired for her beautiful facial features and curvaceous figure. She is 5ft 4ins (1.67m) tall and weighs approximately 145lbs (65kgs).

Interesting Facts

She has two cats and a bunny named Fluffy.

Lana Rose deeply admires Huda Kattan, a former beauty blogger and current business woman founder of Huda Beauty.

In 2019 Lana Rose underwent a surgical procedure to remove a breast lump which was causing her pain. However, it was rumored her surgery was actually a breast augmentation.

She owns a Lamborghini Huracan.

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